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Just when you thought you had a handle on search engine optimisation and social media optimisation, this new kid comes along. There are apps to help you do everything from parent to exercise to work and to have fun. Just as the proliferation of websites created the need for SEO, the explosion in apps makes it necessary to optimise in order to stand out and become more “findable.” What are the first steps of ASO? And isn’t it marvelous to have another acronym!
The good news is that ASO is not a completely foreign landscape. You just need to adapt many of the techniques you use for SEO search marketing and apply them to apps. For instance, just as any blog needs an informative title that grabs attention, so too does an app. Tweetbot is a great example: it instantly gives the user information (it’s a Twitter client) and is distinctive.
You also want to use relevant keywords. The description is a prime place for this; you want to be very direct and succinct, focusing on benefits over features (not so much what the app can do, but what it can do for the customer), and anticipating words or phrases searchers will use to find you.
Another good idea is to use other media to support your app. On YouTube, for instance, you can use your description to put a link back to your spot in the app store. Like a traditional website or blog, link juice is relatively important and can help build visibility.
One more tip to get you started: pay attention to your icon design and screenshots. This is an excellent chance to engage users and tell them about your app so they can make the choice to download it. It should give them a glimpse into the function and benefits of the app. Even more important is having a recognizable, clean, and attention-grabbing icon. This is your face, and you want it to appeal to users. You can instantly recognize Facebook and Twitter’s icon, and your goal is to create one that is attractive, functional, and memorable.
There’s good news: there’s an app for ASO. Apple just announced the addition of App Store Optimization Keyword Volume Estimator to its collections, and it is safe to say others will be moving in soon as well. In the meantime, apply your SEO techniques to your apps and see what a difference it can make.

Posted by Gurdeep Matharu, Senior Account & Business Development Manager at Bullseye Media

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