Case Study

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The Mission

Purolite is a globally-active company focused solely on advancing resin-based separation, purification and extraction technologies. Purolite approached us for help with their website’s traffic and visibility on Google.

What We Did

It was evident to perceive what the explanation was behind their natural traffic hindrance: A blend of pages that were not as applicable to their assigned keywords as they could have been. Likewise, the site appeared to be inadequate in some significant components expected to let Google know about the correct places, and disclose to Google which pages are a higher priority than the others. A couple of changes later, we got enough highlights and changes in there to make things spot on in getting a truly fair transformation rate and a much lower bounce rate.



Organic traffic increased by


Bounce rate decreased by

15% +

Keyword rankings improved by

35% +

Average length per visit increased by

40 seconds

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