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“It’s your browser – re-imagined and built for how you use the Web.”  This is RockMelt, which was just released in Beta early in November.  The upstart browser has attracted a lot of attention – a difficult feat in a crowded browser field dominated by IE, Firefox, and Safari.  Some experts are predicting, though, that RockMelt could have a significant impact on the Internet, especially within the scope of social media.  What does the browser, which is built on same Chromium technology as Google’s Chrome, have to offer?


One of the facets that separates RockMelt is its appeal for those who use social media, whether in their personal or work life.  RockMelt is designed to provide easy and quick access to anything you need: it is like having a control center instead of having to open various windows to browse for different things.  The right side of the screen allows you to connect with Facebook, Twitter, and other sites.  You can conduct searches and get your preloaded results on the side of the screen.  It is easy, fast, and according to experts, safe. On the downside, however, the Beta version is prone to crashes – but these will undoubtedly be resolved before the browser is rolled out for all users.  You also have to log into Facebook and allow it to access to all the data it contains.  Again, it is considered to be a safe browser, but some users may not like that feature.
PC Magazine called the interface “distracting,” though it seems rather intuitive.  Icons are easy to read, though the screen can seem crowded.  It is tailor made for the social media crowd, and technology research expert, Gartner, predicts that RockMlet with Facebook will supplant email for some 20 percent of business users by 2014.  Whether or not it will rock your world, there is no doubt that RockMelt is going to be a force to be reckoned with.

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