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Google Ads PPC Scripts

Improve Performance

If Google Ads are part of your brand, you know how time-consuming - and tedious - it can be to manage them, monitor usability insights, and optimise campaigns. This is especially true when you spend hour after hour, day after day, repeating the same tasks. It is an important work as a high quality score depends on continual and diligent optimisation. But imagine what you could accomplish if you could free that time and effort? Stop imagining. Let’s get it done.

Maximum Efficiency

Our team develops custom Google Ad PPC scripts that automate data intelligence and empower you to achieve major gains in efficiency.

Customised Solutions

Google Ads is a robust platform but if we cannot find an existing solution to a campaign challenge . . . we’ll make one.

Innovative Google Scripts

PPC scripts are code that you can enter into Google Ads in order to increase functionality. There are hundreds of available scripts that allow you to do everything from increasing bids on low-cost conversion keywords to pausing ads that are not performing up to par. The scripts automate the task – freeing your team to focus on other mission-critical jobs.

Meet Campaign Goals

Google Scripts can be the key to saving untold time and resources on tasks that are currently using too much of both. Take advantage of:

  • Automated tasks
  • Easier campaign management
  • Streamlined marketing campaigns
  • Results that drive you towards your business goals

It’s amazing what a few lines of code can do for your brand!

The Right PPC Scripts Partner

The secret to success is finding a partner who understands your goals – and is just as committed to achieving them as you are. Reposition:

  • Has extensive experience with Google Ads PPC script. We know this world inside and out.
  • Analyses your current scripts to optimise performance.
  • Offers comprehensive solutions from bidding to analysis to report so you are clear on the steps you need to take for success.
  • Creates custom PPC scripts to meet your brand’s unique needs and campaign goals.

The right partner makes the difference. Reposition will save you time, energy, and resources. Find out how.

PPC Scripts for Success

Google fields trillions of searchers every year. With some 2 billion occurring each day, the scope of Google Ads is astonishing. With effective scripts you can better harness the potential of this platform and reach the people who will help build your business.

MCC and Account Level PPC Scripts

Our goal is to meet the needs of your campaign. Depending on your strategy and the best route to success, we run scripts at the MCC (My Client Center) level or the Account level.

Automation and Control

What do you need? We’ll schedule scripts to run automatically as often as you want so you can get to work.

Action-Driven Reporting

Proper reporting is critical to track ROI, allocate your budget, and monitor progress against your KPIs. Reposition delivers solutions to meet your business needs.

Targeted Bidding

We all need to keep an eye on the budget; with budget tracking and bidding scripts, you can strategically allocate resources for maximum impact.

Accurate Analysis

What’s working? What’s not? Using data and our industry insights, we identify areas for improvement and opportunity.

Bespoke Solutions

Your brand is unique; don’t settle for one-size-fits-all fixes that do not suit your business or drive you towards your goals.

Full Control

The beauty of Google Ads is that you have remarkable control over your campaigns. Budget. Bidding. Reporting. Timing. Schedules. All of this is within reach, and when you run the right scripts, all of this is easier, more convenient, and more streamlined. Stop wasting time and resources on tasks that can be automated – and start producing the results your business needs. We’ll show you how.


Contact Reposition to learn how we can help you optimise your PPC scripts and Google Ads performance.

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