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    SEO Packages

    We are UK based company with our staff located in London, Ireland, Europe, Asia and USA with SEO packages, suitable for every company. You can hire our team to work for you on a flexible basis with no long-term contracts – You can cancel at any time (terms apply). We work on providing you with sound, quality, long-term contracts that will bring you quality targeted traffic to your website. And with our tailored SEO packages, you have the peace of mind to pause and restart our services at any time as it suits your business.

    Customised SEO Packages

    All Our Options under the UK SEO packages have been specifically tailored to ensure that we maximise the chances of ranking our clients for their keywords, having taken into account all the Google updates – this is an SEO (search engine optimisation) strategy built for 2022 and beyond. All our SEO packages have no contract, we work on a monthly or quarterly rolling basis.

    *Prices exclude VAT*

    Package Details
    £750 pm
    £1000 pm
    £1500 pm
    £3000 pm
    Initial Review & Analysis
    Website Analysis More Info
    Duplicate Content ChecksMore Info
    Backlink Audit More Info
    Penalty ProtectionMore Info
    Competitor Research More Info
    Keyword Research More Info
    Keyword URL Mapping
    Baseline Rank Report
    On Page Optimisation
    Internal Page AnalysisMore Info 3 5 8 12 CUSTOM
    Title Tags Optimisation 3 5 8 12 CUSTOM
    META Tags Optimisation 3 5 8 12 CUSTOM
    Content OptimisationMore Info
    Heading Tags Optimisation 3 5 8 12 CUSTOM
    Images Optimisation 3 5 8 12 CUSTOM
    Technical Analysis
    Canonicalisation/301 Redirect
    Robots.txt Creation/Optimisation
    Sitemap Creation/Optimisation
    Responsiveness Analysis
    Permalink Analysis
    Schema Markup Analysis 0 2 5 7 CUSTOM
    Page Speed Analysis 0 2 5 7 CUSTOM
    Hyperlink Analysis 3 5 8 12 CUSTOM
    Tools Setup & Optimisation
    Google Search Console Setup
    Bing Webmaster Tools Setup
    Google Analytics Setup & Integration
    Google Analytics Conversion Tracking Setup
    Google Analytics Custom Dashboard
    Link Building
    Link BuildingMore Info
    Content Marketing
    Blog Post Creation
    Blog Post Upload (WordPress or CMS required )
    Social Media Posting
    Article Creation
    Press Release Creation
    Guest Blog Creation
    Video Marketing
    YouTube Account Setup
    Vimeo Account Setup
    Dailymotion Account Setup
    Share Videos on Social Media Networks
    Video Sharing
    Local Search Optimisation
    Google My Business Page Setup & Verification
    Google Business Page Verification
    Bing My Business Setup & Verification
    Customer Reviews Optimisation 2 4 CUSTOM
    Local Business Directory/Citations 3 5 8 12 CUSTOM
    Local Business Citation Audit
    Monthly Reporting
    Keyword Rank Report
    SEO Activity Reports
    Monthly SEO Performance Report
    Virtual Mothly Meeting
    Support Email. Ticket & Phone Support
    Customer Ticket Support
    Email Support
    Phone/Skype Support
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    For more details contact us today at 020 3808 7777.
    Details may need to be discussed. Social is sharing of content we have produced for your blog posts and articles via your existing social media channels.

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    Initial Review and Analysis BACK TO TABLE
    Our first call after deciding on the SEO packages is to review your current website and performance in the search engines. This stage is crucial in identifying not only potential areas for improvement but also areas which are currently working well for you and should be retained.
    No Contract – Monthly / Quarterly Rolling (SEO packages) BACK TO TABLE
    We are totally confident our services are amongst the best in the market. You will not be locked into a long team contract with any of our SEO packages UK. You are opting into monthly SEO packages, or quarterly rolling agreement. Giving you complete flexibility and peace of mind. See our terms for complete details.
    In-depth Site Analysis BACK TO TABLE
    The site analysis will cover visibility issues (page errors, page redirects, robots.txt restrictions & malware), meta issues (short / missing / duplicate titles & descriptions and Google Analytics), content issues (low word count & duplicate content). Link issues (broken links, missing anchor / ALT text in links. etc.), image issues missing title / ALT text and broken images), semantic issues (detecting pages without headers, use of schema.org microdata) on every page of the website.
    Keyword Research BACK TO TABLE
    The most important part of the SEO project. And so we offer this in all SEO packages. We would look at things such as search volume v/s competition. Google trends and money-making relevance to ensure the best combination of keywords are selected for the campaign. Once we know what keywords we are looking for, we will assign each keyword to a landing page on your site, and improve relevancy with the internal page analysis.
    Internal page Analysis BACK TO TABLE
    These are internal Landing pages in addition to the homepage which will be analyzed and made as relevant as possible to the keywords they are assigned to. We will also look at other factors may affect usability and conversion rate.
    Backlink Audit BACK TO TABLE
    The links pointing to your website will be evaluated in terms of their relevance, quality, the anchor text they are carrying to your site, the geographic location that the links are coming from, the landing pages that they are pointing to on your website and the link acquisition & loss / time graph pattern.
    Link Targets per month BACK TO TABLE
    The types of links built will be a mix between necessary directories (local and general), social media links, online communities (within the relevant market), influential bloggers within the industry and other relevant and useful links to gain.
    Monthly Content Creation BACK TO TABLE
    The content per piece will be around 400 words, which will typically be posted on the website’s blog section. Alternatively, the content pieces can be used to write / rewrite landing page content as requested.
    Competitor Research BACK TO TABLE
    This is another benefit we offer with all SEO packages. We will look at your best ranking competitors. and analyze exactly why they have great rankings. What we will consider will be things like their link profile, their social presence, the content present on their site and how it’s presented the technical status of their whole website. how well it works etc. Everything positive and useful picked up from this research will be used on your project in some way (after your approval of implementation).
    SEO packages for Penalty Protection BACK TO TABLE
    Sometimes competitors can be malicious enough to perform black-hat SEO on your website by building masses of bad/spammy links to your site. These links could make Google think that you are purposely breaking their Quality Guidelines. We can act as sentinels against these sorts of links and disavow any spammy / toxic links that come your way. This will help Google understand that you do not want these links to be counted as part of your link profile.

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    What We Do For You

    Our strategy is to provide you with a rounded marketing strategy which is natural and focuses on the performance of your link authority. By combining these elements into a solid SEO strategy we are able to provide you with a campaign which will perform and at the same time protect you from the possibility of a future penalty. This is all essential for providing you with a Search Engine Optimisation strategy for 2016 and beyond. Our SEO packages are designed so that we can work with you on a monthly management basis or on projects where we provide consultancy only. For example, you may want to use our SEO audit services to provide you with a roadmap of changes required to get you started. Or if you have a penalty you may wish to commission us for penalty removal services. You could even customise the SEO packages as per your requirements.
    • Technical SEO Audit of Your Website
    • On-Page SEO Audit for Important Internal Pages
    • Penalty Analysis & Identification
    • Google Reconsideration Request Management
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Quality Back Link Building
    • On-page SEO Audit of Your Homepage
    • Keyword Research
    • Disavow of Potentially Harmful Links
    • Manual Link Removal (quoted separately)
    • Quality Bank Link Identification
    • Copy Writing Advice
    The only difference between our monthly SEO packages option is the amount of time we can allocate. The larger your budget, the more time we could allocate and therefore the faster we can get through the work on your project. Results can also be achieved more quickly. We do still cover all the tasks listed above for all projects. It just takes longer for clients with smaller budgets. We will always prioritise more important tasks to try and get them done earlier in a project.

    Funded startups are a sector we specialise in. If you have recently been funded or are looking for help working out your marketing budget for a pitch then get in touch. Purple Bricks are just one of the many startups our Company has worked with. We can help with your pre-launch strategy, pre and post-launch website optimisation and digital PR.

    Funded Startups and Brand Building

    Enterprise website restructuring and traffic retention strategies are a specialised of our UK-based digital marketing company. Hugo Boss are one of many brands we have consulted over the past 15 years. Company structures change and stakeholders need this reflected within brand strategy. If your internal marketing team needs help ensuring a restructure doesn't lead to catastrophic ranking and traffic loss then get in touch.

    Website Restructuring & Ranking/Traffic Retention

    High impact link acquisition strategy and delivery you can count on from the UK's leading SEO Company In UK. Building a strong link profile or adding to an existing profile can be a resource hungry and tedious task. If your internal team are struggling to build links at scale then get in touch. Our internal team of outreach specialists are able to scale up within 30 days. From outreach to negotiation to content writing and editorial - we can handle as much or as little as you need.

    Outreach, Digital PR & Content Publishing

    Cryptocurrency, finance and banking strategies you can rely on. We understand the need for careful content curation and the intricacies of regulated sectors. Strategies for these sectors can be complicated and areas such as paid ads for cryptocurrency and crypto wallets can extremely difficult to navigate. Our in-house team of SEO experts can guarantee to get your ads live, content published and links built. Contact us if you are struggling.

    Cryptocurrency, Crypto Wallet, Finance and Banking Solutions