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Is SEO Profitable For Businesses & Is It Worth Paying For SEO?

    Reposition Services UK
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    By Hitesh
    February 22, 2023
    ~ 12 minutes to read
    Hitesh is a digital marketing strategist and entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience in digital marketing, start-ups, branding, and customer acquisition strategies. Hitesh is the CEO and Founder of Reposition Group, which specialises in digital growth strategies.

    How Much Does Google SEO Cost for a Small Business?

    Yes, that’s right! Paid SEO services can be advantageous to your business and yield incredible results for the company. It is definitely worth paying for SEO professional services. In a well-organised marketing campaign, SEO can yield a double return on investment. For small businesses of all sizes, even those with no online presence, SEO is worth it.

    A small business’s SEO cost is determined by the services that need to be rendered in order to boost the business. There are various levels ranging from £750, £1000, £1500, £15000 etc. Your business needs different types of SEO services, so the upper limit depends on what you need. You have to determine how much it will cost based on the services your business needs in order to progress. There are different types of SEO that a company could consider.

    Types of SEO

    Let’s take a closer look at how SEO is classified. Four general categories can be outlined for SEO.

    1. On-page SEO (on-site SEO)

    2. Off-page SEO (off-site SEO)

    3. Technical SEO

    4. Local SEO

    In order to better understand SEO, let’s examine its types.

    On-page SEO (on-site SEO)

    As its name implies, on-page SEO, or on-site SEO, is a method of SEO which focuses on improving the performance of the page or site specifically. Search engine optimisation is the process of improving a website’s ranking by incorporating elements such as meta titles, meta descriptions, keywords, images, headers, and others.

    Off-page SEO (off-site SEO)

    In contrast, to on-page SEO, off-page SEO is completely different. Essentially, off-page SEO is everything you do externally. 

    Technical SEO

    There is no connection between technical SEO and the content of your page. On the other hand, it can help you appear higher in organic search results. Tech SEO is mistaken for black hat SEO by most digital marketing beginners. Unlike technical SEO, which aims to optimise the website to facilitate user interaction, black hat SEO aims to lower the level of experience.

    SEO tasks that help users navigate your site easier are called technical SEO.

    Local SEO

    In contrast with other SEO methods, local SEO is more location-specific. An area of local SEO is concerned with ranking in a particular state, city, or town. In this case, the primary objective is to boost the online visibility of a company in its local market.

    How Much Should I Pay for SEO Services?

    What is an SEO consultant’s fee and how much do SEO consultants charge, this might be a question you wonder. Perhaps a better alternative question would be ‘how much should you pay for SEO? It is important to evaluate how you can get ahead of your competition when looking at different SEO consultants.

    If your competitor’s website ranks higher on the SERPs than yours, regardless of the quality of your goods or services, more online leads will be generated.

    You should look forward to paying the amount for SEO, which will help to improve your business to rank higher than your competitors. You could initially, even opt for monthly SEO.

    But how much does monthly SEO cost? This again depends on the services that you are looking for from your SEO agency. They have a certain SEO pricing guide or structure, that you can initially refer to and get some basic understanding of the cost structure for SEO.

    Colorful Minimalist Linear Steps Circular Diagram

    Why Invest in SEO?

    To achieve your projected business growth, you must invest in SEO. Your existing budget restraints will need to be reviewed regarding projected growth. Setting goals requires both vision and logical reasoning.

    Within the first few months of running an SEO campaign, it is highly unlikely that organic traffic numbers will double or triple.

    Discuss your budgets and ROI expectations with the SEO agency. You cannot get a specific ROI amount from an SEO agency, but they can provide you with predictions based on experience working with other companies like yours.

    Setting a budget based on this can help you determine how much to allocate.

    What is the Best SEO for a Small Business?

    For small businesses to determine the best SEO service provider, it is essential to examine the level and scope of SEO services available, such as keyword research, on-page and off-page SEO, technical audits, competitor tracking, link-building (backlinks), and search-optimised content development.

    Businesses must determine their strategies in accordance with their goals and financial resources.

    Why is SEO Good for Business?

    A small business centred around finding potential customers online does well with SEO. You should optimise your small business website for search engines so that potential clients can easily find it when they search online for what your business offers.

    The first question that comes up when you decide to do SEO for your business is, “How much does SEO cost for a small business?” Here are some options.

    How Much Should a Small Business Spend on SEO and Possibly What is a Good Budget For SEO to Consider?

    Get answers to your questions about SEO costs by following this guide.

    With regard to making plans and setting budgets for SEO, there are two pitfalls potential clients encounter: neither of them has a strategy or financial plan. Once a small business decides to approach an SEO company, they come up with the following questions in mind.

    • How much does SEO cost for a small business?
    • What determines the cost of SEO?
    • How much should I pay for SEO Services?
    • How much does SEO cost on a monthly basis?
    • How much does SEO cost annually?
    • And many more.

    Having worked as an SEO agency for more than 15 years, let us explain how much SEO costs and why it does so. You could refer to this pricing guide (SEO packages). For customised plans for small business SEO services, you could contact us if you’re curious about our rates!

    SEO costs are influenced by a variety of elements, including

    • The pricing structure of a consulting firm or agency
    • Experience of the agency or consultant
    • SEO campaigns have a number of goals
    • Campaign schedule for SEO
    • Inputs, tools, or software needed to accomplish the tasks

    You should always understand that search engine optimisation is a long-term endeavour. Your site will get more traffic, leads, and sales when you make it more visible on search engines.

    When compared to pay-per-click advertising (PPC), SEO is a long-term investment in your business. Unlike PPC, which fails to produce results the moment you stop investing, SEO will continue to provide a positive Return on Investment (ROI).

    For this reason, when determining SEO costs, you should hire a professional and knowledgeable agency rather than the cheapest one. Your business will not benefit from low-cost SEO. You might even lose your site from Google search results in the long run if you do this.

    How much is the fee for SEO Services in the UK?

    Search engine optimisation should be understood in two basic ways before any planning can begin.

    1, An SEO strategy should be considered over the long term. What is the average duration it takes for SEO to work? If you are aiming for minimal results, you will need to wait 3 to 6 months, and if you are looking for more comprehensive results, you need to wait 6 to 12 months. Results are rarely noticeable within a few months of starting. As a result, there is usually much exploration or research, auditing, and planning taking place in the first month, and little implementation occurs. 

    2. Within a couple of months of implementation, virtually no changes to results will be seen until search engines recognise the changes. There will be modest results for a couple of months. The process will likely be well underway by the sixth month, but real benefits won’t be apparent for at least a year. Harvesting your investment occurs in the second year.

    3. There is no such thing as cheap SEO. How much does SEO cost in the UK then? Usually, high-quality SEO firms in the UK charge between £1500 and £5000 per month as a minimum, to provide comprehensive SEO services. Thousands of pounds are spent by many companies on search engine optimisation each month. Unless local citation management is a specialised subset of SEO, it would be difficult for me to hire a company offering SEO services for less than £1000 a month.

    Investing £36,000 to £60,000 in your SEO campaign would be a smart move if you’re serious about your search engine optimisation. In many cases, SEO professionals and agencies will tell you that they produce big results faster because they fear that if they tell you anything else, you’ll go somewhere else.

    Always go with SEO companies that are genuine and give you real answers to your questions.

    So, how much is the SEO marketing agency UK fee? And possibly what is the average cost of SEO in the UK in 2022? You can take a look at the fee structure below and even get a customised plan for your SEO strategy.

    • £750 per month for the most basic SEO package
    • £1000 per month for the standard SEO package
    • £1500 per month for a professional SEO package
    • £3000 per month for an enterprise SEO package
    • Customised SEO packages are also provided by genuine and experienced SEO companies in the UK

    So next time you come up with the question in mind “How expensive is SEO?”, make sure you consider all the above to know what is best to move ahead with.

    Is it Worth Paying for SEO?

    It’s likely that you have heard about search engine optimisation (SEO) lately, whether you’re a marketing manager or an entrepreneur or a business owner. The query “Is SEO worth it?” is still ringing in your ears today due to the abundance of advertisements on the internet.

    Seeing the value of SEO increase so much these days, the answer to the above question is yes, SEO is worth it! SEO help is needed for most businesses to get recognised in the market today.

    Google rankings are of great value, and no one can dispute that. It is important to consider whether SEO is a good investment in the long run. It’s crucial that you evaluate your alternatives as a wise businessperson.

    Once you have decided to go with SEO, your first question would be “How to do SEO in 2022?”

    Well, to begin with, search Google for your company’s best-selling and most-demanded products at the moment.

    Then take a look at where your website ranks on Google. Is it difficult to find? There’s something wrong here then. And here is the first step to start with your SEO plan with a professional SEO company.

    How are prospective customers going to find your website if you can’t be found in the search results? It is estimated that 91.5% of searchers don’t go beyond the first page of search results.

    Your competitors may be able to steal your business when your business does not show anywhere appearing in Google’s search results. You can get back on track by using SEO.

    Can I do SEO on My own & Possibly, or can I Manage My own SEO?

    According to us, “It is possible for you to do SEO on your own, however, you shouldn’t, especially if you are not an SEO expert”. SEO is a long-term strategy as mentioned earlier.

    It takes time to understand a business and strategise an SEO plan for the same. You need to have lots of experience on-hand to do this in such a way that you yield a positive result.

    There are lots of resources online that explain how to do SEO. Because seeing the increase in SEO services demand, business owners do come up with a thought for doing SEO on their own. Among the first questions they ask is “How can I do SEO on my own?”.

    And this is the mistake that small business owners make when using SEO guides from the internet directly and start implementing those on their websites. 

    There is a lot of learning involved in SEO. You can try this method if you have a simple website and plenty of time, but it can be challenging and we do not suggest you do so. As you might end up getting penalised by Google and lose your business and website both.

    Everything you need to know about SEO

    Search engine optimisation is referred to as SEO in the simplest terms.

    SEO  entails a variety of actions both on and off your site to improve its ranking.

    There are many ways to make your content more search engine friendly, from simple things like keyword analysis to more advanced ones like building an XML sitemap.

    Can you do SEO Yourself?

    Truth be told, SEO optimisation is not that easy.

    You may want to enlist the help of an expert when it comes to technical SEO if you don’t have much experience or knowledge. In the wrong hands, things can take a bad turn within no time. 

    You may find that most SEO tactics are time-consuming when your business grows. It can be difficult to operate a business and manage search engine marketing as well.

    When you don’t want to do the SEO yourself, we have a team of experts ready to help! Just give us a call or contact us!

    Biggest SEO Mistakes

    Are you having difficulty getting to the top of Google search results for your focus keywords? It’s very likely that you’re making one of the typical mistakes webmasters make. This seems to happen so much nowadays. Businesses go on to do their own SEO without having much knowledge of it.

    And this is the biggest SEO mistake that they make. The same mistakes are being made by many websites, from small local businesses to large corporations. These are the common SEO mistakes to avoid, so make sure you’re not making any of them!

    When you go with an SEO agency for help, make sure you lend your ears to the research that they have done and focus on what is actually required for the business rather than what you want to do as an individual. Websites these days are making many mistakes listed below.

    • Forgetting that speed of the website counts
    • Focusing on the incorrect keywords
    • Not able to hold people on their website
    • Not having trending content
    • Inadequate content writing
    • Not thinking about the future

    So next time your SEO expert gives you your website findings, just focus on those and start your SEO around that structure.

    How Long Does it Take for SEO to Work?

    Among the most common questions, SEOs receive is, “How long does it take for SEO to work on a new website?” 

    The SEO sector is abuzz with this topic and the question arising because of it is: “Why does SEO take so long?” Let us explain this.

    SEO is not like paid media, where results can be seen almost as soon as ads are turned on, but businesses fail to understand that SEO is a long-term investment.

    There is always a question businesses about when they can expect to see returns on their investment. There is a delay between the beginning of SEO and the appearance of results. Is there a timeline? And how long does it take for SEO to start working?

    In case you’re still curious about “how long does SEO take to work?” Well, SEO as mentioned earlier is a long-term strategy. It will not show results on an immediate basis. The true results become visible around the 6th month onwards and it gives you long-term benefits.

    Website research, Backlinks, SEO keyword difficulty, competition, and domain age are some of the factors involved in SEO and working out all these factors makes SEO a time taking process.

    Taking into account these aspects of search engine optimisation will influence whether SEO will be prolonged or shortened. To begin with, a campaign goal is typically outlined in an SEO strategy along with a set of KPIs.

    Additionally, search engines such as Yahoo, Google, and Bing need time to recognise your efforts to optimise your website and award them authority based on their similarity to other websites.

    Is It Worth Paying For SEO Business


    SEO is a long-term strategy

    Within 6 to 12 months, SEO should produce results. Our measure of success is an improvement in traffic, as well as a higher number of conversions and leads as a result of the increase in traffic.

    Any business that focuses on SEO will see results eventually, but it isn’t guaranteed that you will achieve your goal by then. 

    It’s impossible to give a figure that applies to all websites, and the best that an SEO can do is give a best-guess estimate based on analysing a website’s current performance and the proposed strategy.

    In order to improve your SEO, you have to put in the time. When it comes to ranking for a given search query, search engines like Google want to show the most relevant options. Visibility is key to achieving high rankings organically.

    The impact of SEO efforts can be seen after 6 to 12 months with the appropriate strategy in place and investments in continued growth can be deemed worthwhile when these results are seen.

    If you have been doing SEO for a month or a few months and you’re not showing up on the first page for your keywords just yet, don’t worry; it doesn’t mean that your SEO is not working.

    To get answers to questions like “How do I know if my SEO is working?” It is essential to observe a few vital statistics.

    Keep a check on the below list to know where your website stands with SEO work. And in case you are not comfortable doing this, your SEO partner agency could give you monthly reports for the SEO done. Let Reposition help you with that!

    • The Domain Authority and Page Authority of a Website
    • Website Traffic generated by Organic Search
    • Impressions
    • Number of Backlinks
    • Other Website Referrals
    • How many Pages are ranking in search engine
    • Goal conversions
    • Places where your brand’s visibility is present

    How Often do you Need to do SEO and Should you Hire Someone to do SEO?

    As your company becomes successful online, you might consider stopping your SEO efforts. It is absolutely crucial that you do not stop optimising your website no matter what level of success your business reaches. There is a degree of SEO used by the most profitable businesses in the world.

    Search engine optimisation is constantly changing, so it is not a wise idea to stay on the sidelines. You should pay attention to how fresh your content is and how frequently it has been posted on other websites since these are factors that Google considers.

    In the long run, if you do not maintain your SEO attempts, you will slide down the search engine rankings.

    Keeping your SEO efforts up will assist you in maintaining an excellent ranking. You risk losing qualified traffic to a competitor if you don’t act now.

    In terms of SEO, it can sometimes seem like an endless task, however, if you keep up with current developments regularly and recheck your backlinks and content, your campaign will be a success.

    How to find an SEO consultant in London for a revised SEO strategy

    Here are some tips for hiring an SEO specialist in the UK if you have decided to do so.

    The practice of gaining expertise in search engine optimisation takes extensive experience and patience. A comprehensive marketing strategy is necessary to scale your campaigns.

    Additionally, you should hire someone who has expertise in a different industry than yours. Experts from outside the business see possibilities that you might overlook if you are too closely associated with the company.

    An experienced SEO consultant thoroughly understands digital marketing, the business, and your target market, so you are able to accomplish so much more.

    Hence, identifying the right partner in digital marketing for your company is the best next step. You need to consider these very basic points when you decide to hire an SEO company in the UK for your revised or new SEO strategy.

    • Learn how SEO can benefit your business
    • Make sure the company has a proven track record
    • Provide a description of what you expect

    Last, you need to determine if the approach taken by the SEO professional is right for you or if their way of approaching things is compatible with yours.

    So next time you come up with the question “Should I hire an SEO company?” Well, it’s not always easy for marketing executives or business owners to select, hire, and retain SEO consultants they can count on for the foreseeable future. You must begin your search from the beginning unless you can get quality referrals from your network.

    You can also hire an SEO company if you need additional assistance navigating these SEO tips or don’t have time to dedicate to improving your website’s SEO. In order to improve your business and website, you will need a long-term experienced partner.