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LinkedIn has become a staple in the marketing, branding, and networking efforts of professionals the world over. But, while many users know they should be there, they’re not quite sure what to do. It is like going to a party – fun! – but who do you talk to? About what? As LinkedIn gets bigger, being found gets harder. There are more faces for searchers to look through. How do you make sure yours stands out and you’re the center of attention at this party instead of a wallflower?

  • Don’t go halfway. If you’re going to do LinkedIn (which you should), you have to do it completely. Start by filling out your entire profile. Besides your photo, this is the first thing people really see about you. Why should they bother reading it? Why should they bother adding you to their network or answering your question or contacting you? Use this opportunity to begin to establish your authority. Besides, complete profiles rank better with LinkedIn’s algos than incomplete ones.
  • If you don’t have a professional photo, get one done and post it immediately.
  • Optimise with targeted keywords. Think about what a potential client might type in when searching for someone like you. You want to target these words and terms, even though they may not be the keywords that you would necessarily use on your website. LinkedIn users search differently.
  • Join (or better yet, start) Groups. Be social while being professional. Groups can help you gain visibility and rank better. As well, you can make great connections with your positive, helpful, inspiring, exciting comments and content.
  • Work on your network. Reach out to known associates, former clients, coworkers, and other people you know. After, continue reaching. Search for professionals in similar or related industries, for those with whom you have something in common.

LinkedIn can be a great boon to your career and professional life. Make sure you are making the impression you want by building a strong, approachable profile.

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