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Google is in the early stages of “moving from an information engine to a knowledge engine.” The Knowledge Graph is the start – and it’s a good one. You can see how Knowledge Graph works in this video; now let’s talk about how this evolution in search affects SEO.

The goal of the Knowledge Graph is to return more targeted, relevant results to users. One of the keys is semantic search: say, for instance, you conduct a search for “Panda.” In the past, your results would have contained information on both the cute cuddly bear and the Google algorithm update. Google wants to give you the information you need; Knowledge Graph allows more specificity and efficiency without having to wade through information on dull old SEO updates when you want the bamboo-eating mammal.

This is great for searchers, and for Google because searchers search more. It is also beneficial to online advertisers and businesses. Searchers will be able to cut through the noise and find you – but to ensure they do, we need to revamp our keyword approach. Instead of the just thinking about the keyword, we have to think about what the searchers intend when they enter into the engine. They are typically searching for an answer to a question.

Instead of the amorphous search term “Football Shoes,” for instance, people might be really asking, “What are the best football shoes for kids?”, “What is the best brand?”, “How do I find the right fit?”, “Where is the best place to get them?” How is your content answering searchers’ questions?

The sticky part for businesses is that you’re now up against Google. The search engine is now answering these questions itself. Because users already have that trust of Google, it is harder for them to click on a website if they have the answers they need on the results pages.

The focus has to really be on quality content. If yours is not up to par, your rankings will suffer. Sites that offer relevant, authoritative content will fare beautifully; “SEO” in a traditional sense is no longer enough, and that’s good. That’s the evolution of search in action. To solid techniques, like boosting speed and using metadata, we need to add an emphasis on user experience, use author tags, and continually generate and share the best content.

Knowledge Graph is an exciting tool for searchers – it can be an exciting one for businesses as well.

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