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It may not be a Google killer, but Facebook Graph Search does allow people to search in a much more social way. Social search is a trend that has been gaining traction, and Graph Search capitalises on our networks of friends, family members, associates, coworkers, and people we met one time years ago. How can Graph Search work for your web business?

Finding Graph Search

Facebook does have a search box on its website, but that limits you to finding friends. Users can join the Waiting List by going to the Graph Search page. When they are “invited” to use the tool, the Graph Search box will replace the standard model on their Facebook page. (No mobile apps as yet – but expect them to come soon. Also expect this “Waiting List” thing to disappear in the coming months so people can just make the switch.)

Now people can search for things like “Bars my friends like” or “Chinese restaurants my friends like in City X.” Google can find you bars and restaurants without a problem, but the advantage for those using Graph Search is they’ve been vetted by their friends. It’s the power of word of mouth.

This can benefit businesses by driving customers their way, whether physical or virtual. Here are a few quick tips to make sure Graph Search is working for you.

  • Be very clear about your name. Don’t spam it up with “bests” and “world-famous” or extraneous keywords. Simple is always the best way to go. London House of Sushi is just fine.
  • Make use of the About, Mission, and Company Description options. This is the space to put in those carefully chosen keywords that will draw visitors. If, for instance, your sushi was voted best in the UK, feel free to mention that in your description. Your mission might be to “provide the freshest sushi” and “create a five-star dining experience.” Whatever it is, make sure to include key information, such as your address, web address, location, etc.
  • Under Basic Info, give your web address and, if applicable, your physical address. Add your phone number and hours. Make sure to choose the appropriate tag, such as “Restaurant.”
  • Customise your URL. Add your business name, replacing the generic numbers Facebook automatically assigns.
  • Always focus on content. Likes, shares, and tags not only make your content more visible for searchers using Graph Search, they appeal to users. Sharing begets sharing, and content that is easy to pass along is search gold.

Optimising your page for Graph Search involves taking these little steps, which are already familiar to many businesses who have been managing successful social media presences. This is just one more tool to get visitors in the door.


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