Javascript SEO

Speaking the Langauge with JavaScript SEO optimisation

Javascript is a complex language, but it is one that enables you to integrate sophisticated features into your website to improve functionality, interactivity, and user experience. Javascript SEO is the art and science of making Javascript-laden sites easier to crawl and index. The goal is to be search engine-friendly and improve the rankings of your website. Our tailored SEO services enable you to fully capture the power of this important language and harness all of its capability.

Get Google Friendly

You create content for your audience...but you optimise it for search engines. Google is designed to crawl and index HTML and CSS; it doesn’t speak the Javascript language as fluently. We translate for you, ensuring Google can accurately assess your website - and reward it with rank with the help of our efficient JavaScript SEO services.

Enhance Your Visibility

Ending up on page 2 of the search engine results pages is like being on the dark side of the moon. Few people will find you, even if you are the most relevant site for their needs. Javascript SEO positions you to achieve greater visibility.

Javascript Challenges? Overcome and Dominate

Do you want to display fresh content updates? Integrate 2D and 3D graphics? Offer an interactive map, games, or even a menu to make navigation easier and more seamless? This is Javascript’s job. Anytime that a page does more than just sit there, static, it is Javascript that is powering these interactive features. These are essential in creating a great user experience. But it is not without challenges. That is why we are here to help you with all your optimisation needs with our JavaScript SEO services.

The Challenges

We get it: you need Javascript functionality to give your users the best experience. But you run into issues with:

  • Slow Indexing: it can take days, or longer, for Google to crawl and index Javascript-heavy sites.
  • Incomplete Indexing: sometimes the search engine skips these sites altogether.
  • Lower-ranking: as a result, your site may not rank as highly as it should give its relevance and authority.
  • Lower visibility, traffic, and, ultimately, conversions. If people can’t find you, they can’t complete calls to action.

These challenges are not insurmountable.

The Solutions

Reposition speaks the language and ensures your brand has the ranking, visibility, traffic, and authority it needs to succeed:

  • We make sure your website is Javascript SEO-friendly
  • We handle server-side and client-side rendering to ensure search engines can crawl and index accurately
  • Our team implements Javascript best practices in terms of JavaScript SEO. This includes indexable URLs, descriptive metadata, 5-second timeouts, loading speed, etc.
  • With Reposition on your side, you can offer exceptional functionality that is also searching engine-friendly.

Ready for a site that wows with your audience and catches Google’s eye? We thought so.

The Reposition

As sophisticated as Google and other search engines are – and as fast as they evolve – they are still designed to deal with HTML and CSS languages. The help of JavaScript SEO can throw a wrench into the works in terms of rendering, crawling, and indexing, and this can put you at a disadvantage.

You need to attain high rankings in the search engine results pages. You need your target audience to find you easily. You need your site to compel them to action. You need Reposition’s customised, comprehensive, and effective Javascript SEO services.


Top Javascript Frameworks

We work with a number of top Javascript frameworks, including Angular, React, Vue.js, and more, and have a record of success in enhancing results with the help of result-driven advanced JavaScript SEO services.

More Reliable Indexing

On average, Google does not index 25% of Javascript content. Our goal: 100% of your content will be indexed. This can be only possible with our JavaScript SEO Services.

Faster Indexings

It can take days or weeks longer to crawl, render, and index Javascript-heavy sites. Let’s speed up the process.

Accelerated Results

SEO is always a long-term initiative, and results take time. That said, we cut out every speed bump possible to ensure you realize results faster.

Beyond Off the Shelf

Off-the-shelf products can be hit-or-miss. You can’t afford anything but solid, effective Javascript SEO solutions. We deliver them.

Complex Functionality

Don’t sacrifice functionality for performance. You can have it all; RePosition will show you how.

Functionality and Performance

Javascript is the difference between a site that is static and one that is dynamic, interactive, and engaging. You do not want to sacrifice elements like maps, menus, graphics, and video in order to be indexed by Google. After all, what good is a site that ranks fairly well but does not grab the attention of your audience or drive them to complete calls to action, build a relationship with your brand, or take the next steps along the buyer’s journey?

You do not have to compromise. Advanced Javascript SEO is the key to functionality and performance. When your site is properly optimised by Reposition’s experts, your Javascript content will be easy for search engines to crawl and index. It will also be welcoming, engaging, and able to provide value to your visitors. It’s a win-win that will impact your brand’s visibility and bottom line.

The Results
You Need

A compelling, rich, interactive website is not enough. It needs to also integrate search engine-friendly strategies to ensure you gain the visibility you must have to compete – and succeed – in a crowded market. Stand apart. Learn how Reposition’s Javascript SEO services can help you get the competitive edge that will take your brand to new levels.


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Javascript Website SEO - Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does JavaScript Matter for SEO?

JavaScript SEO optimisation gives you a bit of flexibility about what content needs to be shown and load immediately.

When Does JavaScript hurt SEO?

There are many ways to implement JavaScript, but knowing how it works is key. Implement it poorly, and a search engine bot can’t execute it with the same functions.

How to Fix the JavaScript problems if its Hurts SEO?

If javascript is hurting your SEO, your developer can fix it by first defining the requirements, then making key decisions about your content. Once those decisions are made, they can be implemented and validated.