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Progressive Web App Optimisation Services

Web Technologies That Act Like An App

In a big leap forward, progressive web apps combine the power of web and mobile apps. This is an important progression as more than half of web browsing is done via mobile. And, increasingly, people expect a cohesive experience regardless of whether they’re on a phone, a computer, a tablet, or Apple Watch. But as seamless as PWAs make the user experience, they do present challenges to brands. We’ll help you clear the hurdles and realise the results you need with advanced progressive web app optimisation.

Speaking the Language

One of the challenges presented by PWAs is that they depend on Javascript, an advanced language that enables extensive functionality. The problem is it’s difficult for Google to render, crawl, and index these sites - and this can impact your rank. Not on our watch.

Creating for People; Optimising for Google

Unlike websites, PWAs use dynamic content within a static application. This delivers the latest information to users from a single point - but it also poses difficulties in terms of creating indexable on-page content. Our techniques, including server-side rendering, allow you to overcome, perform, and succeed.

The Next Gen of Web Apps

Web apps are nothing new; they have allowed developers to create sites that look, feel, and act like apps. Progressive web apps are the next generation. Think of them as a more advanced version of a typical website, with features you associate with apps. A typical website is accessible only via a browser; a PWA can be accessed via URL or by adding it to your device (e.g. through an app store).

The Power of PWAs

Twitter, Uber, Lyft, Instagram, Starbucks… sounds like stops along the way on a typical day for many of us! But these are all PWAs that offer exceptional web experiences to their users. When leveraged by brands, PWAs offer:

  • Improved Performance
  • Better User Experiences
  • Faster Load Times
  • Less Use of Data

You can harness this functionality to build your brand. And Reposition can show you the way.

PWA Optimisation for Supercharged Results

To realize the benefits of progressive web apps, optimisation is a must. Reposition’s team employs a number of proven techniques to elevate your brand. You will see gains such as:

  • Increased Conversion Rates
  • Increased Numbers of Mobile Transactions
  • Lower Cost Per Transaction
  • Decreased Bounce Rates
  • Increases in Revenue Per Visit
  • Increases in Average Order/Transaction Value

Capitalise on the next generation of web app technology. We are here to make your goals attainable.

PWA Optimisation:
Best Practices

Progressive web app optimisation empowers your brand to capitalise on the many benefits – including ease of use, functionality, and speed – in order to bring your users a stellar experience. Reposition’s team of experts employs proven techniques and innovative strategies that shine a spotlight on your business.

Less is More

Users want to get in and do what they need to do with no fuss. Help them by following the less is more rule. Cut the clutter, priortise content and CTAs, and see your results trend up.

Simple and Streamlined

When done right, progressive web apps accentuate user experience instead of distracting from it. Don’t get caught up in shiny features; stay lean, mean, and successful.

Action Oriented

Make it easy for users to complete CTAs. With techniques like autofill, auto sign in, and integrated web payments, your decrease bounce rates and improve performance, conversions, and experience.

Differentiate Your Brand

Stand out from the crowd: your homescreen install feature is a powerful tool. Make the most of it with an attention-grabbing icon that is distinct, memorable, and, yes, simple.

Take it Offline

Integrate an offline mode and caching option so you don’t miss a beat. Users can continue their experience just as they would if they were online.

Accessible, Fast, Responsive

Reposition ensures every element, from page load times to fonts to searchability, is on point. The beauty of PWAs is that they are so easy and seamless to use. Give your users the experience they demand.

Supercharge Your Results

Progressive web apps are more than the next generation of technology; they’re more than a trend, more than a buzzy term. They are the key to improving performance, reaching your audience, and delivering an exceptional experience. If you do it right.

We understand the nuts and bolts of PWAs and how to optimise them to drive you towards business-building goals. Blending the twin goals of creating a user-friendly web presence for people and ensuring that it is easy for search engines to render, crawl, and index is key in this pursuit. We are here to make sure that PWAs live up to their promise.

The Reposition

Reposition is dedicated to delivering the industry’s leading digital marketing and branding solutions, including cutting edge progressive web app optimisation services. We are not a typical SEO company; we are marketers, data scientists, designers, AI experts, thinkers, planners, dreamers, and doers. We put our experience, expertise, and insight to work for you, translating ideas into action and aspirations into realities. Contact us to learn more about PWA optimisation. It’s time to experience the Reposition Difference.

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