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What Does Real Estate Digital Marketing Agency Do?

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    By Dev
    January 5, 2024
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    Real Estate Digital Marketing Agency

    The real estate industry has undergone a digital transformation in recent years. With more home buyers starting their search online, digital marketing has become crucial for real estate agents and agencies to connect with potential clients and generate leads. From search engine optimisation to social media marketing, there are various digital strategies and channels that a real estate digital marketing agency leverages to promote properties and agents effectively.

    How To Generate Leads For Real Estate Through Digital Marketing?

    Digital marketing opens up numerous avenues for real estate agents and agencies to reach home buyers, sell properties faster and generate leads. Here are some of the main tactics and strategies a real estate digital marketing agency employs to help generate real estate leads through online platforms:

    Optimising Website For Search Visibility

    Having an optimised website is the foundation of an effective digital marketing strategy. A real estate digital marketing agency will focus on optimising a real estate website for search engine visibility. This includes doing extensive keyword research to identify high-volume, low-competition keywords that homebuyers use to find properties in specific locations.

    The agency then optimises website pages, meta titles, descriptions, headers, image alt texts, etc. to target those keywords. This allows the website to rank higher in search engines for relevant searches, driving more organic traffic. The agency may also recommend a user-friendly site architecture, faster load times, mobile responsiveness, etc. to improve website experience and search visibility.

    Local SEO Strategies

    For real estate companies, rankings and visibility for local searches are extremely important. An agency will implement local SEO best practices such as:

    • Optimising Google My Business listing with complete details, photos, local keywords, etc.
    • Building high-quality local citations and directory listings
    • Encouraging reviews on GMB and third-party sites
    • Adding schema markup for address, contact info, etc.
    • Creating location-specific landing pages with geo-targeted keywords
    • Performing local link-building

    This allows real estate sites to rank for searches by location, driving leads from potential buyers searching for properties in specific neighbourhoods.

    Paid Search Advertising

    Google Ads and other paid search platforms are leveraged to put highly targeted ads in front of motivated homebuyers actively searching for properties online. Based on goals and budgets, the agency crafts a PPC services campaign targeting key phrases homebuyers use across Google Search, Maps, YouTube, display networks, etc.

    Granular targeting options by location, price range, property attributes, buyer intent, etc. allow the agency to deliver ads precisely to homebuyers looking for specific types of properties. This generates a steady stream of high-quality leads.

    Search Retargeting

    Retargeting past website visitors across search and display networks is a proven tactic to reconnect with homebuyers who have already shown an interest. Custom audiences are created to remarket listings and promote new property uploads to these high-intent visitors. Dynamic ads with updated listings are served across Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc. to generate leads from retargeting.

    Social Media Marketing

    Social media marketing through social platforms like Facebook and Instagram is leveraged by agencies to expand reach and exposure. Through an active presence on relevant pages and groups, creative organic posts, paid promotions and lead generation forms, real estate brands can showcase listings, drive traffic, generate leads and build a community of followers.

    Email Marketing

    Building an email subscriber list allows real estate agencies to nurture leads, and send listings, market reports, newsletters, etc. Personalised, segment-specific email campaigns keep the brand top-of-mind until subscribers are ready to transact. The email further enables retargeting across other channels.

    Content Marketing

    Creating informative, interesting and relevant content for different stages of the buyer’s journey helps engage audiences online. Blogs, FAQs, area guides, market reports, video tours, etc. establish thought leadership, improve visibility, and provide leads with valuable information at scale. SEO and social promotion of new content marketing strategies help widen reach and lead generation.

    CRM Integration

    Integration with CRM software centralises lead management and helps track the ROI of digital strategies. Forms on all channels are connected to the CRM to capture lead info. Analytics insights help identify the best lead sources to double down on. Automated workflows nurture and qualify new leads into customers.

    Analytics and Reporting

    Digital analytics across platforms are leveraged to gauge campaign performance, identify bottlenecks, optimise strategies and report ROI. Key metrics like impressions, clicks, leads, costs, conversions, etc. are tracked. Multi-channel attribution provides insights into the customer journey. Data is synthesised into reports and dashboards for optimising campaigns.

    Key Services Offered By A Real Estate Digital Marketing Agency

    To implement these multifaceted digital strategies, a full-service real estate agency partner provides a gamut of services:

    Real Estate Digital Marketing Agency

    Digital Strategy Consulting

    The agency helps formulate an effective digital game plan aligned with the real estate brand’s objectives – whether it is generating more leads, increasing sales or building market share. Competitor analysis, market research, previous performance data, etc. are utilised to devise the right marketing mix across channels.

    Website Design & Development

    An agency can build or revamp real estate websites for better UI/UX, functionality, responsiveness and search visibility. This includes technical website audits, design mockups, development, copywriting etc. They also integrate sites with CRM, email marketing and other martech systems.

    SEO Services

    End-to-end SEO services offer right from audit and competitor research to ongoing optimisation and reporting are provided. On-page and off-page techniques are leveraged to improve organic rankings, traffic and conversions.

    Paid Advertising

    Full management of paid search and social campaigns is handled – right from audience research, creative development, bid management and campaign optimisation to performance analysis. A/B testing uncovers the highest-converting ads and targets.

    Content Marketing

    Relevant and engaging blogs, guides, videos, reports, etc. are created to attract and inform potential buyers online. Content promotion through SEO, social, email and PR expands reach and generates leads.

    Social Media Marketing

    The agency manages social media presence across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. through creative content, community engagement, promotions, lead generation tactics and more.

    Conversion Rate Optimisation

    Optimising on-site elements like forms, CTAs, page layout, content, navigation, speed, trust factors, etc. can improve conversion rates. A/B/n testing identifies opportunities for optimisation.

    Email Marketing

    By building and segmenting subscriber lists, creating campaigns, automating sequences and integrating with CRM, email marketing helps nurture subscribers into clients.

    Reporting & Analytics

    Digital analytics, dashboards and reporting provide in-depth tracking of KPIs and insights to optimise activities. Multi-channel attribution maps customer journeys.

    Lead Management

    Lead capture forms, CRM integration and nurturing workflows help manage and qualify new prospects generated from digital channels more efficiently.

    This breadth of services allows a specialised digital agency to plan and execute comprehensive marketing strategies that tap into various touchpoints across the buyer’s journey. Instead of handling digital activities in silos, an integrated omni-channel approach under one roof amplifies results.

    Why Hire a Real Estate Digital Marketing Agency?

    With digital’s growing impact on real estate success, partnering with a skilled marketing agency provides immense benefits:

    Proven Expertise and Experience

    A seasoned agency brings in-depth expertise across real estate digital marketing – from technical SEO to localised social media strategies. Their experience executing campaigns successfully for clients ensures optimal ROI.

    Expanded Capabilities

    One agency can provide an entire gamut of services – SEO, PPC, web design, social media, email marketing, CRM, analytics etc. In-house teams may lack capability across disciplines.

    Staying Updated

    The fast-evolving digital landscape requires constant learning. Agencies invest heavily in staying updated on new platforms, features, algorithms, techniques, trends etc.

    Resource Optimisation

    Specialised talent and dedicated bandwidth free up internal resources to focus on core operations. Effective collaboration and accountability lead to better results.

    Faster Execution

    With turnkey solutions and streamlined systems, agencies can kickstart and scale campaigns faster. Internal teams often get mired in decision paralysis.

    Objective Strategising

    External perspective lends more objectivity in competitor audits, performance reviews and strategy formulation compared to internal teams.

    Analytics & Reporting

    Agencies have the tools and analysts to track detailed metrics across channels, uncover insights and provide data-driven reports for optimising activities.

    Technology Leverage

    Latest marketing software, automation tools and data integrations can be efficiently leveraged for more productive campaigns. Accessing martech capabilities may be costly for in-house teams.

    Results Orientation

    With specialised skills, technology and experience delivering ROI, agencies are fully equipped to meet tangible marketing and lead generation objectives.

    Risk Mitigation

    Proven methodologies ensure maximum impact with minimal risk of underperformance compared to internal teams learning on the job.


    Real estate agencies can amplify their digital marketing productivity, minimise execution headaches and drive better results by partnering with a skilled marketing agency. The myriad benefits of delegation and collaboration lead to greater success in the digital landscape.