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Video content has the potential to be an incredibly powerful force for your business.  Do you have video?  And, if you do, are you leveraging it as best you can?

Why is video so crucial to content marketers, website owners, and business owners?  According to a study conducted by YouOn TV:

  • The average website stay is 48 seconds. If you have video, that increases to 5 minutes and 50 seconds – 5.33 times more time spent completing those calls to action!
  • Pages that use effective video search engine optimisation techniques are 53 times more likely to hit the first page of the Google SERPs.
  • Mobile video traffic is up 5000 percent since 2009.

Here are some ways you can use that footage to increase your visibility and effectiveness:

  1. Do that SEO thing you do.  The same techniques work for video: keyword research, carefully selected titles and headings, clean links, and an intuitive site navigation structure all help make the most of your video. Speedy page loading is also a must.
  2. Create an XML sitemap to submit to Google. You can find out how to do this and what to include from Google.
  3. Video is the perfect medium for viral campaigns; make it easy to share via Facebook or other platforms. In fact, you can set it up so fans of your Facebook page can view videos without leaving the site at all. Make it easy to comment on, pin, +1, or otherwise pass on to others.
  4. Don’t forget the thumbnails which are a vital clue for potential visitors. It gives them some information they need to make their decision. Make sure they are clear and indicative of the type of content you have in the video.

Video content that is particularly effective includes those that instruct, entertain, surprise, and contain valuable information and resources.  Don’t miss out on this incredibly rich opportunity to improve not only your site’s visibility and click-through rates, but also your users’ experience.

Posted by Gurdeep Matharu, Senior Account & Business Development Manager at Bullseye Media

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