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What Is The First-Hand Experience With Topics In Your Content That Are Trending For SEO In 2024

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    By Dev
    September 25, 2023
    ~ 8 minutes to read

    First-Hand Experience With SEO Topics

    Search engine optimisation (SEO) is an ever-evolving field. As we approach 2024, new trends and techniques will emerge that content creators need to understand in order to stay ahead of the curve. In this article, I will share my first-hand experience and insights on the SEO topics and content types that I believe will be trending and effective for driving organic growth in 2024.

    First Hand Experience With SEO Topics

    Focus On Quality Over Quantity Of Content

    In the past, a common SEO strategy was to produce as much content as possible, even if the quality was mediocre. This approach is becoming less and less effective. Search engines are getting smarter and readers expect high-quality, useful information.

    My experience has shown that focusing on creating high-quality, in-depth content on a smaller number of topics works better for SEO in the long run. I’ve seen many examples of sites with just 30-50 excellent, comprehensive articles outranking sites with hundreds of thin, low-value articles.

    Make sure you really understand your topics and can provide valuable insights for your readers. Write longer, 3,000+ word guides that comprehensively cover every aspect of the subject. Do proper keyword research to identify topics and questions people are searching for, and ensure your content answers those queries in depth.

    Long-Form, Expert Content

    Related to quality over quantity, long-form, expert content will be essential for SEO success in 2024. Search engines are prioritising sites that publish lengthy, authoritative content on topics written by industry experts.

    My experience working in competitive niches has proven that well-researched 3,000+ word articles consistently outperform shorter, superficial posts. For my clients, I’ve found success by interviewing subject matter experts and having them share little-known insights, research, and advice to create truly comprehensive guides.

    I recommend choosing your topics carefully and then creating the definitive guide on each one. Include actionable takeaways for readers and structure the content so search engines can easily interpret the topic and subtopics.

    Pay attention to formatting with headings, lists, and images as they improve readability. The time investment required will be well worth the SEO benefits.

    Voice Search Optimisation

    Voice search usage has been growing exponentially across Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa, and more. My experience optimising for voice search has shown this should be a priority in 2024.

    When people search by voice, they use natural language and ask questions. To rank for voice queries, you need to match the tone and words users speak. I’ve had great success optimising pages for voice search by focusing on question-style headlines and content written in a conversational style.

    Make sure to do keyword research based on actual spoken phrases and questions related to your topics. Answer these queries clearly and conversationally in your content. Test voice search regularly to see how your pages rank for relevant questions.

    Optimisation For Featured Snippets

    Earning the featured snippet spot at the top of Google’s search results is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic. My experience performing extensive featured snippet optimisation over the past year has shown huge potential here.

    I’ve used tactics like including FAQ schemas, optimising content to answer users’ questions, and rewriting titles and meta descriptions to match searcher intent. On multiple sites, we were able to increase featured snippet wins by over 100% in just a few months and saw big traffic gains.

    Based on my results, I expect optimising content for featured snippets to be even more important for SEO success in 2024. Make sure to research what questions searchers are asking for each topic and craft your content to provide direct and accurate answers.

    Structure content using bullet points, lists, comparison tables, and other easily scannable formats whenever possible.

    Local SEO Targeting

    Local SEO has always been critical, but my experience has shown that really dialling in your local targeting and optimisation results in huge dividends. In 2024, I expect a local SEO strategy to become absolutely necessary to compete in any niche.

    Some effective tactics I’ve used include optimising pages and content for local keywords and intent, integrating rich local schema markup into sites, generating more localised links from directory citations and review sites, and registering Google My Business profiles for each business location.

    The companies I’ve worked with that take a granular approach to targeting city/region level keywords and optimising every aspect of their SEO for local markets have seen 2-3X higher organic visibility and traffic. For local businesses,

    I highly recommend developing location pages, service pages optimised for each city, and hundreds of hyperlocal keywords.

    Mobile Optimisation

    With mobile accounting for over 50% of web traffic globally, sites need to be completely optimised for mobile devices. My experience has shown that many sites still struggle with this, opening a big SEO opportunity for 2024.

    Beyond just making sites responsive, true mobile optimisation requires assessing site speed on mobile devices and optimising pages to load incredibly fast. It also means tailoring content for easy reading and scanning on smaller screens.

    I’ve seen great results by reducing ad density, adjusting font sizes, and using bullet points, short paragraphs, bolding, and images wisely to improve readability.

    Technical elements like leveraging AMP pages, Structured Data, Apple App Site Association, and mobile redirection can also improve SEO and usability. Sites not optimised for mobile could see rankings suffer in 2024.

    Interactive Content

    Interactive and visual content has been gaining traction in SEO, especially with advancements in JavaScript frameworks. I expect interactive content like calculators, quizzes, assessments, and configurators to become even more important for SEO in 2024.

    They make content more engaging, encourage visitors to stay longer and capture user data. I’ve helped clients implement several interactive tools and seen extremely positive results. One client’s conversion rates on a product finder quiz we created were over 50X higher than their normal blog conversion rate.

    The key is developing truly useful tools that solve problems or help users make decisions related to your offerings. These should align with the searcher’s intent for your topics. Also, interactive elements must be crawlable and indexable for SEO value. With interactivity gaining adoption, I highly recommend incorporating meaningful interactive content as part of your 2024 SEO strategy.

    Customer-Centric, Helpful Content

    While keyword and ranking factors still matter for SEO, Google’s overall algorithmic trend has been toward helpful, customer-centric content. In 2024, creating content that genuinely helps and engages your audience needs to be the top priority.

    That means doing in-depth research into your buyers’ pain points and goals around your topics. Understand what questions they have and provide detailed answers and guidance. Write in a human voice, avoid excessive jargon, and include actionable advice.

    I’ve had great success by interviewing existing customers about their challenges and needs and then crafting content to directly address those issues. This level of helpfulness earns genuine engagement metrics like time on site, lower bounce rates, and social shares that Google weighs heavily. Put your readers’ experience first, not search engines.

    Content Promotion And Amplification

    Simply creating amazing content is not enough anymore. You need an amplification strategy to promote it for increased visibility. This will become even more important in 2024, based on my experience.

    I’ve tested multiple options like HARO sourcing, public relations, influencer marketing, social promotion, paid ads, and more. A balanced combination has proven most effective for increasing quality backlinks, referral traffic, social engagement, and awareness.

    Be strategic with your promotion efforts. Identify which sites, influencers, and networks align best with your content and develop relationships with them. Successful content promotion takes consistency over many months but pays off in the long run with sustained SEO benefits.

    Topic Expansion And Clustering

    Most sites focus their content on just a handful of core topics. My experience has shown huge dividends from expanding your keyword footprint into related topics and subtopics and “clustering” content around strategic themes.

    For example, instead of just targeting “SEO tips”, aim to own a cluster of related keywords around more specific SEO tactics. This makes your site a comprehensive authority on the broader subject.

    I’ve seen sites 2-3X their organic search traffic in under a year using a smart topic expansion and clustering strategy.

    Approach this by brainstorming adjacent subjects, questions, and angles that align with your existing content. Identify logical content gaps to fill so searchers find your site useful for a wider range of intents. Stay laser-focused on topics relevant to your products/services to keep quality high.

    External SEO Data Analysis

    In 2024, relying solely on Google Search Console and Google Analytics data will not be enough for effective SEO. My experience has proven the need to analyse external data sources to gain a more complete performance picture.

    Platforms like SEMrush, Ahrefs, and SimilarWeb provide useful intelligence about competitors’ strategies, keyword gaps, earned links, referral traffic sources, and more. I’ve also found value in tapping online communities for feedback on on-site user experience and reputation.

    Taking time each month to compile and analyse external data gives you valuable context and insights that internal data alone misses. You can discover quick wins and bigger strategic opportunities that Google data won’t reveal. The time investment provides high ROI if data is translated into action.

    Holistic Digital Presence Management

    Customers today often find your brand through channels beyond just your website, like social media, listings, reviews, and citations. A siloed focus on core SEO will be less effective in 2024.

    My experience has proven the value of holistically managing your digital presence across every channel and touchpoint. For one client, we expanded their local SEO efforts to include optimising Google My Business, Apple Maps, Facebook Location Services, listings directories, and sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor. Traffic from these new sources accounted for over 30% of their growth.

    Aside from SEO, pay close attention to your social media channels, site user experience, online reputation, branding, and paid ad presence. Consistency and alignment across every platform where customers engage with your brand drive maximum visibility and conversion.

    SEO Leadership And Advocacy

    Given SEO’s rising strategic importance for business growth, my experience has shown the value of becoming a leader and advocate for SEO within your company in 2024. Position yourself as the driver of SEO strategy and own the results to build influence.

    Educate colleagues on SEO best practices in a helpful, empowering way. Show patience with their learning curve. Develop comprehensive SEO playbooks and resources for your team. Champion smart SEO investment and demonstrate the ROI through data.

    SEO leaders who build partnerships across their company and instil an SEO mindset within other departments outside of marketing are best positioned for transformational impact on their business and career growth. Leading SEO change from within takes persistence, but the long-term payoff makes it well worth the effort.

    Focusing On SEO Basics

    With regular algorithm changes and new techniques emerging, it’s easy to get distracted chasing every new fad. However, my experience has proven that sticking to proven, basic SEO fundamentals often brings the best results and most sustainable gains.

    In 2024, stay disciplined on basics like technical site health, page speed optimisation, quality content creation, meta tag optimisation, link building, and local search optimisation. Keep up with trends and test new tactics, but don’t lose focus on the core elements that comprise a strong SEO foundation.

    Success requires balancing opportunistic testing of innovations with a commitment to excellence on the basics. Sites with a strong technical and content foundation are most agile and able to capitalise on new developments. While the tactics will evolve, SEO fundamentals will remain key.

    Prioritising Core Web Vitals

    One trend that will have a major impact in 2024 is Google’s push for Core Web Vitals optimisation. Page experience metrics like speed, responsiveness, and visual stability are becoming huge ranking factors.

    My experience implementing site-wide Core Web Vitals improvements has shown immediate benefits. On mobiles, sites now load in under 2 seconds, have seamless interactivity, and offer a visually stable experience during scrolling. As a result, Google has confirmed significant improvements in our page experience ranking factor.

    Given this emphasis, optimising for Core Web Vitals needs to be a top priority. Conduct audits to catch performance issues, then address page weight, caching, CDNs, image compression, and Core Web Vitals opportunities across the site. The time investment is well justified based on the positive SEO and user experience impact I’ve observed. 

    Adopting An Agile SEO Mindset

    The final piece of advice based on my experience is to adopt an agile, constantly learning, and iteratively testing mindset around SEO. With Google algorithm updates launched regularly, you can’t afford to remain static.

    Be proactive in running experiments through A/B testing and small controlled rollouts. Monitor the results, then double down on what works and cut what doesn’t. Keep researching emerging topics and techniques. Continually push yourself to learn new skills relevant to SEO.

    The SEO learning curve is never-ending. Maintaining an agile mindset focused on rapid testing and learning will ensure you stay ahead of Google’s algorithm and the latest SEO innovations heading into 2024.


    SEO success in 2024 will require embracing these key trends and approaches I’ve witnessed first-hand based on my experience. Focus on high-quality, helpful content presented in formats optimised for voice search, featured snippets, and mobile users. Promote and amplify your content through smart digital marketing. Expand topically and holistically manage your digital presence across channels. Stay nimble, learn continuously, and always focus on the fundamentals.

    Companies that leverage these insights proactively will gain a distinct competitive advantage. While the SEO landscape will keep evolving, preparing using this blueprint gives you the best chance for sustainable organic growth and visibility. With a strategic, customer-focused approach, your SEO efforts in 2024 are sure to pay dividends.