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Digital Marketing Lessons To Learn From Ellon Musk’s Tesla Phone Pi

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    By Hitesh
    March 17, 2023
    ~ 6 minutes to read
    Hitesh is a digital marketing strategist and entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience in digital marketing, start-ups, branding, and customer acquisition strategies. Hitesh is the CEO and Founder of Reposition Group, which specialises in digital growth strategies.

    Tesla Phone Pi

    We all are aware of the different ventures that Ellon Musk is into. Technology is one of Ellon Musk’s favourite investment sectors. Not decided when, but Ellon Musk will be launching a new Tesla phone pi soon as hinted in one of his tweets on Twitter. The Tesla Phone Pi launch date is rumoured to be between the end of 2023 and the beginning of 2024.

    There is a buzz all over the internet about the new Tesla Phone Pi that might be launched sooner or later. The product is not yet in the market and it is already getting popularised not only in one country but all over the world! How come?

    Ellon Musk’s digital marketing strategy is always bang on! That is the reason that anything and everything related to Ellon Musk and Tesla creates hype in a very short period of time not only in one country but globally.

    What Is It That Created A Buzz On Tesla’s Phone Pi?

    It all began with a tweet from Ellon Musk’s Twitter account. This went viral so quickly that it started making headlines in the technology sector news. Headlines even went to a height saying that the Tesla Phone Pi will be the new threat to the two big-time players in the market, Apple and Google. How true will this be, no one can really say. Buy yet the Tesla Phone Pi will be the new talk of the town (globally) until it is launched (If it is to be).

    Ellon Musk’s use of the correct platform at the correct time is always praised by many. Everything from Tesla cars to Twitter, SpaceX to PayPal and Zip2 to OpenAI achieved maximum visibility all around the world.

    Ellon Musk and Tesla are interrelated now. We talk about one and the other has to be discussed. We are all aware that Ellon Musk was not much heard about some years back. Many were aware of who Ellon Musk was, but not to the global level that he is now. This all happened by bringing everything online that was related to Ellon Musk and any of his companies. His name is a brand now!

    Whether done intentionally or not, becoming transparent with everything he did was a super strategy that won hearts globally. People began trusting him with whatever he did or wanted to do.

    The same just happened with the ‘Tesla Phone Pi Talks Around the Town’. He chose to respond to Liz Wheeler on Twitter and rest we all know what happened. He knew when and how to respond to certainties and uncertainties both. Ellon Musk proved that in this digital era, your name is the Primary brand, not your products. Products are secondary. If you are able to create a brand on your name, then anything related to the name will become a brand by default.

    But is it that easy? Well No! Let us further discuss how this can be possibly done and where digital marketing comes into play while doing so.

    Teslas Phone Pi - Digital Marketing Strategies

    What Digital Marketing Channels Does Tesla Use?

    Ellon Musk makes sure that whatever is going on that is related to the market outside is there on social media. Tesla always has a big portion of news out on social media regularly.

    A major part of Tesla’s marketing is ‘Digital Marketing’. A very less portion is into traditional marketing. Around 65 to 70% of Tesla’s sales come from online platforms.

    So, what are the Digital Marketing Strategies that Tesla uses and which are the core focus areas?

    Digital Marketing Strategies Used by Tesla

    Social media strategy

    Ellon Musk’s and social media go side by side. He is considered the most active CEO on social media. Whatever it is, Tesla or SpaceX everything comes right on time on social media. Even before the product exists, the buzz is created on this platform. It is done in such a way that it relates to the reader and all the followers.

    Location-based strategy

    Tesla’s other powerful weapon is the location-targeted strategies that it focuses on. Since Tesla relies heavily on digital marketing rather than traditional marketing, it does not go around doing the same things in all countries. It even makes changes based on local requirements. The best example is the Tesla car executive seat in China.

    In case it launches the Tesla phone pi, it will use the same location-based digital marketing strategy to capture all markets globally. That is what it is famous for.

    Email marketing

    One widespread way that Tesla does digital marketing is through Email outreach. Yes! You read this right. It is email marketing. This is done not with a motive to increase sales but for mind sharing and branding. Tesla allows opt-in email advertising. And many people opt-in to see what and how Tesla advertises and Tesla in return, receive suggestions, feedback and much more from the mail receiver.

    Thought leadership

    Tesla educates and communicates through Thought leadership as well. We are all well aware of how Ellon Musk brings out processes, failures and progress to the public. It is not as easy as it sounds. You must be aware of every little thing that you think will be able to help you build a high profile and a higher brand for your company.

    Thought leadership is not just about communicating with your target audience. It is more about what and how it should be done in a way that the potential customers know how the company operates and what processes are carried out to be able to manage failures and achieve progress and success.

    Micro Content

    Ellon Musk’s one-liners and quotes are just what most of us are fond of reading. Even if we have nothing to do with that particular product, we will yet go ahead and read it. This is what connects Ellon Musk to the common citizens globally using digital platforms.

    Micro content has superpowers to attract the reader in just one single line or sentence. 

    Below are some of Ellon Musk’s famous quotes:

    “I think it is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary.”

    “Any product that needs a manual to work is broken.”

    “It’s OK to have your eggs in one basket as long as you control what happens to that basket.”

    Core Focus Areas Used by Tesla to Connect with Audience

    • Always on the digital platform
    • Reached out to even those who are not buying the product
    • Humourous Approach
    • Digital Presence for after-sales services
    • Word of mouth (Using digital platforms)

    Ellon Musk’s Tesla Phone Pi And Social Media

    As mentioned earlier, just one tweet on social media popularised Tesla’s phone even before it existed. People are interested in every detail regarding this tweet, even if they don’t intend to purchase the phone.

    Ellon Musk makes maximum use of the social media platform. Many of us must be followers of this big name as well. His social media presence on every occasion makes all his brands including Tesla a personalised one.

    Using social media, Ellon Musk can reach out to those who have nothing to do with any of his companies and are not even going to buy any of their products. That is the power of a brand that has a personalised touch.

    Many research experts do admit that Ellon Musk has a very powerful social media strategy. Such that he can create hype around anything he wishes to popularise. And seeing all the situations that have happened, it is not at all hard to agree with these experts that the hype created is not out of the blue moon. It is smartly and intentionally done.

    Almost all of Ellon Musk’s and Tesla’s global recognition is due to social media.

    How Important Are Digital Marketing Services In the 21st Century?

    Well, from what we read above, it is clear that the digital platform is the biggest platform of the 21st century for a company or product to be advertised. Not many companies focus on this and Ellon Musk just proved it with so less to no investment in traditional marketing techniques.

    The most popular and trusted marketing technique was word of mouth, earlier and even now. This very technique is also digitalised using social media platforms. Product users share their experiences and opinion on almost all social media platforms which creates trust in a particular product or brand much more easily than it is done by advertising. Ellon Musk is the biggest and most recent example of how digital platforms are the most active place for marketing.

    The importance of digital marketing is understood by the fact that almost every hand has a smart device which they use for almost all activities. And this is the best way to reach out to millions of people in just one click. You just need to understand the correct digital marketing strategies that will prove beneficial for your business or website.

    We at Reposition support the fact that small or big, local or global, all businesses can flourish with the correct digital marketing strategies. Contact Reposition today to learn more about how digital marketing can help your business!