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Doing Business in London

The World’s Premiere International Business Centre

Many people will tell you that no matter what you're looking for, you can certainly find it in London, and with good reason. This space is one of the most travelled to cities in the world, and as a result, new businesses open here every day. It truly is one of the best places to do business.

Diverse Talent Available!

With a population of 8.1 million people, London certainly has access to a lot of talent. What you may not realise, though, is that this is a multi-ethnic city that is redefining diversity. In fact, 41% of the city comes from a minority ethnic background, and that means that you have the unique opportunity to connect with a number of different customers, understand exactly where they’re coming from, and ensure your products and services are tailored to everyone. Diversity, though isn’t the only selling point here. The population in this great city is also highly skilled. Nearly a third of the residents moved here to complete a degree. Moving your business here means a chance to hire young professionals who are eager to use their new skills for the benefit of your business.

Wide Customer Base!

All of that diversity doesn’t just play into the talent you can find to add to your roster. It also means a chance to serve a wide variety of customers. London has a unique spot in the world. Not only can you reach a variety of cultures and communities right here in the city, but you can also reach them outside of the city thanks to the six international airports that are right here, the extensive rail system, and some major ground transportation opportunities. If you want to reach more people and provide goods and services across the U.K. or even across the world, London is the perfect place to be. Easily reach out to the rest of Europe, the Americas, or even Asia from right here.

Support for your Business

Getting a business off the ground or even moving forward can be a long road. Not only do you often need funding until you really get on your feet, but you also often need access to other help and services while you try to make it work. Fortunately, positioning your company in London can mean both.

Government Help

The UK as a whole is a great place to start a business thanks to the number of schemes related to entrepreneurial efforts. Take a look at a few options you’ll have from the government when you start a business in London.

  • Government Backed Start-Up Loans
  • Tax Burden Relief Schemes
  • Capital Allowances
  • Subsidised Broadband

When you really need support, the UK government is ready to step in and make sure you get it in any form.

VC Funding Hub

VC funding is a growing way to make sure your business gets the cash flow it needs, and doing business in London gives you access to plenty of it. The city is packed with opportunities to network and meetup with other entrepreneurs and VC firms.

  • Tech Firms Raised 2.45 billion in VC funding in 2017
  • London Companies Have Received More VC funding Than Any Other European City
  • Early and Late Stage Start-Ups Have Received VC Funding

VC funding is just getting started in this great city, and you have an opportunity to take advantage of it when you start your business here.

to Grow

Worried you might want to expand at some point? You don’t have to worry if you’ve started your business in London. If you’re just getting started, you can take advantage of cheap office space with the thousands of coworking spaces right here in the city. As you grow, it’s important to realise that the availability of affordable workspace is only going to increase as the Mayor is committed to meeting the rising demand in the city and ensuring that it remains economically accessible to start up companies.

Even accommodations for both you and visiting clients are widely available in this city. You’re always going to find a place to live, work, and entertain if you’ve chosen to do business in London. Furthermore, when you’re ready to add locations, the entire world is at your fingertips from this city.

5.9 Million Private Sector Businesses

The number of companies in London is massive. Of those 5.9 companies, 5.82 million of them had less than fifty employees. Whether you’re looking to become a solopreneur or you want something much bigger, London is the place to be.

International Talent

Nearly 39% of all workers in the city of London were born outside of the UK. Workers come from almost everywhere too including France, India, South Africa, and even the United States. If you’re searching for a diverse team, this is the place to be.

Gender Diversity

London’s workforce is far from a boys’ club these days. Instead, just 64% of the workforce is men and 36% of those employed in the city are women. Here, you’ll access talent across the gender divide, ensuring your company is ready for anything.

Low Unemployment

There were more than half a million jobs in the city last year. In fact, the city has dominated the jobs growth market for more than a decade now. You want access to plenty of people who are ready to work, and London can provide you with that.

Vertical Variety

Many different industries are well represented in this city. In fact, financial, professional, and business services are the largest employers, accounting for 75% of the jobs in the city. Other large employment sectors include tech and retail.

Tech Power

London has become something of a tech hub in recent years. The tech sector is the fourth largest employer in the city. This sector boasted a job growth rate of 11% last year, making it a hot commodity in the market. This is the perfect place to find tech talent.

Live Work

With lots of great office space and a commitment to much more, London is a fantastic place to work, but it’s also a wonderful place to live. Here you’ll find history, music, culture, nightlife, and fantastic living spaces at almost every single turn. London also offers you the opportunity to travel when you’re not busy focusing on your company. You can be in Paris in just two hours, and other destinations on the continent or even within the UK are just a train ride or a quick flight away. When you need to get out of the city, you can do so quickly. When you just want to explore, the city itself has so much to offer.

If you’ve never been to the city, imagine a space filled with more parks, bars, sports arenas, museums, and other attractions than you can imagine. If you’ve built that picture in your head, you are seeing London as it is. No matter what  your passion might be, this city can certainly offer you fast access to it. Wages are high throughout the city, and thanks to the wide diversity of people, you’ll find neighbourhoods that offer you absolutely everything you can imagine. Whether you want a fashionable space or one devoted to corporate life, you’re going to find it right here, and you’re going to find perfect living accommodations that will fit your lifestyle and your needs while you’re in the city.

New Ideas

There is no greater place than London to start a business. If you’re entertaining new ideas of how to build the business you’ve always dreamed about, London is exactly the place you want to do it. With great access to help, employees, and investment funding, as well as lots of things to do and places to live, you simply can’t go wrong with commitment your new business venture to London.

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