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    SEO-driven content architecture is a strategic approach that aligns content creation with search engine optimisation (SEO) best practices. It involves meticulously crafting, organising, and structuring website content to optimise it for both search engine visibility a...

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    What Services Are Included In Reposition’s SEO Management?

    Today, SEO services are an essential part of any business’s marketing strategy. When it comes to online marketing, optimisation is considered to be one of the most important strategies for helping your business succeed. Using SEO to promote your business will make it more visible in a short period. As a result, you will be able to generate more traffic to your website and convert more leads.

    Multiple SEO services enhance a website’s performance. The combined use of these services helps sites achieve high rankings on Google.

    Reposition uses the following SEO strategies to optimise websites.

    SEO Services

    Website Analysis

    The Reposition audit team conducts a full website analysis at the outset of a project to identify areas where improvement is needed. Performing a thorough audit of the client’s website allows us to understand which SEO strategies need to be implemented.

    Identifying both minor and major issues with the website is the first step in the process.

    Keyword Research

    Keywords are the base of SEO services. Keywords with high volume need to be targeted to get visibility, so keyword research plays a crucial role in SEO success. Targeting the wrong keywords can lead to disaster.

    To develop a keyword list, we work to understand our customers’ target market and the search queries that their market share might use. It’s not just about the right words, though, but those search queries with the highest search volume, too. This level of keyword research will help you make sure that your web content matches the search terms your customers might use.

    When the right set of keywords is targeted, organic traffic increases. We make sure that the content on the website is optimised with the targeted keywords.

    Competitor Analysis – A Vital Part Of Our SEO Services

    The competitive analysis involves in-depth research into potential competitors or current competitors’ strategies. This will help to set the competitive benchmark that your website needs to match to gain top positions on Google search results.

    Moreover, the analysis helps everyone understand the strengths and weaknesses of the website as part of an SEO strategy. Analysing your competitors’ websites can provide insight into how the customers perceive yours.

    By performing competitor analysis regularly, one can gain a better understanding of what is presently trending in the market for a particular industry. According to this report, your website must be updated regularly to rank on the latest search engine results.

    Content Creation And Optimisation

    The quality of your business’ content is crucial to its visibility. Having strong content is crucial to ensure you rank higher than your competitors. An SEO campaign cannot be effective without content.

    Content is created based on keyword research, and good content with your industry keywords will help you achieve your goals. There are many different types of content you can provide, including guides, blogs, infographics, and product and service pages.

    For the targeted keywords to have the best chance of ranking, the existing website content must be optimised to match the competition.

    Meta Tags Optimisation

    Meta tags are data that describe the webpage content to the search engines. Among the important meta tags are the meta titles and the meta descriptions. When a search query is entered into the search engine, these titles and descriptions are visible on SERPs.

    These are very important to gain organic rankings for your website or webpage.

    The title and description should contain the targeted keyword. The length of the meta title should be between 50 and 57 characters or a maximum of 554 pixels. Additional pixels are shortened by Google. The length of the meta description should be between 150 and 156 characters or 1005 pixels.

    Internal Linking

    The term “internal link” refers to a link that connects one webpage to another on the same website. With the help of these links, the search engines and the users, navigate through the website to find the desired content or page.

    Internal links may be in the form of footer links, image links, contextual links or navigational links. Additionally, internal links assist Google in crawling the website.

    With internal links, powerful connections pass from one page to another. If a high-ranking page is interlinked with a low-ranking one, link authority can be passed from one to the other, helping the lower page to improve its ranking.

    Schema Markup And Implementation As A Part of SEO services

    Search engines understand the content on the website page using a particular language (semantic vocabulary/code) called structured data. This is schema markup. The purpose of this is to assist search engines in identifying and categorising the content of a web page.

    Search engines cannot read content directly, just like humans. Schema markup is therefore required. They need help identifying and classifying the content. Search engines will be able to understand the meaning of the contents when schema markup is implemented.

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    Robots.txt Creation / Optimisation

    From an SEO perspective, a robots.txt file is essential. It guides the search engine, helping it know what to avoid while crawling the website. A robots.txt file is even necessary if you do not wish to exclude anything from search engine results. There are several predefined values in the robots.txt file that make up the file’s simple structure.

    Sitemap Creation / Optimisation

    Each website has a sitemap that includes all of its pages. A sitemap assists search engines in finding, indexing, and crawling the website’s content. It facilitates the finding and indexing of new websites and updated pages much more efficiently.

    Sitemaps can be classified into four types: normal sitemaps, image sitemaps, video sitemaps and news sitemaps.

    Google Analytics Set up / Conversion Tracking

    Google Analytics (GA) is the platform where a website’s data is collected. For this to happen, we need to set up an account with GA.

    The platform provides data like the website traffic, the channels that the traffic comes from, the leads converted, the device which is bringing in all the traffic like mobile or desktop, and much more. 

    There are around 200 metrics that can be measured using GA, and all of those are essential. Metrics like users, sessions, bounce rate, session duration, goal completions, page views, and conversions can all be measured with this platform.

    Google Search Console Set up / Conversion Tracking

    The Google Search Console (or GSC) is a free service offered by Google for monitoring, managing, and repairing your site’s presence in Google Search results. GSC can assist you in evaluating and improving your website’s search engine ranking.

    To evaluate the performance of your website, you need to set up GSC. Once done, you can keep an eye on and monitor your website data. To measure the performance levels of a website, the GSC insights.

    GSC also helps in listing out the website errors if there are any, and this error report can be used to fix the errors on the website.

    Creating Tags In Google Tag Manager

    Tracking activities across websites is made easier with Google Tag Manager (GTM). To be able to track the traffic, conversions, goals and other data on GA, we need to create tags using GTM.

    GTM acts as a mediator between the website and GA. GTM sends the data from the website to GA, and then GA collects and stores the data that is transferred.

    Link Building

    The process of linking your website to other websites is called link building. The goal is to ensure other websites with high domain authority help your website. This task is not easy as it sounds though.

    To gain the benefits of linking, your website needs backlinks from quality websites. When Google crawls a website or a webpage, high-quality inbound links play an important role.

    Business Citations

    Citations are the online reference to your business with your business name, address, phone number and other business information.

    Citations help your business to be present on different platforms, from where users can search for your business industry. The purpose of building citations is to ensure that search engines and users are fully informed about your business.

    SEO Activity Reports

    The SEO activities performed by Reposition are reported every month, and each month, we produce activity reports so you better understand what’s happening with your site. Each report provides a comparison between the current position of the website and its previous position.

    What Should You Look For When Choosing the Best SEO Services Agency?

    Choosing an SEO services provider should be based on the objectives that your business wishes to achieve. It is important to choose an SEO service provider that can meet your goals and can help you achieve your desired results. Here are a few qualities to consider as you search for the right team to meet your needs:

    • More than 10 years of industry experience.
    • Effective communication strategies.
    • The ability to understand your business and business goals.
    • Good customer reviews.
    • Documented case studies.

    It’s important to note that you should never choose a team that guarantees results. SEO simply doesn’t work that way. No team can guarantee results. Results come naturally over time. 

    Why Does Your Business Need Help From SEO Services Providers?

    There are many strategies that, when used together, make up the services SEO companies provide. For these strategies to be implemented quickly, they require expertise and professional hands. This is where SEO services firms can help.

    When you try to optimise your website without adequate knowledge, it’s tough to achieve your goals. It can sometimes result in disaster for your site. To avoid such situations, seek the assistance of a professional SEO services provider.

    How Reposition SEO Services Can Help Your Business Thrive?

    When it comes to finding an SEO services provider with more than 15 years of experience, Reposition can help. We’ve worked with more than 800 clients.

    Our experience allows us to understand the needs of our clients more effectively than other firms. Depending on the nature of your business, we can determine which strategies would be most effective. Initially, we identify each client’s business goals, and then we tailor our SEO strategies to meet those goals.

    Contact Reposition for more details on how our SEO services can help you achieve your targets more effectively and efficiently.

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    How Do You Update Clients On SEO Performance?

    We follow the best practices in the industry to ensure our clients get regular updates on SEO campaigns month after month. With error-free month-end reports that include analytics insights, it’s a great way to learn more about what’s working and what isn’t.

    How Much Does The SEO Cost?

    Check our affordable SEO packages to suit your budget.

    What Are The Best Keywords To Optimise A Website?

    At Reposition, our strategy is designed to match your company with the best keywords for your vertical. We provide you with an in-depth questionnaire that helps us learn more about your business and services. Once that’s complete, we’ll do a full audit and detailed keyword research so we can prioritise the right search terms for your website. We’ll send it your way for approval, and based on your response, we will create a keyword strategy that will help drive traffic and revenue.