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SEO is not a static field because search and social media are dynamic, constantly-changing forces around which optimisation practices unfold.  As we learn more about what works, and what does not, in terms of driving traffic and click-through rates, we can create more efficient and effective social profiles.  Here are some tips for optimising your business’s Facebook page.

First, know that there are some SEO tricks and tips that “work” but maybe not in the way you think.  One example is a frequently quoted tip:  link to your main website from your Facebook page.  This does make sense; it allows visitors to navigate to your site.  But it is not effective in terms of link juice because Facebook affixes the nofollow code anyway.  So remember, there are often dual goals: to engage customers first and foremost, and then to work for the search engine’s attention.

If you are just creating your Fan Page, make sure to place targeted keywords strategically.  Your title for instance is the name of your page plus “Facebook.”  The header will be the name of your page only.  If you already created your page and have over 100 fans, you cannot change your page name so you will have to engage in other SEO techniques to attract attention.  Also, keep in mind that when you comment, your tag will include your entire page name, so you do not want to keyword stuff here.  It could dissuade people from tagging you.

It is important to be an active participant in the community you are creating.  Posting regularly about items of interest to your target audience is essential.  When you do so, remember that Facebook pulls the first 18 characters of your update as your title.  Make sure this title is descriptive and gives readers the information they need to make a decision.  Always enter something in this field; it creates more visibility.

While the majority of businesses know that social media is important, few use the tool effectively.  If you have not delved into this world, take advantage of the knowledge gleaned from those who have to optimise and enhance your profile while engaging traffic.

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