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What is A/B testing? And why is it so important?

The only method to accurately evaluate your conversion rates and marketing campaigns is to acquire data straight from your customers. That’s where A/B testing comes in.

A/B testing is the process of comparing two different versions of the same web page, email or other marketing asset, with one varying aspect, that is used to analyse which one is more popular among your visitors. Using A/B testing allows you to distinguish what words; images, phrases and other elements works best for your site.

That is why A/B testing is at the forefront of our conversion rate optimisation (CRO) service. If one minor change can result in a click, you’ll be eager to know what other sections of your page might have an impact on traffic, conversions, and other measurable metrics.

Deciding where to start

When it comes to A/B testing, it is beneficial to start on the worst performing pages on your site, as these are the pages that will be doing the most damage to your business.

We will begin by using tools such as Google Analytics to fully understand your users journey around your site. This will help us identify which pages are the least successful and also help us determine why customers are not converting.

Can I test more than one thing at a time?

Multivariate testing is another common phrase you are likely to come across in relation to CRO. As mentioned above, A/B testing involves individual experiments, each looking at one differing element. However, multivariate-testing compares a higher number of variables, often involving over 20 test pages running simultaneously, thus revealing more information about how these variables interact with each other. One major advantage of using the multivariate test is that a much clearer picture emerges of which pages are performing the best, and which elements are responsible for this success.

You should not let the differences between A/B testing and multivariate-testing make you believe that the two are complete opposites. Instead, we think of them as two conversion optimisation methods that compliment each other really well, so pick one or the other, or use them both in unison to help you maximise the potential of your site.


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