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How To Rank High On Google With The Help Of An SEO Company?

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    January 30, 2024
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    How To Rank High On Google?

    Today, businesses with an online presence strive to achieve a higher Google ranking. When aiming to rank high on Google, you initially need to understand how Google works. Here is where an SEO company comes into play.

    Let us help you understand how to improve your Google ranking with the help of an SEO company.

    So, how can you achieve good rankings on Google? Your answer to the question is, with the help of a professional SEO company. Unless you are an SEO company yourself, we do not advise you to make any SEO changes to your business websites. The reason behind this is simple. Incomplete knowledge in any field will lead to disaster. Whereas SEO professionals have a thorough understanding of how Google works, and they aim to update themselves with Google algorithms.

    With the help of an SEO company, your website can rank high on Google with the below methods, wherever they are applicable.

    1. Work on the on-site SEO

    2. By targeting required keywords suitable for your business

    3. Checking the keyword intent (Commercial, Transactional, Informational and Navigational)

    4. Focus on long-term evergreen content that answers all major questions in relation to the particular business

    5. Focusing on long-tail keywords as well as question keywords

    6. Including visuals wherever possible

    7. Adding backlinks on high-authority websites

    8. Adding Schema Markup

    9. SERP analysis

    10. Technical SEO

    11. Targeting Search Queries

    12. Including a table of contents

    13. Use internal linking to rank high on Google

    14. Tracking and monitoring results of the SEO done on a regular basis

    There are numerous SEO techniques that can be applied to a business depending on its needs. Nonetheless, above mentioned are some of the most important and basic techniques that will greatly improve your website’s ranking.

    How To Improve Google Ranking?

    Your website can rank high on Google with continuous and dedicated SEO efforts. In our opinion, this is the simplest yet most truthful answer. It is often seen that once a website or a webpage has ranked in the desired position in Google, many just discontinue the SEO services that they have been taking from SEO experts. Here is where the drop begins.

    As Google updates its algorithms regularly, the websites are compelled to make the necessary changes. Seeing their rankings drop, such businesses begin to wonder what went wrong.

    Let us help you here to help your website rank high on Google, once your ranking has dropped.

    How Do I Improve My Website Ranking On Google?

    In order to begin the process to help your website rank high on Google, Reposition’s SEO experts will conduct an audit. It provides a clearer picture of what has actually gone wrong with the website by revealing what isn’t in line with Google’s updates.

    As suggested in the audit report, all necessary changes and improvements should be made where necessary. Nevertheless, professional SEO experts can help your business website achieve this in a faster and more effective manner. It might happen that what worked for your website earlier might not just work the second time. It all depends on how Google sees your website. Continuous SEO services are what we recommend to be able to rank high on Google.

    What Are Google Ranking Factors To Help Your Website Rank High On Google?

    This is what SEO experts will ask you to build your website around. Many website owners want to take into account all ranking factors in order to rank high on Google.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if you only needed to focus on a few of these factors? For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of the most important ranking factors that should be taken into consideration.

    1. It is more beneficial to have content of superior quality, which is written with the user in mind, and which provides more valuable information than content that is keyword stuffed. Considering length, originality, and quality should be taken into consideration when writing.

    2. Backlinks are another ranking factor to rank high on Google that one should focus on. While crawling the website for indexing, Google finds your website with the help of these backlinks.

    3. One such factor that affects Google’s ranking is search intent. In reality, this is what a user is searching for on Google. While creating any topics or content, you need to take into consideration the Google search ranking factors and match them, so that your chances to rank high on Google increase.

    4. Google’s ranking is also affected by core web vitals such as the website loading speed. If you want to appear on the first page of search results, your website’s speed must beat your competitors. You need to keep a regular check on this factor.

    5. Google also considers the mobile-friendliness of your website when you are looking to rank high on Google. Mobile devices are used more frequently than desktop computers these days. You must design your website to fit the smaller screen in a very readable manner, and it must also be easy for users to navigate even on mobile devices.

    6. The Domain Authority of your website is also one of the factors that Google considers when ranking your site. Moz created this, not Google. A website’s DA is rated by Moz on a scale of 1 to 100. Efforts to rank high on Google are greatly enhanced by a high Domain Authority.

    7. Optimised keywords are also a Google ranking factor that one should take into consideration. Make sure you have all the keywords you are looking to rank for on your website or that particular webpage.

    8. Website structure should be such that the user finds it easy and understandable.

    9. Security of the website is also important. If you are looking to rank high on Google, your website ranking will be affected if it is infected with any malware.

    10. Your website’s user experience is very important. Your goal is to keep your users on your website and convert them into leads.

    Google Ranking Factors

    How To Improve Google Search Ranking?

    In light of the fact that 90% of users do not go beyond the first page of Google search results, Google search ranking becomes an important factor. It is here when businesses find answers to questions like, how to get rank high on Google search results.

    Here listed are some ways to help improve your Google search ranking.

    1. Focus on creating valuable content.

    2. your content in the long form. Above 2500+ words is always good.

    3. your content for the Google answer box.

    4. Use suitable anchor texts to rank high on Google.

    5. Watch what your competitors do.

    6. Internal linking should be taken care of.

    7. Have an appropriate guest blog publishing strategy to create backlinks. This will help improve your website’s DA. It will not necessarily bring traffic to your website but improving the website’s DA will help boost the ranking in Google search results. Improved visibility will attract more visitors and thus generate traffic.

    8. Always optimise your meta tags (titles and descriptions) whenever required.

    9. The URLs need to be worked on as well. You can optimise those as needed if necessary.

    The search results page should display rich snippets as well.

    1. You need to optimise your Google Business Listing. Make sure the details are the same on the website and GMB listing.

    2. Boost the loading speed of your website.

    3. Try and rank your content on Google News.

    4. Work on social media optimisation for quicker results.

    The following are a few basic methods to rank high on Google. In order to select the best SEO techniques for your website, you will need to consider the requirements of the site.

    Can You Rank High In Google Search Results?

    Definitely! Ranking higher in Google search results than your competitors is possible. We, at Reposition SEO, with our extensive experience with various business websites, can assist you in achieving this goal. Reach out to us for more details!

    What Is Google SEO Ranking? And Is It Different from Google Search Ranking?

    Google SEO ranking refers to the same as Google search ranking. You will see this ranking when you conduct a search for a particular keyword or topic on Google. By implementing certain criteria and optimising the core areas of your website, an experienced company like Reposition can help you gain a better ranking compared to your competitors.

    How Do You Do [Google SEO] Yourself?

    According to our experience as an SEO agency, this is not a sound idea. With regular updates, algorithm changes, and increased competition, Google SEO requires full-time attention. Additionally, managing your business while performing SEO will be tough. It is also imperative to note that incorrect SEO techniques can lead to disasters or penalties from Google. If your budget is limited, there are SEO service providers who can assist with customised SEO plans starting at £750 to £1000.

    How To Rank High On Google For Specific Keywords?

    It takes time to rank high on Google for a keyword in organic search. In other words, Google keyword ranking is a continuous process. It is possible that you will not be able to rank for the keywords that you are aiming for on your first attempt. Your website can be transformed if you focus on your content, your niche, the in-depth changes that need to be made, your website competitors, intent, execution, and optimisation. Ensure that the keyword you choose will not only increase traffic to your website but also increase conversions.

    What is the Fastest Way To Rank A Keyword?

    If you are interested to rank high on Google for a keyword within a short period of time, this section in the article will assist you in understanding how to accomplish this goal.

    Keywords vary and can be divided into 

    1. Exact Match

    One or two words only. There is a high likelihood that these keywords have a large search volume, and ranking for them can take a considerable amount of time.

    2. Long Tail Keywords (Phrase keywords)

    There may be less search volume for these types of search terms as they include three or more phrases. Depending on the situation. 

    It is possible to rank high on Google when you target keywords with a low search volume. When we aim to rank for exact match keywords with high search volumes, it takes time, depending on several factors. This is because the competition is also targeting the same keywords and is working round the clock to maintain its position.

    Ranking your keywords within a month or two is not possible. However, when done with complete knowledge and expertise, you will certainly be able to speed up the ranking process. We recommend that, until you are an SEO company yourself, you seek the services of a professional SEO company to rank your keywords more effectively.

    Is It Possible To Rank #1 On Google?

    Today, the majority of websites strive to rank #1 on the top search engines. Google in particular. It is important for these websites to keep an eye on their position on Google using regular Google rank tracking tools. This is because they are convinced that it is possible to rank #1 on Google. 

    As far as we are concerned, it is definitely possible to achieve the number 1 ranking on Google when using detailed SEO techniques. One must, however, ensure that the optimisation of the website is carried out at a very detailed level in order to achieve this goal. We recommend that you seek the assistance of an SEO company with 15+ years of experience. Your chances of reaching that #1 position on search engines will be increased as a result of your experience.

    How Long Does It Take To Rank High On Google?

    The answer to this question is approximately three to six months. The process of becoming visible on Google can take several months or even a year. It is dependent on the keywords you are targeting and the level of competition in your website niche, the quality of your content, and many other factors. It is important that Google bots are able to crawl and read the information on your website.

    How Much Does It Cost To Rank #1 On Google?

    Ranking on Google is free in a sense. You will not be charged until you are running an advertising campaign with Google. Nevertheless, because Google takes into account a variety of factors before ranking a website for a particular keyword, it becomes necessary to become familiar with these important factors. 

    Understanding the algorithms and updates that Google rolls out on a regular basis can be challenging. It is essential to stay informed of the updates in order to maintain a constant ranking. You can seek assistance from SEO agencies in this regard. As for the fees charged by these agencies, yes, these services are charged at a certain rate. Costs are determined based on the services you are receiving.

    How To Find Where My Website Ranks On Google

    You can use a free rank checker tool to determine your website’s position on Google. For this purpose, there are a number of online resources available. When checking the rankings, you need to enter both the keyword that you want to know the ranking for as well as the URL you wish to check. You will then be able to view your live rankings with a click of the mouse.

    How Can I Improve My Google Ranking For Free?

    It is possible to improve your website ranking for free if you are aware of Google algorithms and Google updates. You can make the necessary changes to your web pages to optimise them accordingly. However, if you do not understand Google algorithms and have no experience with SEO techniques, we recommend you hire an SEO company to increase your website’s ranking in Google. Whenever you seek professional assistance, you will have to pay a certain fee for these services.

    What Is The Fastest Way To Rank New Content?

    There are many ways to rank content on Google. Listed below are a few ways to rank a new piece of content faster.

    1. Decide on a topic that is more trending.

    2. Make sure to add the article to the sitemap and add the sitemap to Google Search Console.

    3. Request indexing in Google Search Console.

    4. Work on internal linking.

    5. Share the content URL on social media.

    6. Make sure the URL is optimised and not too long. 50 characters in length are considered good. Your keyword should be used in the URL.

    7. Do not forget to optimise the meta tags. The title and description should include the keywords that you want the content to rank for.

    Following all the guidelines outlined above will increase the chances of your new content ranking quickly. For this purpose, it is recommended that you seek professional SEO assistance.

    Even if you comply with all the requirements, your website or content may not appear on Google. We will examine why this occurs in general.

    Why Doesn’t My Site Appear On Google?

    Many factors can cause a website not to appear on Google. Some of the reasons for this are as follows.

    1. Having blocked the Googlebot crawler in your robots.txt file.

    2. The setting of “noindex” is applied to a website or webpage.

    3. Your website has been deindexed and penalised by Google.

    4. It may be that there is another technical issue that prevents Google from crawling and indexing your website.

    In the event that your website is new, you need not be concerned. Getting noticed by Google takes time. In the event that your website does not have any links pointing back to it, it will not appear in Google’s search results. Sharing a sitemap through Google Search Console is the best option.

    As soon as your website starts ranking on Google and becomes visible, it is possible that the ranking will suddenly begin to drop. It would be helpful if we understood why this occurs.

    Why Has My Google Ranking Dropped?

    The most common reasons for dropped rankings are

    1. Google Penalty

    2. Website is blacklisted

    3. Competitors have started to rank higher than your website

    4. Major changes are done to the website

    5. Updates in Google algorithms

    6. If you have allowed the “Mobile-first indexing” option

    7. Some technical issues on the website.

    8. Google SERP changes

    9. User intent change change

    10. Drop in your backlinks.

    Regardless of the reason, the necessary changes should be made as soon as possible. Again, we recommend that you seek the assistance of an SEO professional in this matter. With their experience, experts are able to comprehend the details with greater ease and will help your website achieve the ranking you desire.

    What Is Google Ranking Algorithm And How Does It Work?

    Google has developed a number of criteria to rank content. These are the algorithms used by Google. As part of the process of listing the results for particular search criteria, they take into account various factors, including keywords. There is no single algorithm that Google uses to list the results. There are multiple algorithms involved in its operation. Now let us take a closer look at how these algorithms operate.

    How Do Google Algorithms Work?

    There is a great deal of complexity in this data, and only a few people are aware of it. There is never a public disclosure of how the algorithm works. According to estimates, Google considers over 200 factors when ranking a website. These factors are difficult for everyone to understand. 

    In the event that someone becomes sufficiently intelligent to understand it, Google does not actually take notice of this issue. Algorithms are updated daily. These algorithms are extremely difficult to catch and match. There is no doubt that many people have noticed that Google provides some tips in order to help them rank higher.

    We now have a greater understanding of Google’s algorithms and rankings, so let us examine how we can do a Google rank check.

    How To Check Google Ranking?

    Several tools are available to help you determine where the targeted keywords rank high on Google, including Ahrefs, Google Search Console, Uber Suggest, Semrush, and others. There are several options available to you. Google’s ranking varies from country to country. Additionally, you may notice that rankings fluctuate on a daily basis. Google’s algorithm is continuously updated, resulting in this phenomenon.

    The next step is to understand how we can improve a website to rank high on Google at different levels of business. Whether it be local businesses, businesses on maps, e-commerce businesses or Google My Business.

    How To Improve Google Local Business Ranking?

    When you operate a local business, Google’s local ranking is of utmost importance. If you wish to have your business appear in Google’s top results for your industry, you must make all the necessary changes. 

    To help you improve your local business rank high on Google, you should keep track of the following points.

    1. Use Google my business profile and claim it

    2. Update your information whenever there are changes to your business, contact numbers, timings, addresses, and other information.

    3. Make sure you enter all data mentioned

    4. Keep track of reviews that your profile receives and give replies to all

    5. Add images on a regular basis

    6. Add the products and services that your provide

    7. Make sure all the data you enter are similar to data that you have used on other platforms

    8. Make use of local keywords

    How To Rank High On Google With The Help Of An SEO Company?

    How does Google determine Local Ranking?

    In order to determine a local ranking, Google takes into consideration three factors: Distance, Prominence, and Relevance. It is imperative that you include all the data related to these three factors.

    You need to keep an eye regularly on the Google local rank tracking to understand where your business stands and make all necessary changes where required to be able to rank high on Google.

    How To Rank Locally On Google Using Local Keywords?

    When you decide to come online with your business, the first question that strikes is “how do I get my business discovered?” And once you take and add all the necessary information to Google’s business profile, you start to think “how long does it take for Google business to show up?”

    It is important to focus on the right keywords regardless of what your question may be. For local businesses, local keywords will be the most effective to help your website rank high on Google. Identifying local keywords for your business niche should be your first step. Depending on the nature of your business, you will be able to determine whether or not these are relevant. There are an endless number of keywords that you may wish to rank for. Select those keywords that have a high search volume. These are the search terms that users use while searching. As a final step, create a list of local keywords and include them in all relevant locations. 

    Reposition can provide you with the most effective local SEO strategy.

    How To Rank High On Google Maps?

    Previously, Google Maps was known as Google Places. Maps are now a part of the Google My Business dashboard. It is important to take certain factors into consideration if you want to rank high on Google Maps. In light of the fact that the map is now a part of your GMB account, you should ensure that you enter the exact and correct address of your company.

    Additionally, you should ensure that your business details are displayed on all online platforms with the same address. In the event that your address changes, you should update it as soon as possible. Reviews also play a role in Google Maps ranking. You should ask all of your customers for feedback and respond to all of their comments. By doing so, you will demonstrate your company’s trustworthiness.

    There are many SEO companies that offer Google Maps SEO services. Their expertise in this area can assist you in improving your Google maps ranking. In the course of our work on this front, we at Reposition consider all of the Google Maps ranking factors. You can get in touch with a Reposition SEO company if you want your business to rank high on Google Maps. 

    It is possible to use Google Shopping if you have a wide range of products to sell.

    It is now time to consider how to rank high on Google Shopping.

    How To Rank High On Google Shopping?

    Ranking higher on Google Shopping requires a long-term strategy. Long-term strategies are crucial if you wish to achieve long-term success for your business. E-commerce businesses have become increasingly online in today’s digital era. There is definitely competition in this field. Implementing the correct techniques will assist your business to rank high on Google Shopping.

    In order to help you rank high on Google Shopping, we would like to provide you with some basic but important tips.

    1. Work on seller and store ratings. Trust will be built through ratings and reviews.

    2. Ensure that your products are listed in the appropriate categories on Google Shopping. The majority of buyers select the category section for the products they are interested in purchasing.

    3. In order to attract real buyers and consumers, product pictures will be of significant importance. This will help to rank high on Google.

    4. There should be a great deal of care taken in writing product descriptions. The model, colour, type, and size of the product should be clearly stated. The buyers look for all these terms before they decide to buy.

    5. To rank high on Google it is important to clearly display prices. Consider providing free shipping or including shipping costs in your original price. Free shipping attracts more buyers.

    6. It is always advisable to use Google product ratings. You may be able to accomplish this using Google Merchant Center. It is essential that buyers are able to easily and quickly leave a review or rating.

    7. Your products should never be removed from the feed.

    8. Utilise Google’s special offer coupons.

    9. To rank high on Google, update and boost product information on a regular basis.

    10. Make adjustments to your ad bid and schedules as well.

    11. Make use of appropriate keywords for the products that are listed.

    12. Try to improve your brand quality score. Reviews and rating strategies can help a lot on this front.

    When you follow these basic, but crucial tips, your users will start seeing your products differently.

    It is imperative for any business to rank high on Google in order to be successful. Prior to making an effort to obtain Google rankings, a number of factors and criteria must be considered. It may be difficult to understand technical terms when you are unfamiliar with them. Here is where we always recommend that you seek the assistance of an expert SEO to rank high on Google. With more than 15 years of experience in SEO, Reposition has the skills necessary to assist you on this front.