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Good content still counts; in fact, because of search algorithm updates and the massive proliferation of websites on all topics, it matters more than ever that you offer something of value. But that doesn’t count for Twitter and Facebook, right? Those for fun – you can just wing it! If this is your social media content strategy, you are going to run into trouble and make more work for yourself in the long run. You need to focus on quality for social media just as much as you do for your blog and web content. Here are some tips for creating a sound strategy:
Develop your voice and target your audience. As you do with your website, as you do with your blog, as you do when you are offline, you have to know your audience. Do not assume that every social media user is part of the same general demographic. That’s not the case at all. Think about who you are targeting and where they are likely to be. Young professionals might flock to Twitter; those 55 and up may be more likely to use Facebook.

The tone and voice with which you communicate with an audience also varies: here’s a Facebook status from Skittles: “Skittle carrier pigeons: good idea, or the best idea?” This hits their target audience and is bright, funny, and best of all, short. What will work with your audience?
Create a content calendar. What type of content do you need to produce? Do you need to highlight specific promotions? Do you have special holiday sales or deals? Is there an industry conference or event around which you should post content? Create a calendar that lays out all important dates, content-wise. Then plan for the days for which nothing is upcoming. What type of content can you produce? A how-to list? Tips for your readers? A video? Have content in place; you can still be flexible, but you have a plan in case winging it turns out to be harder than you thought.
Optimise. Don’t forget your keywords! You can still optimise your profiles, Abouts, and status updates. Do not overdo it – people can tell and they will run away. But slip them in when appropriate.
Have a Plan B. What do you do if someone posts a nasty comment? What do you do if there’s a problem? What do you do if this snowballs and one comment becomes ten, which becomes twenty…. With social, there is risk, but you can mitigate damage by anticipating what could go wrong and having a plan to address it. Negative comments are the most common, and these need to be addressed immediately. Sometimes a simple, “We’re sorry. PM us with your details and we’ll sort this out,” is incredibly effective in reaching an angry customer – and showing the rest of your community that you care, are proactive, and are willing to acknowledge fault (when appropriate).
Make the most of the incredible opportunity provided by social media; there has never been a more effective way to reach an enormous and enormously diverse audience. Don’t depend on the muse to write your social media content – have a plan.

Posted by Vadym Gurevych, Business Development Director at Bullseye Media

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