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Most marketers “do” social media. But by social media, they mean Facebook and Twitter. Maybe LinkedIn, if they are in the B2B market. While these two sites own the lion’s share of our attention as of right now, there’s a whole world outside. Google+ is still finding its place, and those who are able to come in and make themselves at home will see the benefits. Here are a few tips for making the most of Google+.

  • Take advantage of the custom URLs.  This is something Facebook offers, and its inclusion, which rolled out at the end of August for limited users, means that sites become infinitely more shareable and memorable. For now, your following and online stature garner you an invite, but it is expected that custom URLs will be available for all soon.
  • Be active. Not only is it important to engage with your target community, Google+ has an impact on your organic search results. Search Plus Your World allows Google+ users to receive personalized results by default. This includes content from your Circles, so circle up and start sharing relevant content; if you have not received a custom URL, being more active can help you get there.
  • So, because Google+ wants to really reward the influencers in their universe, you’ve got to be involved. Circles. Join them, have others join you. Connect, share. If you can, share content every day. If you share once a week, you need to step it up.
  • Google likes to see at least 100 people add your page to their Circles. If you’ve exhausted your list of co-workers, friends, and family members, find people through tools like FindPeopleonPlus and #CircleSunday and use trending topics to spark some connections.
  • Get verified. This also helps with your page’s positioning on SERP’s right column for branded terms.

There are people out there who are facing Facebook Fatigue and want something more substantial than 140 characters worth of wisdom (or inanity). Google+ has a lot to offer, especially for those who make their presence known now and keep up the efforts as more businesses and individuals join.

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