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You’ve built the website, you’ve optimized the landing pages, you have followed every SEO tip and trick ever recommended, but still you are not seeing an increase in sales.  Why?  The truth is, you can pull in millions of visitors to your website, but if they don’t take the next step, sales figures aren’t going to be impacted.  This is why there is a strong need for conversation rate optimization.

Know Your Consumer Now, now, don’t rattle off some statement about age, sex, and race.  That is hardly enough to prove that you know your consumer.  Think, for example, how you might reach out a niche audience that includes males between the ages of twenty-five and forty-five who spend a large part of their free time working on cars in their garages, drinking local brews with their friends, and wearing nothing but steel-toed work boots.  Now, imagine that your niche included women between the ages of thirty-five and fifty who are raising multiple children, work in administrative roles, and spend their weekends searching out the best sales on shoes and clothing.  Truly understanding your potential customer will make all the difference in how you design your website, word your ads, and choose images for your landing pages.

Give Something in Return If you are asking your consumer to fork over hard earned cash or even personal information, give him or her something in return.  People like gifts and they respond to them.  Whether it is a free informative ebook, a promotional gadget, or a coupon toward their next purchases, consumers will always look more favorably on companies that reward them.

Be Clear Whether it is your website, ad, or landing page, the message should be clear cut.  ‘We want you to do this and, in exchange, we are offering that.’  If this basic speech pattern is getting lost in unrelated imagery or a mess of jumbled text, then the chances of the consumer taking the next step slim to none.

Don’t Forget the Call to Action None of these tips are going to do anything for you, if you don’t have a clear call to action.  Every ad, landing page, and website should have a clear objective.  Whether that is for the consumer to order the product or service, or simple that he or she signs up to receive a newsletter, the goal should be defined and clearly stated.

Give Examples People, by nature, do not want to be the first to try something, so be sure that your potential consumer knows that others have gone before and approved.  Testimony, statistics, or published lists of previous customers can accomplish this goal.  When a person sees that others are doing it, he or she is much more likely to follow along.


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