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How To Use Google Bard (Gbard) To Boost SEO Performance

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    By Dev
    November 17, 2023
    ~ 5 minutes to read

    How To Use Google Bard (Gbard) To Boost SEO Performance

    Google recently unveiled its conversational AI chatbot called Bard. This new AI tool has the potential to be a game-changer for SEO professionals. While Bard is still in the early testing stages, early demos suggest it can generate high-quality content very quickly. This makes it an exciting new tool for creating SEO content and optimising web pages. Here are some ways SEO professionals can leverage Bard to improve website rankings:

    Use Bard To Research Keywords And Topics

    One of the first steps in any SEO campaign is researching keywords and topics that are relevant to your business. This allows you to create content that matches user intent for those keywords. 

    Traditionally, keyword research is a manual and time-consuming process. With Bard, you can simply describe your business and ask for keyword suggestions related to your products or services. Bard can quickly generate a list of keyword ideas along with monthly search volume estimates. This provides a huge time-saving compared to manual keyword research.

    For example, you can ask Bard: “Can you suggest some keywords and search volumes related to my business of selling shoes online?” Bard can return a list of shoe-related keywords along with monthly search volumes, saving you hours of manual keyword research.

    Generate SEO-Optimised Content With Bard

    One of the most time-consuming parts of SEO is creating well-optimised content for your website. This includes on-page content like blog posts and product descriptions as well as off-page content like guest posts.

    Bard excels at generating natural language content quickly. To create SEO content with Bard, provide it with your target keywords and any guidelines about length, tone or topics to cover. For example, “Please write a 1000-word blog post about the keyword phrase ‘minimalist running shoes'”.

    Bard will generate a unique blog post optimised for that keyword, saving you hours of content creation time. You can then edit or add to the content as needed. Repeating this process allows you to quickly build an SEO content library.

    Use Bard For Competitor And Industry Analysis

    Monitoring what your competitors are doing is critical for effective SEO. Bard provides an easy way to research competitor websites and stay updated on industry trends.

    Simply ask Bard to analyse a competitor’s website or blog. Bard can summarise what topics they are covering, identify their most linked-to pages, highlight sources of backlinks and more. This allows you to find content gaps you can fill or identify new link-building opportunities.

    For industry analysis, you can ask Bard for the latest trends, technologies or developments related to your niche. It can scan news sites and industry publications to deliver a tailored briefing to help inform your SEO strategy.

    Generate New Page Titles And Meta Description Ideas

    Creating SEO-optimised page titles and meta descriptions is key to improving click-through rates (CTR) from search engines. However, constantly generating new ideas for titles and descriptions can be tedious and time-consuming.

    Bard can suggest new titles and meta description ideas for your existing pages optimised for your target keywords. Give it your current page title and ask Bard to “Provide 10 variations of the page title optimised for the keyword ‘running shoes for flat feet'”.

    Bard will quickly generate multiple new title ideas that are optimised for your keywords. You can also ask it to write fresh meta descriptions for each page. This allows you to A/B test new titles and descriptions to boost CTR.

    How To Use Google Bard (Gbard) To Boost SEO

    Identify Link-Building Opportunities

    One of the most effective ways to improve rankings is through high-quality backlinks from authority sites. However, finding good link-building opportunities can be challenging.

    Bard can help identify relevant sites and pages to reach out to for backlinks. For example, provide Bard a list of your top keywords and ask it to “Find 10 relevant blogs, news sites and directories I can pitch guest posts to for these keywords.”

    Bard will return a custom list of link-building targets along with some pitch angle ideas tailored to each site. This allows you to more efficiently conduct outreach and land placements that earn high-value backlinks.

    Summarise Long-Form Content For Social Media

    Long-form blog posts and guides are great for SEO but can be difficult to repurpose on social media.

    Bard can review your long posts and generate short summaries optimised for social media. For example, you can provide Bard with your latest 1,000-word blog post and ask for a “250-character summary focusing on the key takeaways”.

    Bard will return a short social media-friendly description of your content highlighting the main points. This allows your social posts to drive more traffic back to your newly optimised content.

    Translate Content For International SEO

    Expanding your website into other countries and languages is an impactful SEO growth strategy. However, high-quality translation is expensive.

    Bard provides a cost-effective way to adapt your existing content for international SEO. Provide Bard with an English blog post and ask it to “Translate this post to Spanish, optimising it for the keyword ‘zapatos de running'”.

    Bard will return a translated version of the post optimised for the target keyword in Spanish. While the translations may require some human review, this can significantly speed up the translation process.

    Brainstorm Creative Link Bait Ideas

    Creating compelling link-bait content like guides, tools and quizzes can attract high-quality backlinks and social shares. However, dreaming up new link-bait ideas can be difficult.

    Bard can help brainstorm creative linkbait content ideas tailored to your business. For example, tell Bard about your business and ask for “10 link bait content ideas that would appeal to my target audience”.

    Review the list Bard generates and identify any ideas that spark your interest. Bard can help unlock new creative directions to explore for link bait content that drives links and engagement.

    Audit Website For SEO Improvements

    It’s good practice to regularly audit your website to identify any issues hurting your SEO. However, comprehensively reviewing all website elements is time-consuming.

    Bard can carry out a detailed SEO audit of your website when provided with the URL. Ask it to “Perform a technical SEO audit of my site and summarise the biggest issues to fix.”

    Bard will crawl your site, and review elements like page speed, metadata, indexing issues and more. It will deliver a summary of the biggest problems along with recommendations to improve technical SEO. This allows you to efficiently optimise issues and maintain rankings.

    Generate SEO-Focused FAQ Pages

    FAQ pages help answer potential customer questions while also ranking for valuable long-tail keywords. However, manually coming up with lots of quality questions and answers is challenging.

    Bard can quickly generate optimised FAQ content tailored to your business. For example, tell Bard about your products and services then ask it to “Write a FAQ page with 25 common customer questions and detailed answers about our offerings.”

    Review Bard’s draft and finalise the FAQ content. Adding FAQ pages created by Bard can be an easy win for long-tail traffic.

    Summarise The Voice Search Landscape

    Voice search usage is growing rapidly, but optimising for voice can be confusing. Ask Bard to “Summarise the current state of voice search and how people are using smart speakers like Alexa.”

    Bard can provide a detailed briefing about voice search based on the latest trends and data. This includes information like:

    • Adoption rates for smart speakers and voice assistants
    • Most popular use cases and queries for voice search
    • Optimising content for long-tail conversational queries
    • Ranking approaches for voice search

    These insights can help inform your voice search optimisation strategy.


    Google Bard provides exciting new opportunities for SEO professionals to work smarter and scale their efforts. With Bard’s ability to generate optimised content, research topics, identify link-building opportunities and more, it can significantly boost productivity for SEO tasks.

    However, it is still important to apply human oversight to any Bard outputs to ensure quality and accuracy. View Bard as an AI assistant that can handle repetitive SEO tasks, freeing you up for more strategic work.

    By combining Bard’s AI capabilities with human guidance, SEO professionals can scale their efforts and more effectively boost websites’ search visibility and traffic. The rapid advances in AI will open up even more possibilities in the future. So get hands-on experience with Bard for SEO now to get ahead of the curve.