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About 25 percent of online publishers have integrated social sign-in into their websites.  If you aren’t among this group, you should be.  Studies show that site registrations are fast following out of favor and 66 percent of those active in social media prefer social sign-in. The benefit is that visitors do not have to go through the irritating routine of registering, finding a username that isn’t taken, and remember another password. They simply sign in via Facebook, Twitter, or another site.

Here’s how well registration works: 75 percent don’t like them and many leave the site altogether. Of those that stay, 75 percent enter incomplete or incorrect information.  It also reflects poorly on your business, making you seem out of date or behind the times.  How do you add social sign-in capabilities to your site and rebrand yourself as up-to-date, innovative, and with it?

There are different ways to do that: you can visit services like Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc., and follow their directions for installing social sign-in features.  With Facebook, for instance, the easiest way to do it is to use JavaScript SDK.  You must register your site and receive an App ID, you load JavaScript SDK into your page, with the App ID and then add the button.

For non-developers, there are also services (many free) that help you add social login to your site much more easily and quickly (and without coding). Among these:

  • Janrain.
  • LogInRadius.
  • Gigya.
  • OneAll.
  • Prooflink.

Visit these sites and make sure they offer the sign-ins you want. For instance, e-businesses may find a PayPal plugin to be invaluable, while those appealing to young professionals will want to make sure Twitter is accounted for.  Follow the onscreen instructions to implement social sign-in to your site.  This can be a free or low-cost way to increase conversion rates and make visitors happy.

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