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Most businesses, while realizing the benefit of SEO, do not realize that they can increase their campaigns’ efficacy by using these strategies offline as well as online.  When you incorporate SEO into interviews, media training, printed materials, press releases, and more, then you can position your company more advantageously in both real and virtual worlds.  Here are a few tips on how to optimise your offline activities and boost success.

  • Optimise press releases and train spokespeople in using them at conferences, to media, and in print.  Why?  Perhaps a reporter or blogger will quote you, keywords, and all.  This can help drive traffic to your website.
  • Encourage potential visitors or customers to Google you.  This can increase the likelihood that your site will rank favourably in future searches.
  • Make sure your web address is displayed prominently on any business correspondence, posters, advertisements, or brochures.
  • Make sure keywords are memorable so people looking at a poster or ad can remember and look you up later – make sure that you rank as highly as possible in your particular niche.
  • If you are giving a lecture, speech, or keynote address, you can incorporate targeted keywords in (if you can – it is more important to sound natural and engaging).  But do have your website, email address, and other virtual information handy for listeners, whether on handouts, business cards, or even at the bottom of your PowerPoint slides.
  • If you conduct any industry research or interesting content related to your field, publish it online.
  • Publish your list of services, catalogue, guide books, or how-to’s online even if you do not sell online.
  • Use infographs to display information clearly and intelligibly.
  • Have different people within your company blog; get voices and different insights to give your business a multi-faceted, real personality.
  • Make sure sales staff and website content specialists are using the same keywords to make it easier for customers to find you again online.
  • If there are questions your sales team gets frequently, have these written up into a FAQ section on your site.
  • See if you can get link backs from partner companies, distributors, suppliers, etc., that you work with.

SEO exists offline as well, and it can help you boost your profile in both spheres.

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