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Search engine optimization techniques have helped retailers, particularly those targeting a teen and young adult demographic, pull their way through a sluggish economy, and as noted time and again, most businesses expect to increase spending on SEO.  Retailers are not the only businesses or organizations to benefit from search optimization. The iconic British Broadcasting Company, the largest broadcasting organization in the world, has effectively integrated SEO tactics into its marketing campaigns, drastically slashing their marketing budget.

The BBC was able to cut more than £4.3 million from its marketing budget, according to The Guardian.  Last year’s £93 million budget included very little for online advertising and marketing.  How was the BBC able to increase visibility while decreasing spending?  SEO, Twitter, and displaying marketing messages have played incredible roles.  These were able to be instituted at little to no cost – an important message that any business should heed, whether the largest broadcasting organization in the world or the smallest web start-up.

The BBC released details of their budget following a freedom of information request and disclosed that it spent £1.6 million on online advertising.  Of this, £1.4 million was appropriated for digital display ads, while the remaining £220,000 went to paid search.  Paramount to the BBC is keeping audiences informed about content.  A spokesperson says:

“Audiences want us to inform them about upcoming BBC content, and the vast majority of our marketing spend is on BBC channels and platforms.  We occasionally use other types of marketing such as digital display when this is the best way of reaching audiences with the BBC content they want to see.”

SEO techniques, particularly incorporating social media, have proven remarkably effective regardless of the industry targeted.   While spending may be minimal, the ROI is extraordinary.

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