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In case you didn’t get the memo, mobile search is big. We all know this; you can’t go anywhere without people searching for information via their smartphone or tablet. We turn to our devices for addresses, phone numbers, quick info on menus or show times. The only surprise is that many businesses are still not taking advantage of the mobile market. Here’s why you should:

A study conducted by iAcquire and SurveyMonkey found that 70 percent of mobile searches result in action on websites within one hour. So, let’s say a searcher is looking for a new phone. He searches, finds a site that is optimised for mobile, and within one hour, he is on that site, taking some sort of action. It could be looking for more information; it could be purchasing a phone. Mobile users are more action-oriented than desktop/laptop users. They are literally on-the-go, and their searches tend to be purposeful. They’re not browsing; they have a goal.

Other findings from the study:

  • Of mobile users, 60 percent use their phones, and 40 percent use their tablets. Not included in the study, but very relevant, is the fact that tablet purchases are growing. It is projected that tablet purchases will outpace notebook purchases by 2016. Sales grew nearly 80 percent in 2012 alone.
  • When they come to a site that is not mobile-optimised, 40 percent will bounce.
  • 18-29 year olds are, not surprisingly, the most frequent mobile searchers.

Mobile searchers expect to find what they need; if they don’t, they have no loyalty to your site or business. Why should they? They will simply move on to the other options they have. To compete, especially if your business targets a younger demographic, you have to optimise your site for mobile.

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