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What Is The Cost Of Email Marketing? Email Marketing Pricing Guide.

In terms of cost-effectiveness, email marketing is considered to be one of the most effective marketing methods. Your potential customers will be able to contact you directly as a result of every email. With a return on investment of 35 pounds for every pound spent, it is certainly worthwhile, too.


The Average Email Marketing Cost

Email Marketing Plan Email Marketing Cost Per Month
Basic Email Marketing Package £250 per month
Standard Email Marketing Package £550 per month
Professional Email Marketing Package £1000 per month
Enterprise Email Marketing Package £1000+ per month

E-mail marketing costs vary from industry to industry. The average expenditure on email marketing by mid-sized companies within their organisation is approximately £1000 per month. The estimated cost is between £250 to £1200 with the assistance of professional agencies.

Email Marketing Price Guide

What Is The Average Business's Email Marketing Budget?

When done by the organisation  With a professional agency
£1000 per month     £350 to £1500 per month

What Are The Benefits Of Professional Email Marketing?

Professional email marketing has several benefits, including the ability to accomplish marketing goals more quickly. There are other benefits that professional email marketing provides.

  • Helps to create personalised and professional content
  • Keeps a track record of the data, which proves beneficial for the future
  • Helps generate leads more quickly
  • Keeps the campaigns on time

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Factors Affecting Email Marketing Budget

Some reports show that businesses spend around 0% to 25% on email marketing as their budget. As you decide on your budget for email marketing, consider the following:

  • Your business industry niche
  • Annual revenue of your business
  • The services that you provide and the products that you sell
  • Your net profit

Once you take those factors into account, think about whether your target market can be reached through email.

Factors Impacting The Cost Of Email Marketing

One plan does not suit every business regarding email marketing because not every business looks the same. They’re different sizes, filling different customer needs, and reaching different target audiences.

The most common factors impacting the cost of email marketing are

  • The email platform that your company uses
  • The frequency of the campaigns
  • The email list quality
  • The email design


Which Are The Types Of Email Marketing?

Today’s businesses use three different kinds of email marketing to reach out to existing and potential customers:

  1. Transactional Email Marketing
  2. Behavioural Email Marketing
  3. Email Newsletters

Transactional Emails

Transactional emails are an excellent opportunity to direct recipients to your website from a routine email. An example of a transactional email is an email receipt, an invoice, an order confirmation, or a billing statement. User behaviour triggers them.

Behavioural Emails

A behavioural email is a message that is targeted based on the behaviour of a recipient. It is possible to increase sales and conversions by upselling and converting clients and prospects using behavioural email marketing in ways that have never been seen before.

There are several types of behavioural emails. Among them are cross-selling, recommendations, re-engagement, free trial emails, password reminders, password renewals, product review requests, and so on.

Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are one-time communications that are used to deliver promotional messages, account information, product information, and more. An effective email newsletter can increase the recognition of your brand and generate interest in your company.

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Reposition Email Marketing Service Plans

Basic Email Marketing Plan Standard Email Marketing Plan Professional Email Marketing Plan
£250 per month £550 per month £1000 per month
1 Email Up To 3 Emails Up To 5 Emails
Lead Generation Reports Lead Generation Reports Lead Generation Reports
Campaign And Target Strategy Campaign And Target Strategy Campaign And Target Strategy
Split Testing Subject Lines Split Testing Subject Lines Split Testing Subject Lines

Reposition Email Marketing Service Deliverables / Services

Deliverables / Services
Custom Plan
Number Of Emails Per Month 1 Up to 3 Up to 5 Custom
Email Copywriting By Client By Client By Client By Client
Images From Client Website Or Stock Photography tick tick tick tick
Campaign Target Strategy tick tick tick tick
Email Edits tick tick tick tick
Subject Line Split Testing cross cross tick tick
Conversion Tracking tick tick tick tick
Email Distribution tick tick tick tick
Click Rate & Open Rate Analysis tick tick tick tick
Monthly Reports tick tick tick tick
Email Tracking tick tick tick tick
Email Campaign Management tick tick tick tick
Website Signup Implementation tick tick tick tick
Initial Email Template Creation tick tick tick tick
Email Platform Selection tick tick tick tick
Additional Emails cross cross £200 per email cross
Monthly Investment: £250 per month £550 per month £1000 per month Custom
Email Platform Fees Additional Additional Additional Additional
Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Enquire Now

Get Ready To Invest In Email Marketing Today With Reposition!

If you think your business would benefit from email marketing, contact Reposition for more information. Depending on your needs, we have a plan to suit your needs. Our email marketing plans can even be customised according to your requirements.

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Email Marketing Pricing FAQs

How Much Does Email Marketing Cost?

Mid-sized companies typically spend approximately £1000 per month on email marketing within their own organisation. Using professional agencies, the cost is estimated to be between £350 and £1500.

How Do You Calculate ROI For Email Marketing?

In order to measure the efficacy and success of an investment, return on investment (ROI) is calculated. An email marketing metric for measuring profitability is used in this case. To calculate ROI, apply the following formula: (gained – spent) / spent = ROI (expressed in percentages).

How Much Does It Cost To Hire an Email Marketing Agency?

A monthly fee of approximately £1000 is charged for hiring an email marketing service provider. Fees vary according to the plan selected and the services selected.