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There are over 200 million Twitter accounts –with almost a million added in March 2011 alone. While this doesn’t necessarily reflect the number of active accounts, it does indicate the scope of the Twitter world, a world which may be getting a bit friendlier.  The Who to Follow page and People search tab may make it easier for businesses and audiences to find each other.  The new tools allow social media marketers to use SEO techniques to gain attention, followers, and, the hope is, as always, profit.

What do the Twitter changes entail?  When you search for a topic, you will receive suggestions of people and accounts that tweet about said topic.  For instance, when you search for “television,” when logged into your account, and select the People tab, you can see who is tweeting about TV.  In this case, Schofe, Piers Morgan, Current UK, Daybreak, and Media UK top the list.

This is a switch from the previous method, which used a much simpler algorithm.  Users saw suggestions for people and accounts to follow based on keywords.  The change is subtle, but the goal is to allow Twitter users to find the information and brands they want quickly – and to introduce new account holders to the world of #, @, RTs, and other Twitterisms. The old home page read, “The best way to discover what’s new in your world.”  The new one reads, “Follow your interests.”  Get “instant updates from your friends, industry experts, celebrities, and what’s happening around the world.”

This is beneficial to marketers, as are other changes that Twitter is making.  Marketers are now able to insert themselves into a conversation via promoted products without sound too sales-ish.  “It‘s an ad product that rewards marketers for being good, not just for being loud.  When advertising works, it transcends the idea of advertising.  In fact people think of it as content,” says Twitter’s Adam Bain.

Twitter sees about 1 billion tweets a week, and the company continues to strive to make it more friendly for business users.

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