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Micro Content Development

Capture Attention Spans with Bite-Sized Content Brilliance - Let Our Micro Copywriting Ninjas Craft Your Snackable Masterpieces!

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    Micro Content Development

    Sometimes Smaller Is Better

    The average reader has an attention span of just eight seconds. If you’re like many sites, you’re losing their attention already. The solution, though, is simple - introduce micro content to connect with your readers and leave a great impression fast.

    A Chance to Get Creative

    Micro content is short content in any form or format that offers your readers stand alone information. It must be immediately clear, and it’s more powerful than any other option. The bonus is that because micro content is so short, it can give you a chance to get incredibly creative. Whether you’re offering infographics or memes that your customers will connect with, micro content is an opportunity you don’t have with any other time of content.

    Lead Them to Something Bigger

    Just because it’s short doesn’t mean it’s useless. Instead, micro content is a great chance to connect with potential customers and lead them to your products and services. It’s a fantastic authority builder, and it will help you gain and keep customers in a way you never thought possible. All it takes is a small amount of content that could impact your business in a big way.

    A Faster Call to Action

    Microcontent means something your potential customers can consume in a matter of seconds, and that means you have to get to the point, fast. At Reposition, we create micro-content that’s ready for your customers to click now, and that could mean conversions you’ve been missing.

    Build Social Media Success

    Many people look at micro-content from a social media marketing perspective, and for good reason. It’s a great way to connect with anyone who is following your social media platforms.

    • Build Social Currency
    • Highly Focused Platform Specific Posts
    • Quick, Valuable Check-Ins Your Followers Want

    At Reposition, we’ll help you develop highly shareable micro-content that’s perfect for all of your platforms.

    Impact Sales Numbers

    Microcontent, just like any other form of content, is developed to create an impact on your sales numbers. At Reposition, our focus, even with micro-content, is always going to be enhancing your ROI.

    • Promote Your Brand’s Assets
    • Push Readers to Deeper Relationships
    • Stronger Call to Action Options

    Everything we create is short, sweet, and leaves your customers ready for much more from you. That kind of power translates to one thing – better sales numbers.

    Translate Content
    To Customers

    Can publishing all of this micro-content really help you build your customer base, though? Absolutely. Content marketing of any kind has been shown to increase traffic to sites, and the more content you create and share, the more likely people are to seek you out as the authority in your field. Given the sheer number of people interacting with micro-content these days, it makes sense that working with Reposition will help you move from a micro-content publisher to an authority in your field as quickly as possible.

    Begin With Discovery
    Audience Focused Content

    Audience Focused Content

    We spend lots of time understanding your target audience, so creating micro content that reaches out specifically to them is always going to be the result when you work with us.

    Mobile Friendly

    Mobile Friendly

    So much of micro content today is shared on mobile apps and platforms. Our content is designed to be responsive to any device so no matter where your customers see it, they’ll share.

    Fresh Options

    Fresh Options

    Micro content can be about so much more than tweets and status updates. We’ll give you more options than anyone else will so you quickly become the king of micro content in your industry.

    Optimisation Ready

    Optimisation Ready

    Few things help increase your organic search rankings faster than content, and it’s just as true for micro content. All of our posts will help to increase your rankings, positioning you to be number one.

    Attention Grabbing Power

    Attention Grabbing Power

    Micro content isn’t going to help your site if it doesn’t grab potential customers right away. When you work with us, you’re going to get the right level of shareability to ensure viral is always on the table.

    Increased Following

    Increased Following

    You want followers who turn to you for absolutely everything, right? Don’t waste time with companies who can’t help. Reposition can help regain your sales team’s time with content aimed at all the right people.

    Micro Content and Mobile A Link You Can't Ignore

    Content marketing is about establishing your brand. Micro content acknowledges that the web is diverse and changing, and much of doing business today takes place in the world of mobile technology. From social media marketing to mobile web browsing, your customers are more mobile than ever, and you need to ensure you’re appealing to audiences who have less time than ever.

    Micro content is about reaching those mobile audiences both on social media platforms and on the web. Reposition can help you get there with better micro content strategies and plans than you ever thought possible.

    Your Effectiveness

    Your customers are absolutely everywhere. Micro content can help you optimise for all of those places and platforms by incorporating what they need to hear most. Ready to get started? Give us a call today.

    Begin With Discovery

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    Funded Startups and Brand Building

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    Cryptocurrency, Crypto Wallet, Finance and Banking Solutions

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    Micro Content - Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Micro Content?

    Micro Content conveys precise and concise knowledge and information about a specific question and focuses on attaining the readers attention. Different kind of images, infographics and graphs are also used in Micro Content to be more precise.

    Where is Micro Content more Impactful?

    Micro Content is useful for every platform but mainly it’s used to focus on Social Media platform as Social Media users have a very less attention span and to get their attention and provide them information in quick span we target micro content for them.

    Why do you need it and how is it helpful?

    It targets a particular issue or answers a query for your intended target audience in an extremely short measure of time. So, micro content is an incredible method to lead your crowd further into a small funnel to help them find out about your product or service.

    What kind of content is considered as Microcontent?

    A small video, quotation, infographic, images, graphs or some kind of facts related to your product or service are considered as Microcontent.