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Local search is a growing concern for search engines and businesses alike, and there is a long list of programs and tools to help, including Google Places and Yahoo’s beta local search for mobile.   But for those who want to make the world their marketplace, Google is releasing tools to help companies sell their products on an international level.  What do Google Ads for Global Advertisers and Market Finder offer?

Market Finder helps small business identify potential markets in foreign countries.  It is very similar in setup to AdWords’ keyword tool.  You select your country, enter your keyword, and select the market in which you are interested.  Google automatically translates your keyword into the appropriate languages and tells you how much competition there is for your particular keyword.  It also generates a ranking of top markets in the area you specified.  You can then use Google Ads for Global Advertisers to translate your website, monitor your expenditures for foreign ads, or learn more about international shipping, and more.  According to Google, the tools help you “reach over 80% of Internet users worldwide.”

If you are seriously moving towards an international market, Google doesn’t replace an actual translator who speaks the language fluently and natively.  Google warns that the translator is “not perfect,” so have someone read through it and fine tune it for you.  Using words and phrases as a native does is essential.

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