How Much Does SEO Cost? SEO Pricing Guide

The price of SEO services will vary depending on the service provider, the SEO plan you select, and whether you hire SEO services on a monthly or hourly basis. SEO costs differ based on whether you’re planning a one-time project or you need ongoing help. SEO packages begin at £750 for the most basic package. Depending on your choice of an SEO plan, the amount will increase.

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Average SEO Costs Based On Plan Selection:

SEO Plan SEO Cost Per Month
Basic SEO Package £750 per month
Standard SEO Package £1000 per month
Professional SEO Package £1500 per month
Enterprise SEO Package £3000 per month
Customised SEO Package Quotation based on services opted

In the event that you choose to customise your SEO package, the charges will vary based on the services you select. The cost of SEO can reach £50,000 or even more for customised packages based on the services you select.

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Average SEO Costs Based on Time Frame Selection:

SEO Plan SEO Cost Per Month
Plan Based SEO £750 to £3000 per month
Customised SEO Starts from £5000 increases with services provided per month
One Time project SEO £5000 to £30,000 per project
Hour Based SEO £150 to £300 per hour

What Is Professional SEO?

Professional SEO refers to the services provided by SEO experts. These professional SEO experts can assist you when you need to have your website optimised to rank on Google but lack the expertise to do so. You may choose a different SEO plan for your business website depending on the type of service you require.

In the case of an e-commerce website, these professionals will provide you with a different SEO plan than for a service provider website. It depends on the services they offer and the deliverables they will provide that determine the cost.

How Is Professional SEO Pricing Calculated?

Professional SEO experts determine the pricing structure based on the services they provide to individual websites on a monthly, weekly, and hourly basis. Those clients who need customised SEO plans can even get a customised pricing structure. Their SEO plans include a set of services and deliverables. The set monthly cost does not include additional services.

A typical SEO pricing model can be found below, which is used by most SEO service providers in order to determine their SEO charges.

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Fixed Monthly SEO Plans Hourly SEO Plans Customised SEO Plans One Time Project Based SEO Plan
£750 to £3000 per month £150 to £300 per hour Starts from £5000 increases with services provided per month £5000 to £30,000 per project

What Services Are Provided Under Monthly SEO Plans?

Monthly SEO plans include services like

  • Initial Review & Analysis
  • On Page Optimisation
  • Tools Setup & Optimisation
  • Link Building
  • Content Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Local Search Optimisation
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Support Email Tickets & Phone Support

What Services Are Provided Under Hourly SEO Plans?

Website owners can choose which services they want as part of hourly SEO plans. Often the company with which you work will customise a plan to better meet your needs.

What Services Are Provided Under Customised SEO Plans?

If a client requires additional services, they will be included. In the event that a website owner is seeking SEO services, he or she can select those under the customised SEO plan. The charges are determined by the services that the website owner selects.

What Services Are Provided Under One Time Project Based SEO Plans?

An SEO service provider generally provides one-time website optimisation as part of one-time project-based SEO plans. The website is optimised in all major aspects.

Consider These Tips And Find Your SEO Plan!

  • Choose an SEO agency with a minimum of 15 years of experience.
  • Don’t focus on the promise of cheap rates. In most cases, the companies behind those rates won’t really focus on ensuring your site reaches the traffic levels you’re working to achieve.
  • Go for agencies that provide key deliverables.
  • Select an agency that provides monthly reports. By doing so, you will be able to monitor the progress of the website.
  • Look for SEO companies that provide plan customisation.
  • Ensure that the SEO service provider you choose has satisfied the needs of at least 500 clients. An experienced company will be able to provide quick visibility to your website, as they understand the basics of website optimisation.

By taking into consideration the above tips, you will be able to select the most appropriate SEO plan (and company) for your business website.

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How Much Does SEO Cost For Small Businesses?

The cost of SEO services for small businesses can range from £750 to £3000 per month. In order to achieve visible SEO results, we recommend that you set a budget of £1000. By doing so, you will be able to increase your website’s visibility within six months. A starting rate of £150 to £300 per hour may be appropriate if you decide to pay on an hourly basis. There is also the option of one-time SEO for your business. SEO starts at a cost of £5000 on average for a one-time project.


What Are The Factors That Determine SEO Pricing?

SEO pricing depends on various factors. Let us see below what actually determines the pricing for SEO.

  • The time invested
  • Number of website pages
  • Links to acquire
  • Current technical state of the website including penalties and spam score
  • Target audience
  • Existing rankings
  • Industry sector
  • The SEO service providers’ expertise and experience

Let us examine the above factors in more detail to gain a better understanding of SEO pricing.

The Time Invested

The SEO service provider’s time investment directly affects the SEO pricing. A longer period of time would also result in a higher SEO cost. The cost of the SEO plan will be determined by the length of the agreement, such as six months. Moreover, if they had a 12-month plan, the price would be higher than the 6-month plan.

The Number Of Website Pages

SEO pricing is also determined by the size of the website. The SEO cost for optimising a website with 50 pages would be in accordance with the number of pages. If a website has 100 pages, the SEO company will set the pricing accordingly. An e-commerce website with a thousand products or more will incur a much higher SEO cost than a services provider website with 15 to 25 pages.

Links To Acquire

SEO pricing is also influenced by the number of links a website acquires. Generally speaking, the higher the number of links that an SEO company acquires for a client’s website, the higher the SEO cost.

Current Website Technical State

If a client has a high spam score or a Google penalty and wants SEO help, the cost will definitely be higher than for a website without a spam score or penalty. SEO pricing is also influenced by other technical aspects of the website.

Target Audience

A client’s target audience will play a significant role in determining the SEO pricing structure. Ranking a website on the first page is challenging if the target audience is in a competitive geographic area. As a result of such factors, SEO costs may differ as well.

Existing rankings

It is also important to take into account the current ranking of the website when calculating SEO costs. Making your website visible on Google will be challenging if it does not have Google visibility. Similar to the example above, if your website appears on the second page of the search engines’ results and you aim to move it up to the top five positions on the first page, it would be challenging since the competition is high on the first page. In determining the SEO pricing for the client’s website, the current rankings play a significant role.

Website industry sector

The industry sector is considered a factor because the level of competition is different in each industry. It is true that some industries are highly competitive while others are not. Consequently, SEO costs for websites in a competitive industry will be higher than those in a moderately competitive industry. 

The SEO service providers’ expertise and experience

A highly-rated SEO company with more than 10 to 12 years of experience will have a different SEO pricing structure. Expertise and experience in the SEO field are key factors. A company with extensive experience will be able to assist you in gaining visibility more quickly.

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SEO Pricing FAQs

What Determines SEO Pricing?

SEO costs vary depending on a number of factors. In order to determine the price of SEO services, an SEO agency will examine your existing brand awareness and visibility in organic searches, your business goals, and your intended market before determining the price. SEO pricing is also determined by the provider’s level of expertise.

Why Does SEO Cost Money?

The optimisation of a website for search engines requires a thorough understanding of how Google algorithms operate. To maintain top rankings, it is imperative that your website is updated regularly, and that can mean time on your part or that of an SEO company. As a result, SEO has a cost associated with it.

Is SEO Cost Free?

No, not really. There is a cost associated with SEO. There is a fee associated with the professional services you utilise or the time your employees spend optimising your site.

How To Select An SEO Plan?

Choosing your SEO plan should be based on your website’s requirements, your target audience, your monthly budget, and the industry in which your website operates.

What Affects SEO Pricing?

SEO pricing is affected by factors such as time, web pages, links, current website technical state, target audience, existing ranking, industry and SEO services providers’ expertise and experience.

How Much Will SEO Cost For A Small Business?

The cost of SEO services for a small business can range from £750 to £3000 per month. In order to achieve visible SEO results, we recommend that you set a budget of £1000.

How Much Will SEO Cost For E-commerce Websites?

The cost of SEO services for e-commerce websites can range from £1000 to £10000 per month. Depending on the number of products and web pages, the exact cost of SEO will be determined.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire An SEO?

The most basic SEO package begins at £750. Depending on the website requirements, it can reach £50,000 or more.

How Much Does SEO Cost Per Month?

For a small to midsize business website, you can expect to spend between £750 and £3000 per month on SEO. The monthly SEO costs can reach £1000 to £10000 for websites with complex designs and a more number of web pages.

Can SEO Costs Be Paid On Hourly Basis?

Yes, SEO costs can be paid hourly. The average hourly SEO cost in the UK is £150 to £300 per hour.

Is SEO Expensive?

It is not really true. There may seem to be a high cost associated with enterprise SEO. It is worth noting, however, that the website will gain significant profits after it has been optimised.

Does Google SEO Cost Money?

In order to rank your business website on the first page of Google search results, you will need the assistance of a professional SEO company. For the services they provide, these professional SEO service providers charge a fee.

Is Paid SEO Worth It?

It is beneficial to invest in SEO if you follow the correct strategy and collaborate with a professional who is knowledgeable about how to achieve your goals. A search engine accounts for 93% of all online interactions, and SEO leads have a much higher success rate than conventional marketing leads. Consequently, SEO offers a high rate of return.