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Infographics are so early-2012. No, actually we still like them, but because SEO and CRO are all about moving quickly and adapting, we’re going to take a look at the instructographic. Like its predecessor, it is a graphic representation of information but offers a slightly different twist to grab jaded web users’ attention.

Instructographics are simply graphics that visually represent instructions. If you are a Pinner, you will recognise these quick how-to’s and step-by-steps. They are terrific for any number of topics and also offer a few benefits over infographics, including:

  • They’re easier. Infographics can be very research-heavy. The point is to put this data into graphic form instead of paragraph form. The result is that infographics take as long to research as an in-depth article.
  • That being said, instructographics can contain statistics and other research, if you choose.
  • They can be used to depict Top 10 lists, which are great for ranking and sharing.
  • If your business or site would benefit from a stronger Pinterest presence, these are a must-have in your content bank.

Another word about Pinterest: make sure your pins are at least 5 hours apart. If not, your instructographic will be posted to your board, but you will miss out on hitting the Category page, which means you’ll miss out on loads of traffic.

Make them, put them on your website, pin them, and, hopefully, watch those instructographics spread like wildfire.

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