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Remember the good old days when SEO was easy? No? Regardless, they are far behind us. As the Web grows, changes, and shifts direction, challenges are posed constantly and overcome. 2012 brings new opportunity for Internet marketers, but it also brings new difficulties. Here is a look at challenges marketers face and how you can overcome them.

*Rich snippets. These are markup tags that help search users get better, more relevant results. They’re tremendously useful, and they do present SEO opportunities in that you can optimise your markups. However, Google provides more information to users before they click through. This well may decrease your page views.

What can you do? For one, make your rich snippets incredible. They can increase click-throughs if you provide well-written, original, and inviting content. Snippets can help your rank, so that is a plus. Build on that with valuable content and a strong lead-in.

*Negative press. 90 percent of consumers trust online reviews and ratings. This is incredibly powerful, and it can be a great boon for business. On the other side, an angry customer or a disgruntled employee can cause a lot of damage. Reputation monitoring is crucial as more and more consumers demand reviews and more sites comply.

Always, always, always deal with negative comments. Evaluate them. Do they have merit? Did you mess up? Were you in the right? Do you need to offer a replacement product or perform a free service? Do you need to stand up for your business against unreasonable claims? You do not always need to appease customers but you always need to address concerns and complaints. Sometimes, an apology turns an angry customer into a repeat customer – and a vocal one at that.

Another must: monitor your buzz. You work hard on your content, so monitor it. What are people saying? What are they not saying? You need to know.

*More info. Usually, more data is good. But the new interface for Google Analytics may be overwhelming at first. There is so much information that it can be hard to locate exactly what you want or need. It’s hard to find the data in all that data and KPIs may get lost.

Set some time aside and take a tour of Google Analytics. There are various tutorials and guides online so you can familiarize yourself with its new features and interface. Learn how to find what you need and what you can filter out.

There’s always another SEO challenge. But there is always a way to overcome, improve, and innovate.

Posted by Vadym Gurevych, Business Development Director at Bullseye Media

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