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When you are an online marketer, the first thing that you learn is that you need to recalibrate your expectations. Luck gives you 50/50 odds, but PPC, Facebook, and other ad platforms are not so kind.  Click-through rates are low; that is the nature of the beast. An ad is successful if it has a CTR of about 0.05 percent.  Facebook is a potentially powerful resource for marketers and businesses, but the CTRs and cost can make it difficult to see a good return for your investment. Here are a few tips to improve your click-through rate on the world’s most popular social network.

  1. Go for Sponsored Stories.  Here, you can highlight posts so it is more likely your target audience will see them.  What makes them useful is that they are real and the person who has shared is connected with you. For instance, when a friend interacts with a page, this may show up on your feed so you check it out as well. Yet another benefit: they can help you cut down on your creative spend.
  2. Change your creative. Speaking of which, you should change your ad or its presentation two or three times per week so it does not get stale.  According to Webtrends, ads peak in the first three days; as click-through rates decline, you pay more. Social media is now, it’s current, and your ad needs to be as well.
  3. Engage, engage, engage. You need to be an active part of your own community; Facebook’s algorithm, EdgeRank, sees how frequently you interact with fans. The more you do, the more likely your posts will appear on newsfeeds.
  4. Image titles.  Images are attention-grabbing, and they’re shareable. When titling your images, make sure that there are no spaces in the file name of your link, and use hyphens when labeling your pictures. Spaces in the file name will cause the image to make a no-show, and hyphens allow the thumbnail image to show up with your link.
  5. Stay on Facebook. If your ad points to another Facebook page or app, you will lower your PPC costs. According to research, the ROI is 50% higher when the ad points internally.
  6. Narrow your audience. Bigger is not better. Target audiences by gender, age, location, education, or other factors to find the most interested users.
  7. Use the Ask Questions tab. This appears at the top of your newsfeed. Simply click on the tab, ask a question, and maybe even add a poll. You can track answers and get invaluable input, as well as interaction.

With these tips, you should be able to see an improvement in your CTR on Facebook. With 800 million worldwide users, it’s certainly worth the time.

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