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As the name implies, enterprise SEO deals with those sites and businesses that have thousands or hundreds of thousands of pages; that have large-scale, complex websites to manage. What does this have to do with your small business or personal online brand? You may have hundreds, or even dozens of pages to manage, but you can take a few lessons from the enterprise SEO handbook.

  • Ask yourself why you have a website. What are you trying to accomplish? What do you need to do? And does your site, as of now, allow you to do that?
  • Optimise navigation, load times, and site structures to ensure a smooth user experience. Use testing tools, paid or free, to figure out areas of strength and weakness.
  • Fix it and forget it. Examine your existing content and make changes when necessary. Make sure to take the time to do keyword research and optimise naturally with those targeted words in mind. Make it as strong as possible, and then move on to your real priority.
  • New, better content with a strategy. Quality is more important than quantity, but ideally, you have both. You need fresh content that is optimised to your target market(s). Develop a content strategy and calendar to guide generation, and remain flexible so you can respond to news events, change, crisis, and opportunity.
  • Expand your horizons. Content doesn’t have stay at home; it should go out and meet the neighbors. Share on social media, content sharing sites like Reddit, Pinterest, and more. Figure out Google+ and make the most of it. Make comments and get involved in your specific niche or industry community. Get out there and make friends.
  • Integrate and analyse data. Have a comprehensive platform that allows you to look at these various factors and decide on more specific content and engagement plans.

The biggest lesson to be learned by small businesses from enterprise SEO is to take a formalised approach. Don’t just sprinkle in a few keywords you think are going to get you noticed: that’s not “SEO.” Instead, figure out a game plan that is going to help you accomplish your objectives.

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