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There are several aspects that come into play on any great landing page.  They must be visually appealing and have clearly defined objectives.  Consider using these great tips to boost your website SEO and to create landing pages that convert.

Use Meaningful Headlines ‘Vague’ is not a term that you want to have associated with your landing pages.  These are meant to draw the consumer in and hold him there until he performs some desired action.  If the purpose of the page, the product or service being offered, is not immediately clear, the web surfer will catch the next wave right on out of there. Be sure your headlines clearly state the purpose, that they are in text form (rather than being part of an image), and take this opportunity to use a longtail keyword.  The right headline can make a big difference toward SEO.

Stick to Simple Design Don’t make the mistake of millions of undertrained, overzealous marketers.  Landing pages do not have to jump off the scream, spin in circles, and utilize every color in the rainbow.  In fact, that approach is likely to turn away potential customers, who are likely to perceive it as another piece of internet spam.  Instead, keep it simple. A splash of color is a good thing, but use it where it counts, in order to draw the eye to the most important parts of the page.  If you are going to incorporate pictures or video, make them meaningful and inviting.  Avoid cheesy stock photos and full-of-fluff video ads.

Entice Your Audience Give them something!  Freebies are always appreciated and your site is very likely going to keep the consumer’s attention if they are promised something in return for their participation.  This doesn’t have to be a costly item.  In fact, done right, it doesn’t have to cost you a cent.  Many of the giveaways offered on effective websites are whitepapers or ebooks.  A paint retailer might give away digital paint sample catalogues, an author might give away a free digital short story, and a musician might give away a free digital download.  The freebie is doing double duty for your website – it is holding the attention of those that visit the landing page and will likely draw inbound links as well, which is excellent for SEO purposes.

Give a Clear Call to Action With the freebie in place, it’s time to ask for something in return.  The call to action should be clearly visible.  That means that it shouldn’t be buried in a mound of text or non-descript in nature.  Make it eye-catching with the use of color and proper spacing.  Also, ensure that the call to action is clearly stated.  A button that says nothing more than ‘click here’ isn’t proving the customer any information.  Instead, it might say something like ‘Subscribe here’ if you are pushing an email newsletter or ‘register here’ if you wish for the user to create a website membership.

The right landing page will convert to the most important action – the one that leads to another sale.

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