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What you say is important; how you say it is just as crucial in terms of your online visibility.  Social media can be an excellent tool for individuals and businesses who are seeking to build their brands.  Or it can be a waste of time.  To make sure you get the maximum benefit from tools like Facebook, LinkedIn, and blogs, make sure you incorporate sound SEO keyword strategies.

Select keywords relevant to your business or industry. Tools like Adwords can help you target appropriate keywords.  Look for keywords and/or phrases that generate more than 5000 queries per month, at a minimum.  If, however, you have a very specialized niche, such as a store that sells “handmade German dolls” or “antique German dolls,” that number may not be as high. Each term might receive fewer than 5000 monthly searches, but they are key to your particular business and you can optimize for those visitors who are looking for you.

Don’t Forget about Facebook and Twitter. You can incorporate keywords easily into Facebook status updates, but make sure that they flow naturally with the short, concise nature of these messages.  Other places where you can optimise your profile include the photo descriptions and the notes application.  You can also fit a vital keyword phrase in a tweet.  Make sure they are in the first 40 characters, which is your title tag in Google SERPs.

Take advantage of LinkedIn.  This is a very powerful business networking tool.  You can optimise it by using relevant anchor text, paying particular attention to the Summary, Specialty, and Experience sections, and optimising your list of websites with a relevant keyword.

Optimising for social media is an important state if you want to take it from potentially useful to remarkably effective.

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