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How Much Does Local SEO Cost? Local SEO Pricing Guide

Local SEO is a powerful way to reach customers who are nearby. Depending on your location, the competition in your area, and the needs of your website, though, the cost of local SEO will vary. The average cost associated with local SEO is approximately £750 per month. If you choose to customise your local SEO package, the cost will vary based on the local services you select. In the case of enterprise plans, local SEO can cost up to £3000 per month.  Moreover, new business sites tend to cost more to optimise than existing sites.


Average Local SEO Costs Based On Plan Selection:

Local SEO Plan Local SEO Cost Per Month
Basic Local SEO Package £750 per month
Standard Local SEO Package £1000 per month
Professional Local SEO Package £1500 per month
Enterprise Local SEO Package £3000 per month
Customised Local SEO Package Quotation based on services opted

Local SEO Pricing Guide

Average Local SEO Costs Based on Time Frame Selection:

Local SEO Plan Local SEO Cost Per Month
Plan Based Local SEO £750 to £3000 per month
Customised Local SEO Starts from £5000 increases with services provided per month
One Time Local SEO project £5000 to £30,000 per project
Hour Based Local SEO £150 to £300 per hour

How Is Professional Local SEO Pricing Determined?

A professional SEO expert will determine the local SEO pricing guide structure for individual websites based on the services they provide on a monthly, weekly, and hourly basis. They offer a range of local SEO services and deliverables as part of their local SEO plans. Clients who require a customised local SEO plan can even request a customised pricing structure. Additional services are not included in the set monthly fee.

Local SEO Pricing Guide Price

What Is Provided In Local SEO Optimisation?

Local SEO focuses on optimising your business on local grounds. Typically, you’ll identify target locations that mean better business opportunities for you, then the campaign focuses on those locations. The purpose of local search engine optimisation (SEO) is to make your business more visible in local Google search results. Businesses located in a geographical area or have a physical presence may benefit from local SEO.

There are many activities involved with optimising your site for local traffic including researching local keywords, performing a NAP audit, optimising your Google Business profile, and building local citations.  Local SEO also includes the optimisation of geographic locations.

Explore our local SEO pricing guide offered by Reposition.

What Is An NAP Audit?

NAP stands for “Name, Address, and Phone Number. These details play an important role in local SEO. You want to ensure you have a consistent business name, address, and phone number across all online platforms. Before building new citations, local SEO companies conduct a NAP audit to ensure that the business information listed or published is accurate in all of those spaces.

What Is Google Business Profile And How Important It Is In Local SEO?

The Google Business profile, or GMB, plays an important role in local search engine optimisation strategies. It offers lots of information about your company to potential customers. Your Google profile must be claimed for your listing to appear in the search results when local customers search for your business industry on Google.

Once claimed, you can add information about your business, including your business name, address, contact information, images, the URL of your website, your business hours and services or products that you offer, and more. Your Google My Business profile provides you with the opportunity to receive reviews and feedback from your customers. You can gain the trust of your customers by gaining these review stars.

Our local SEO experts will assist you in setting up your GMB and optimising it for your business at Reposition SEO company.

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Is an Extra Fee Required For A GMB Profile Setup?

No! Reposition will help you reach more local customers with a Google Business Profile setup. Our local SEO pricing guide includes the cost of Google Business profile setup and optimisation.

How Important Is Local SEO?

It is possible to demonstrate your business in the top positions of Google’s search engine through local SEO. In addition, it helps to drive more traffic and customers to your website or physical business address. When customers search for a business or service on Google, they tend to click on the top search results on the first page. Local SEO will greatly assist in reaching the top of search engine results for your company.

Local SEO Pricing Guide By Reposition

Pricing for local SEO is highly dependent on the location of the target audience.


Reposition Local SEO Services Plan Selection:
Number Of Locations To Optimise Local SEO Cost Per Month
10-20 Locations £1500 per month
20-30 Locations £2500 per month
30-40 Locations £3500 per month
40-50 Locations £4500 per month
50-60 Locations £5500 per month
60-70 Locations £6500 per month
70-80 Locations £7500 per month
80-90 Locations £8500 per month
90-100 Locations £9500 per month
100+ Locations £12500 per month

Deliverables / Features In The Local SEO Plan:

Local SEO Plan Deliverables / Features Included In Local SEO Plan
Local Seo Expert Guidance
Local On-Page SEO
Local SEO Audit Report
Google My Business Page Setup & Verification
Google Business Page Verification
Bing My Business Setup & Verification
Customer Reviews Optimisation
Local Business Directory/Citations
Local Business Citation Audit
Local keyword research (10 products/services)
Meta Tags (10 products/services)
Keyword Rank Report
Monthly SEO Performance Report
SEO Activity Reports
Customer Ticket Support
Email Support
Phone/Skype Support

Customised SEO Packages

All Our Options under the UK SEO packages have been specifically tailored to ensure that we maximize the chances of ranking our clients for their keywords, having taken into account all the Google updates – this is an SEO (search engine optimisation) strategy built for 2023 and beyond. All our SEO packages have no contract, we work on a monthly or quarterly rolling basis.

*Prices exclude VAT*

Package Details
£750 pm
£1000 pm
£1500 pm
£3000 pm
Initial Review & Analysis
Website Analysis More Info
Duplicate Content ChecksMore Info
Backlink Audit More Info
Penalty ProtectionMore Info
Competitor Research More Info
Keyword Research More Info
Keyword URL Mapping
Baseline Rank Report
On Page Optimisation
Internal Page AnalysisMore Info 3 5 8 12 CUSTOM
Title Tags Optimisation 3 5 8 12 CUSTOM
META Tags Optimisation 3 5 8 12 CUSTOM
Content OptimisationMore Info
Heading Tags Optimisation 3 5 8 12 CUSTOM
Images Optimisation 3 5 8 12 CUSTOM
Technical Analysis
Canonicalisation/301 Redirect
Robots.txt Creation/Optimisation
Sitemap Creation/Optimisation
Responsiveness Analysis
Permalink Analysis
Schema Markup Analysis 0 2 5 7 CUSTOM
Page Speed Analysis 0 2 5 7 CUSTOM
Hyperlink Analysis 3 5 8 12 CUSTOM
Tools Setup & Optimisation
Google Search Console Setup
Bing Webmaster Tools Setup
Google Analytics Setup & Integration
Google Analytics Conversion Tracking Setup
Google Analytics Custom Dashboard
Link Building
Link BuildingMore Info
Content Marketing
Blog Post Creation
Blog Post Upload (WordPress or CMS required )
Social Media Posting
Article Creation
Press Release Creation
Guest Blog Creation
Video Marketing
YouTube Account Setup
Vimeo Account Setup
Dailymotion Account Setup
Share Videos on Social Media Networks
Video Sharing
Local Search Optimisation
Google My Business Page Setup & Verification
Google Business Page Verification
Bing My Business Setup & Verification
Customer Reviews Optimisation 2 4 CUSTOM
Local Business Directory/Citations 3 5 8 12 CUSTOM
Local Business Citation Audit
Monthly Reporting
Keyword Rank Report
SEO Activity Reports
Monthly SEO Performance Report
Virtual Mothly Meeting
Support Email. Ticket & Phone Support
Customer Ticket Support
Email Support
Phone/Skype Support
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Get Ready To Invest In Local SEO Services Today With Reposition!

If you have a local business that needs optimisation, Reposition can help you with a local SEO pricing guide & optimised plans suitable to your website requirements. We even provide multiple location-based local optimisation services. 

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Local SEO Pricing Guide FAQs

What Determines Local SEO Pricing?

The price for local SEO services depends on factors such as the nature of the business, the level of competition, the scope of the service area, the locations targeted, as well as the size of the website. Some websites require more work in comparison to others because of their competitiveness.

How To Select A Local SEO Plan?

When selecting a local SEO plan for your website, you should consider your website’s requirements, your targeted locations, your budget, and the industry in which your website operates.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Local SEO?

It costs approximately £750 per month to hire a local SEO services provider. There is a difference in hiring costs based on the services selected.

What Should Be The Budget For Local SEO Services?

In order to determine the amount of your local SEO budget, you must determine your profit. The SEO budget of a small, medium or large business should be based on the profitability of the business on a monthly or annual basis. Please read our local SEO pricing guide to learn more.

Is It Worth Paying For Local SEO Optimisation?

There is no doubt that search engine optimisation will benefit your local business. With local SEO, the business website will be able to gain more visibility. The chances of conversion will increase as a result. There is no doubt that local SEO services are worth paying for.

How Long Does It Take For Local SEO To Work?

It is important to remember that SEO does not work overnight. In the same manner, local SEO also takes 10 to 12 weeks to provide visible results. Please read our local SEO pricing guide to learn more.