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Digital Marketing

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    Digital Marketing For The Cryptocurrency Sector

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    By Hitesh
    Hitesh is a digital marketing strategist and entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience in digital marketing, start-ups, branding, and customer acquisition strategies. Hitesh is the CEO and Founder of Reposition Group, which specialises in digital growth strategies.

    From humble beginnings with the introduction of early crypto coins, such as Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency (crypto) industry has grown in leaps and bounds. Crypto transactions reached a market cap of $1.76 trillion (approx. £1.41 trillion) in 2022, with blockchain’s market value hitting $10.02 billion (approx. £8.04 billion). The same institution tells us that this growth trend is likely to continue, with blockchain’s market value set to hit $67 billion (approx. £53.74 billion) by 2026.

    More good news comes from growth projections, which suggest that the crypto sector will achieve a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12% between 2023 and 2030.

    With such enormous growth in store, now is the time to market your crypto services to the masses. The challenge you face is that crypto is a digital industry, and only digital marketing techniques will help you to get ahead.

    Reposition offers the digital marketing expertise, specific to the crypto sector, that you need.

    The Digital Marketing Challenges You Face in the Crypto Sector

    Every industry has its own unique challenges. In the crypto sector, we can break them down into the following:

    •       The Limitations of Traditional Marketing
    •       Communicating the Benefits of Crypto
    •       Knowledgeable Digital Competitors

    The Limitations of Traditional Marketing

    In the past, traditional marketing referred to TV, broadcast, and physical flyers. Today, the likes of Facebook and Google are the faces of traditional marketing, and many of these digital platforms ban the direct advertising of initial coin offerings (ICOs).

    With paid digital ads being out of the question (at least in the context of direct ads), crypto companies must take a more organic approach to their digital marketing. Quality content creation, coupled with using social media and websites to build communities around your crypto, is the order of the day. Real interactions trump paid ads, meaning you must find new ways to exert your influence on digital platforms.

    Digital Marketing For The Cryptocurrency Sector

    Communicating the Benefits of Crypto

    A lack of understanding of what cryptocurrency is, and how it can benefit the investor/buyer, creates issues. Unfortunately, many people’s views of crypto are skewed by the minority instances related to security, a lack of frameworks, and regulatory issues, meaning they struggle to see the light at the end of a seemingly problem-filled tunnel.

    As a crypto company, part of your marketing responsibility involves educating consumers about how crypto functions and why it’s a good choice. That starts with breaking down the complexities of blockchain to an understandable level, with concise communication and transparent explanations being key.

    Knowledgeable Digital Competitors

    It’s fair to say that the majority of your competitors in the crypto space know their way around digital marketing strategies. As such, any new entrant into the market needs to not only emulate the existing strategies that major players use but find ways to carve their own niches into a competitive landscape.

    On a marketing level, you’re entering a digital landscape in which every competitor leverages their own digital strategies to get ahead. Your crypto business needs help to develop its own strategy, which will help it to build a community (and buzz) around your offering.

    How Reposition’s Digital Marketing Services Confront These Challenges

    With such steep challenges ahead, you’ll naturally ask yourself what you can do to overcome the barriers that you face.

    Reposition’s digital marketing strategy takes a five-pronged approach, helping you to gain exposure and build the organic community needed to strengthen your crypto offering.

    Prong 1 – Solidify Your Buyer’s Journey

    Solidifying your buyer’s journey means understanding how your clients go from awareness, to consideration, and on to making the decision to invest in your cryptocurrency.

    This element of our strategy serves two purposes. First, establishing your buyer’s journey helps you to understand what path your ideal customer takes to reach a buying decision. Second, knowing that path allows you to make the journey smoother by providing the educational resources your buyers need to see when they need to see them.

    Prong 2 – Building and Developing Your Online Community

    The organic approach is the most effective for crypto, especially with so many limitations placed on digital ads. How you engage and interact with the people who adopt your crypto, especially those who are early to the game, massively influences your success.

    We help you to strengthen your position on every platform that enables direct engagement, from traditional social media to lesser-used platforms, like Reddit.

    Prong 3 – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

    As the strongest pillar in digital marketing, SEO is a fantastic tool for building an organic buzz around your cryptocurrency. The challenge, as mentioned previously, is that your competitors understand this all too well.

    Reposition combines quality (and educational) content with off-site SEO to build your profile in search engines. Crucially, we don’t rely on black hat techniques (like building tons of links on terrible websites) to do so. We combine the information we receive from advanced SEO audits with white hat techniques, like keyword research, technical SEO, and AI-driven strategies, to get you to the top of search engines.

    Prong 4 – Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Online Ads

    Yes, Google and Facebook have strict policies when it comes to paid ads for ICOs. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use PPC at all to build your crypto business.

    For example, 2021 saw Google roll back some of its bans by allowing crypto wallet providers to advertise on its PPC platforms. Paying for ICO ads may still be out of reach, but with Reposition you can develop a PPC strategy that’s designed to educate your consumers about your other offerings.

    Prong 5 – Website Design and Development

    With 94% of a visitor’s first impression of your company’s website focused on design, it’s more important than ever to add a professional sheen to your company’s website.

    Reposition pairs web development and web design services (which we see as two sides of the same coin) to create powerful websites. On the design side of things, we ensure that your site looks and feels how a visitor expects it to look and feel when they land on your site. The development covers all of the tinkerings under the hood, from coding to website structure, that ensures the site does what it should.

    Get Results with Reposition

    Marketing challenges are rife in the crypto space, with education and extensive competition combined with traditional marketing issues making it difficult for your business to get ahead.

    Reposition knows how to confront these challenges.

    With our five-pronged approach to digital marketing, you’ll enhance your company’s visibility, develop a community, and deliver what your customers need to see. If you’re ready to propel your business to new heights with our award-winning digital marketing platform, the Reposition team is ready and waiting to hear from you.

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