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Using the IMRG and Hitwise Hotshops List of top 100 e-retailers (by site traffic) I looked at the top 5 to analyse their use of SEO on product pages.

According to the IMRG and Hitwise Hotshops List of top 100 e-retailers (by site traffic) the top five are:,,,,

So what are these sites doing that is right in terms of optimising their product pages and what are they lacking? Well after a quick look things were pretty bad on most apart from Amazon. Next and Play for example hadn’t even put product specific meta keywords in place, just standard ones inherited from the category I presume.  Next didn’t seem to have much original content, no product reviews, actually some pages didn’t even have product descriptions.

So here are some good examples of SEO on product pages.

Amazon –  The product page is VERY content rich which of course Amazon has always been well known for and this is something all ecommerce sites should learn from. The use of video in the image box is very useful:

Kindle Product Page

What does this have to do with SEO? Well product images and videos, especially GOOD ones, can lead to people linking back to your product pages. Building links to product pages is difficult and if you think about it logically why would anyone want to link to a product page? Well it would need to have something unique like an image, video, really good product review etc.

The next great thing about Amazon is the user generated content. User reviews add fresh and ORIGINAL content to any product page. It is an SEO must and if you are not already doing it then it should be a priority. – I have always liked their website, product reviews are original and mostly quite amusing, no duplicate content issues with these guys… good to see this with so many online retailers just hitting the CTRL-C and CTRL-V to create product descriptions. allow users to upload their own videos and they encourage people to do this with a fortnightly giveaway. This type of content encourages links so is useful

They have also been very hot on integrating Social Media into the product pages. It is very prominent throughout the page and I think it works well given the type of products they sell and their target market. The first example of this is the actual product image and integration of SM buttons into this:

Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration

Further down the page is a ‘Comments’ section which allows posting of comments via the users Facebook account, by default this also posts to the users FB page. Social indicators are playing an increasing role in SEO and this is an effective technique to get products FB’ed and tweeted without too much effort.

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