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Google owns the lion’s share of the search engine market but we all love a good underdog story. Engines like Bing and Blekko are chipping away, slowly, slowly, at Google’s share.  This past month, Blekko was at five percent of the market, but what is even more impressive than this, their growth continues to be exponential while Google’s is stagnant (or even declining a bit).  This week, Blekko announced that it has upgraded its SEO data. What does this change mean for your SEO efforts?

According to Blekko’s announcement, “When it comes to pages crawled, the sweet spot for Blekko is a little more than 4 billion pages. To keep our crawl fresh, we update at least 100 million pages each day. As soon as our crawler…crawls a webpage, users have access to information about it through Blekko’s SEO product. We want to enable people to see the Internet the way a search engine sees it…”

To this end, Blekko has updated its crawler, Scoutjet to:

  • Update the top ranked starting pages about every hour.
  • Update other high quality pages once per week or more.
  • Provide continuous updates to SEO data, including page content, metadata, duplicate text, and link counts.
  • Relay data directly to Blekko’s SEO tools.

This will help SEOs and marketers to get accurate, timely information that can fuel strategy. Scoutjet will now work nearer real-time than previously. It’s still not on the level of, say, Google Caffeine, but it is a major improvement. Users will be able to spot possible problems in their pages, such as duplicate content or poor-quality inbound links.

Blekko has staked its claim as being the anti-spam, anti-Google search engine. They are now trying to appeal to more SEOs and users who want “better results.”

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