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There is no question that Pinterest is phenomenally popular. We’ve discussed tips for using Pinterest to engage with consumers, but is it a viable platform for B2B marketing campaigns? The interest in Pinterest is based on sharing relevant, interesting content with other people; it is not the ideal forum for sales. In fact, such pitches are off-putting to most users. So, how can you make it work for your business?

Here’s the good news: while people don’t like to be sold, they do like to buy! Hitwise says that Pinterest actually drives more traffic to retailers than YouTube, Google+, and LinkedIn. Also, Comscore adds, users “spend more money, more often, and on more items than any of the other Top 5 social media sites.” How does that happen, though, if they don’t want to hear marketing speak?

Get Personal: Put a face to your company/brand’s name. No one wants to deal with the faceless corporation, especially in our social-centric economy. Pinterest allows users to post a profile picture and write a brief description. Take advantage of this opportunity and tell your potential customers/associates/clients how you are unique.  Also, make sure to pin-up pictures of you, the business owner(s), or key officials and any events (tradeshows, fairs, public receptions, etc.) with which you are involved. You can create separate boards for these categories.

Optimise your profile. You had to be expecting that, right? Use targeted keywords so business consumers can find you.

Content is king. On Pinterest, visual content is king. Add some high-quality, original photos or images that relate to your business. In addition to photos of products which you offer, you can offer infographics or even fun graphics with jokes related to your industry. Luckily, or unluckily, there is no shortage of jokes for any and every sector!

Link back. You can link from your Pinterest account to your website or blog. Further, if you have an important announcement, are planning an event or sale, or there is something special going on, pin it. Include the title, an image, and a link.

See what works. Look at your traffic statistics and see what prompts the most attention. Is it your fun pictures? Is it your informative infographics? Have you been firing arrows that haven’t hit their mark? What are they? How can you capture attention and keep it?

Pinterest can and does work for B2B. As with any pinner, you have to share quality content and make yourself interesting.




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