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There are over 5 billion mobile subscriptions in the world; smartphones, tablets, and other devices are outselling heavy old laptops and desktops, and businesses are busy optimising for mobile. Mobile is changing our lives; everything is now, everything is connected. Mobile is also changing search. Here’s a quick look at how.
Siri allows iPhone users to search via voice, and Google and Yahoo also offer apps that let you rest your typing fingers. Why is this a game-changer? People typically write differently than they speak, and they tend to be more conversational. Most people are more likely to ask a full question instead of merely speak a word because it is much more natural. As this technology becomes more entrenched, sites may have to circle back and look at their keyword choices. How are people finding you? It’s not just by a term anymore; it might be by a question.
Mobile users typically have a different agenda than their laptop counterparts. They tend to want information on the go that is related to where they are, searching for restaurants, menus, reviews, shops, products, and addresses in their physical location. Geo-targeting is increasingly prevalent, and increasingly accepted by consumers. Optimising for local search is a must for businesses that depend on foot traffic and local patrons.
You have to be social. You have to be. There’s really no other option. Most of the content accessed on mobile devices is social. Your site has to figure out a way to interact with consumers and take part in the conversation.
Mobile search demands that your content has to be targeted, concise, and clear. Will this benefit your business? If you offer services or products that mobile users are likely to want, then yes.

Posted by Hitesh Patel, Managing Director at Bullseye Media

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