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    Magento is the framework behind many of the world’s online stores, shops, and services. The world’s largest ecommerce platform says we built Magento “so you can build your business.” As a leading Magento Agency, Reposition ensures that you maximise the power and potential of the platform in order to elevate your business to new heights of prominence, profitability, and success.

    Magento SEO

    Reposition boosts your site’s visibility by fully maximising the features and functionality of Magento. Our thorough knowledge of the platform enables us to work effectively to optimise both on-site and off-page to promote your site and business.

    Magento Websites

    Whether you need to build a Magento website to launch or relaunch your eCommerce offerings or enhance the management and performance of your existing platform, we are here every step of the way.

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    £1000 / month

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      50 Keyphrases
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      10 Pages Optimised
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      4 Blogs, Content Assets, or Outreach Links per month.
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      5 Local Business Directory/Citations
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    £1500 / month

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      75 Keyphrases
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      15 Pages Optimised
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      6 Blogs, Content Assets, or Outreach Links per month.
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      8 Local Business Directory/Citations
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    £3000 / month

    • check
      150 Keyphrases
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      30 Pages Optimised
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      12 Blogs, Content Assets, or Outreach Links per month.
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      12 Local Business Directory/Citations

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    Boost Your Business With Magento SEO

    Choosing the right Ecommerce platform is one of the most critical decisions a business can make, and there’s a reason why Magento rises to the top again and again. That said, with any solution – even the best! – there are always challenges with implementation, management, and optimisation for maximum results. This is where Reposition comes in.

    Magento’s Magic

    When your business relies on Ecommerce, Magento stands out as a powerful solution. It delivers:

    Ready to realise the benefits of Magento SEO? Let’s get to work.

    Seize the Opportunity

    Working with an experienced Magento agency empowers your brand to offer an exceptional user experience for your audience and realise the many benefits of this robust platform. You will:

    And we will be there at every step of the way.

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    Funded startups are a sector we specialise in. If you have recently been funded or are looking for help working out your marketing budget for a pitch then get in touch. Purple Bricks are just one of the many startups our SEO Company has worked with. We can help with your pre-launch strategy, pre and post-launch website optimisation and digital PR.

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    What Is Magento SEO?

    Magento is one of the most popular Ecommerce platforms, powering over 250,000 online stores. Its flexibility and robust feature set make it a top choice for brands selling online. However, with great flexibility comes complexity – leading many merchants to seek out services for Magento SEO and agencies to improve organic visibility.

    Magento search engine optimisation refers to technical and content optimisations made across Magento stores to maximise organic search visibility and traffic. It includes enhancements like:

    • Fast page speeds and mobility
    • Clean URL structures
    • Keyword targeting
    • Schema markup
    • Link building

    Well-executed optimisation strategies for Magento earn brands more qualified visitors that convert at higher rates. It also reduces paid advertising costs substantially over time as organic ranks improve.

    However, complex platforms like Magento introduce unique optimisation challenges that require advanced expertise to overcome through customised optimisation strategies.

    In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything brands need to know about optimising SEO for Magento.

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    Let Us First Understand What Is Magento Used For

    Magento is an open-source Ecommerce platform written on PHP capable of powering everything from small stores to large enterprises selling millions of products online.

    Here are some of the key things Magento excels at:

    Flexible theming and customisation – Store owners can deeply customise site design and functionality using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript without restrictive limits common on SaaS platforms.

    Scalability – Magento utilises enterprise-grade technology that can scale transaction volume from thousands to millions while supporting catalogue sizes ranging from a hundred to millions of SKUs.

    Multiple sites, stores, and brands – Merchants can run multiple online stores across different brands, geographies and currencies all from a single Magento instance.

    B2B functionality – Magento goes beyond just B2C with robust B2B features like quotes, shared catalogues, tiered pricing and approval workflows.

    Third-party integrations – Hundreds of integrations with solutions for payments, shipping, tax, personalisation, automation and more enable comprehensive commerce capabilities.

    Analytics – Deep analytics help connect customer intelligence with metrics on marketing channels, manufacturer performance, merchandising and supply chain.

    Now that we’ve covered capabilities, let’s move on to discuss Magento optimisation specifically.

    What Does It Take To Make Your Magento Store Rank Well?

    There are five core areas to focus on optimising for achieving high search engine rankings with Magento commerce sites:

    Technical optimisation

    Ensuring a technically sound platform forms the base, including speed, uptime, security and indexation.

    Information Architecture

    Products and pages must be easy for both search bots and shoppers to crawl, index and discover.

    Keyword Targeting

    Identify and optimise pages for buyer keyword algorithms match searches to.

    Unique Quality Content

    Create useful content that answers consumer questions better than competitors.

    Trust Signals

    Improve authority through links, brand signals, reviews and thought leadership.

    Now let’s do a deeper dive into some specifics under the technical optimisation pillar:

    A Magento SEO Checklist For A Strong Technical Foundation

    Magento’s architecture introduces unique SEO considerations around templating, caching, indexing and URL mechanics.

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    Here are key technical areas to optimise:


    • Ensure product and content indexes rebuild successfully without Failure Errors.
    • Review category count report in Magento admin for gaps.
    • Use Google Search Console and XML Sitemaps to confirm pages indexed.

    Page Speed

    • Configure caches and full-page caching for server-level speed gains using tools like Varnish.
    • Minify CSS/JS, compress images and defer non-critical resources.
    • Shift heavy modules to Content Delivery Networks (CDN). Reduce redirects.


    • Avoid duplicating templates across storefront pages leading to crawl budget issues.
    • Consolidate templates to limit redundant pages indexed.
    • Update template title tags and metadata for better click-through rates.

    Rich Snippets

    • Add Product schema, Breadcrumbs, Site Links, Review and FAQ markups for better on-page SEO.
    • Claim Google Knowledge panel using corporate schema markup.

    URL Structures

    • Maintain clean URL conventions, limit parameters, underscores and long URLs that hurt user (and bot) experience.
    • Ensure canonical URLs point to the correct primary pages.
    • Set a preferred domain in Google Search Console.

    While technical optimisation establishes the platform for success, there remain four other core components to integrate for complete end-to-end organic growth.

    Best Practices For Optimising Magento Websites

    Beyond the initial setup of technical optimisation, merchants need to focus on evolving optimisation across content, links and authority signals over time. Core components include:

    Keyword Expansion

    Expand keywords targeted across:

    • Category product modifiers
    • Comparison variations
    • Geographic variations
    • FAQs and educational complexes

    Link Building

    Earn high authority editorial links through:

    • Industry contributor articles
    • Resource page link outs
    • Targeted business directory listings


    Optimise for languages and local search demand:

    • Translate content
    • Adapt currencies + units
    • Enable cross-border commerce

    Social Integration

    Activate advocates and elevate engagement:

    • Foster reviews and visual UGC
    • Sync product catalogues for discovery
    • Retarget engaged visitors

    Ongoing efforts across pillars like content, links and social integration compound rankings momentum over time. However, one missing link can hinder the chain’s integrity.

    Next, we’ll address an important part of long-term scalability – choosing the right search partner.

    Selecting The Best Company For Magento SEO?

    Not all search engine optimisation agencies possess deep expertise across the nuances of optimising complex Magento builds at the enterprise scale.

    Here are key criteria to evaluate potential Magento optimisation partners:

    Magento Certified Specialists – Ideally agency staff include certified Magento developers and frontend experts who understand the intricacies of technical setup, templating and customisations.

    Commerce Experts – Preferably have proven success optimising other commerce platforms to apply cross-functional learnings towards Magento stores specifically.

    Technical Audits – Capability to conduct detailed technical health checks providing actionable recommendations to fix fundamentals.

    Link Building Results – Demonstrable examples of securing placements on reputable publisher and industry websites to enhance trust signals.

    Analytics Rigour – Showcases leveraging data visualisation and reporting tools to extract actionable insights tied to strategy.

    Assessing candidates thoroughly on these aspects ensures the best-fit partner unleashes organic potential for your Magento implementation.

    Now that we’ve covered considered SEO excellence at large, let’s examine specifics around the Magento 2 edition.

    Best SEO Performance Out Of Magento 2

    Magento 2 introduced substantial architecture improvements that merchants can better optimise for search visibility gains.

    Here are some key features to focus on:

    What’s new in Magento 2

    Speed – Full page caching, bundled JavaScript, CSS and image optimisations out of the box speed up page loads by 50%+ over Magento 1. Faster sites lead to higher SEO rankings.

    Enhanced Admin – The admin panel includes new SEO tools like maintaining a hierarchy of page titles across sections as well as previewing SERP snippets. This helps visualise optimisation opportunities.

    REST APIs – Deeper integration capability via CRUD APIs helps fetch catalogue data making it easier for developers to build custom frontend experiences or syndicate products across channels.

    Progressive Web Apps – Offline browsing support allows stores to function without connectivity – helping ensure shoppers don’t abandon carts. Service worker APIs also enable re-engagement retargeting.

    Scalability – The upgraded architecture scales seamlessly to support heavy loads for enterprise merchants selling millions of products. Inventory syncing ensures consistent stock data.

    Enriched Insights – Inbuilt business intelligence dashboards centralise 200+ out-of-the-box reports on customer analytics, marketing campaign performance as well as merchandising and ordering metrics for data-driven decisions.

    How To Get The Best SEO Performance Out Of Magento 2?

    To extract the most SEO value from Magento 2 specifically, brands should tailor optimisation around:

    Technical Upgrades

    Take advantage of built-in progressive web enhancements and leverage API flexibility for custom experiences targeting buyer keywords.

    Marketplace Integrations

    Sync and expose products across channels like social commerce and Amazon through connectors for magnified visibility.

    Video + Visual Commerce

    Weave in shoppable video and user-generated content to drive better dwell time signals.

    Craft personalised searches, recommendations and promotions utilising native segmentation and analytics capabilities.

    Headless Commerce

    Separate the frontend presentation layer for better performance and flexibility in theming while retaining Magento’s backend infrastructure.

    Voice Search

    Optimise site content to rank better for voice-assisted platforms through conversational style long-form FAQs, guides and tutorials.

    Integrating Emerging Technologies

    Utilise innovations in visualisation, 3D model configurators and augmented reality when applicable to attract high-funnel traffic earlier in their journey.

    Staying ahead of search algorithm shifts and browser tech advances futureproofs enterprise stores relying on Magento for the long term Maintaining an optimisation roadmap to continually activate innovations sustains market leadership.

    Why Hire A Magento SEO Agency?

    As we’ve covered, properly optimising search visibility for custom Magento implementations requires sharp technical aptitude, analytical expertise, creative content production and strategic oversight.

    Attempting to do the SEO yourself for complex Magento builds often ends up doing more harm than good for Ecommerce merchants.

    While platforms like Shopify have intuitive built-in SEO capabilities, optimising search visibility on open-source Magento requires much deeper technical knowledge and strategic oversight.

    Without a firm grasp of intricacies around templating structure, URL mechanics and full-page caching configurations, it’s easy for non-experts to inadvertently create more crawling and indexing issues which penalise rankings further.

    Even fundamentals like optimising title tags and meta descriptions across thousands of product pages can quickly scale beyond the abilities of time-strapped business owners trying to balance daily operations.

    And while there is no shortage of piecemeal contractors offering low-budget link building or content production, lack of alignment across technical, on-page and off-page factors risks wasted spend unable to move the needles that matter.

    At best, fragmented DIY efforts deliver disappointing returns unable to scale search traffic. At worst, over-optimisation damages store authority.

    For merchants focused on running day-to-day store operations, partnering with a trusted Magento-savvy digital agency unlocks more bandwidth to fuel growth.

    How Reposition Can Help With Magento SEO?

    Our team at Reposition brings together experienced Magento experts, developer talent and digital marketers who have unlocked organic growth for complex commerce platforms.

    We conduct in-depth audits identifying high-potential yet untapped opportunities to diagnose and systematically enhance search visibility across channels.

    By leveraging insights from analytics, search intelligence and customer research, our consultants methodically execute strategic solutions spanning technical enhancements, content production, rich result enhancements and link-building campaigns tailored to your industry’s buyers and keywords.

    As a data-driven agency, we continuously optimise ongoing campaigns against key benchmarks for success as well as stay on the pulse with innovations from Magento and search engines.

    Want to gain an SEO edge by leveraging everything Magento offers? Let’s explore how tailored search solutions from Reposition can transform organic channel growth at scale.

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    Is It Possible To Improve SEO For Magento Websites?

    Even Magento sites can improve their SEO.  We work not only to create optimised content but also to create optimised meta tags and enable the robots.txt and sitemap.xml files. We’ll help you avoid duplicate product descriptions and enable the alt tags. Moreover, we will integrate Google analytics with enhancing Ecommerce code so you know more about how your site is performing for you. That is why with our Magento SEO service checklist we never miss any technical aspect & offer you great results.

    Is Magento Good For SEO?

    Magento is an SEO-friendly Ecommerce platform that you can easily optimise for better organic rankings. Magento SEO helps store owners by giving them the option to change the keywords, H1s and custom URLs.