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Case Study
Hope & Glory

Services: Web Design, Web Development Region: London Sector: E-commerce

    Reposition UK

    Services : Web Design, Web Development
    Region : London
    Sector : E-commerce
    Organic traffic increased by : 450%+
    Keyword rankings improved by : 300%+
    Social media traffic increased by : 250%+
    Social engagement increased by : 150%+


    • Organic traffic increased by

    • Keyword rankings improved by

    • Social media traffic increased by

    • Social engagement increased by


    The Mission

    We assisted “Hope & Glory” with web design and development. By making a drawing in and easy to understand site, Reposition upgraded the web-based presence of “Trust and Magnificence,” drawing in additional guests and expanding changes. Their cooperation brought about an outwardly staggering and practical site that charmed crowds and drove business development.

    Begin With Discovery

    What We Did

    We repositioned the brand and digital/online look. We created a new website, performed SEO and provided social assistance. We also helped building up new avenues of business and worked on the interior shop designs for Westfields.

    We have also been working with them to visualise their brand and company ethos and the helped realise the ‘7 steps of tea’ into 7 physical sculptures/displays. This is a good example of how we physically realise a sentence or feeling into a central brand feature.

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