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PageSpeed Optimisation

Promoting Quicker Search-Oriented Web Pages

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    PageSpeed Optimisation

    Enhance Your Web Page's Performance For Better Visibility

    Imagine not having your web content appear in Google search results even if it is the most relevant. The speed of a site is a key ranking factor considered by Google. For your website to rank well and to ensure a good user experience, pagespeed optimisation is of critical importance.

    Don't Just Write Content, Let It Rank

    Improve your page loading time and give the web page content a chance to rank above your competitors. Despite having the most user-friendly content on your website, Google will rank a page with a fast load time higher (provided this faster page has relevancy) than one with a slow load time. As part of our comprehensive website visibility and speed optimisation services, we provide expert advice and strategies to help you improve your overall website visibility with pagespeed optimisation.

    Lower The Bounce Rate

    Pagespeed optimisation can play an important role in lowering your website's bounce rate. Users tend to abandon slow pages compared to fast-loading pages. As the page load time goes from 1 second to 10 seconds, the bounce rate increases by over 100%. Faster-loading pages provide higher conversion rates. Rankings are affected by a slow web page as laid out by Google. No matter what technology the web page is built on, pages with the slowest experience are pushed back in rankings.

    Explore PageSpeed Optimisation Plans

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    £1000 / month

    • check
      50 Keyphrases
    • check
      10 Pages Optimised
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      4 Blogs, Content Assets, or Outreach Links per month.
    • check
      5 Local Business Directory/Citations
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    £1500 / month

    • check
      75 Keyphrases
    • check
      15 Pages Optimised
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      6 Blogs, Content Assets, or Outreach Links per month.
    • check
      8 Local Business Directory/Citations
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    £3000 / month

    • check
      150 Keyphrases
    • check
      30 Pages Optimised
    • check
      12 Blogs, Content Assets, or Outreach Links per month.
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      12 Local Business Directory/Citations

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    Evaluating PageSpeed Optimisation

    PageSpeed optimisation becomes more important when your competitors also have relevant content and are aiming for the best threshold for top results. It is here that pages with faster load time matter. Pages that perform poorly need to be optimised as your website might receive a penalty if you do not take action.

    But above all, relevancy does come before PageSpeed. So if you don’t have relevant content on a page but you have worked on PageSpeed optimisation, you won’t improve your rankings.

    Speed Up Your Web Page Loading!

    PageSpeed relies on a number of factors including file size, video and image size and quality, unnecessary characters, unused codes, the number of redirects, server response time, CDN, and many more.

    You can boost the load speed on your pages by:

    PageSpeed optimisation helps to increase the user satisfaction level and improve the chances of increasing the conversion rate. With improved page loading times, our team can help you achieve your web page rankings and keep your users on your website for a longer duration and reduce the bounce rate.

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    Funded startups are a sector we specialise in. If you have recently been funded or are looking for help working out your marketing budget for a pitch then get in touch. Purple Bricks are just one of the many startups our SEO Company has worked with. We can help with your pre-launch strategy, pre and post-launch website optimisation and digital PR.

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    What Is Page Load Time?

    Page load time is the time taken to load a web page fully when a user clicks on the link. The unit of measurement for page load time is ‘seconds’. This is a website performance metric that needs to be optimised if the load time is more than what it should be. The ideal page load time is between 0 to 2 seconds.

    What Causes High Page Load Time?

    High page load time is caused by large CSS, HTML and JavaScript file sizes, unnecessary characters, spaces and unused codes. Too many redirects can also increase page load time. Besides JavaScript rendering blocking, too many images and videos that are not optimised also contribute to slow page loading times.

    The reasons for the high page load time are not limited to what we have mentioned. These are not the only possibilities. Even poorly written codes, ineffective caching and bad hosting can become a reason for slow page load time. Website owners often neglect the plugins and widgets that they use on their websites. These can be one of the major contributors to increasing the page load time.

    The first step in PageSpeed optimisation evaluation is taking a 360° view of your website.

    PageSpeed Optimisation Services

    How To Fix Slow Pages

    Different factors may contribute to the slowness of an individual web page. To optimise page load time, begin by identifying why an individual page is slower than others.

    Your website’s slow pages can be fixed in the following ways:

    • Using Trusted Hosting Services

    Trustworthy hosting services act as a foundation for your website and web pages. This needs to be the first action when you want the web page and the website to be quick. Free and paid hosting options are both available, to begin with. But not all free hosting services are guaranteed for the long run. It is always a better idea to opt for paid web hosting services to avail the maximum benefits.

    • Image Optimisation

    Unoptimised images occupy more than 50% of a web page. It is understood that images are needed. But just uploading images haphazardly will not work. It is important to choose the right image size, image type, and alt name for the image. Optimising images is regarded as one of the major factors for PageSpeed optimisation. JPEG image format is preferable over PNG or GIF format.

    • Working On Unoptimised CSS

    When you optimise JavaScript and leave the CSS as it is, you haven’t completely optimised the code structure. CSS is also code that needs to be optimised. Long-term unoptimised CSS code obstructs the visibility of other elements, which results in a slow-loading page. The best option is to reduce the size of CSS files. This can be done by combining the different CSS files into one. In case you have just a few CSS files, that will work too. In that case, no optimisation will be required.

    • Select CDN Service

    CDN is an independent content distribution network. This distribution network comprises different individual servers that are based across different geographical areas. When a website uses a CDN service, the network stores copies of the website which makes it easier and quicker for users from different locations to access the website. This service is always the best when targeting international markets.

    • Enabling Caching

    A web cache is a space where web pages that have been opened once by a user get stored. When you enable caching, the browser accesses the particular web page from the cache first. This increases the page load time to a great extent.

    • Work On The Codes

    Coding for a web page and a site needs to be accurate. Bulky codes take up too much space and increase the page load time. Make use of only necessary codes and avoid line breaks or unnecessary characters in the codes. Remove all the elements that are not needed. This will help in PageSpeed optimisation.

    • Reduce Excessive Ads And Pop-Ups

    Too many pop-ups and animated ads take up a lot of space on a web page. When a web page is loaded, all these elements add up to the page loading time. Avoid too many pop-ups and ads to speed up the process.

    • Reduce Excessive HTTP Requests

    Using unnecessary JavaScript, CSS, and other image files creates too many HTTP requests. Excessive HTTP requests take time to process while allowing a web page to load. Reducing the HTTP requests is another way to PageSpeed optimisation.

    • Identify The Bulky Plugins

    Many website owners do not pay attention to the plugins they use for the website. Bulky plugins often act as the main source for a slow-loading web page. It is recommended that you identify the plugins that will work well for your website and then go ahead with those rather than changing those in the future.

    • Work On The Redirects

    Redirects are used by almost all websites. Redirects should be used when necessary. Adding redirects now and again and ending up with multiple redirects for a particular web page will only increase the page load time. To reduce the number of redirects needed, it is best to plan well in advance when working on the URL structure.

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    Does PageSpeed Affect Bounce Rate?

    Yes, of course! A user is not going to wait for your web page to load. In this digital era, no one likes to wait. Users tend to abandon a web page when it takes too much time or even when all the elements are not loaded because they know there are more options just a click away from Google for the same search query.

    PageSpeed is a very important factor in reducing the bounce rate along with relevancy for a particular search query. All of these are interconnected. With a fast PageSpeed , relevant content on a web page has more chances of ranking for a search query, thereby retaining the user for a longer time and reducing bounce rates.

    PageSpeed Optimisation Services From Reposition!

    If you think your web page has relevance but can’t cope with the competitors, check the technical performance of the page. A delay of a couple of seconds to load a page in comparison to other relevant pages on Google can affect the conversion rate.

    Contact Reposition for PageSpeed optimisation services to match the quick results from your competitors. Our team is here to help you enhance your web page performance to make it more visible.

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    PageSpeed Optimisation Services - Frequently Asked Questions

    Why Is PageSpeed Important?

    PageSpeed is important because it can improve the rankings of a web page. Nonetheless, this also adds to the user experience and the conversion rate.

    Does PageSpeed Optimisation Improve SEO?

    Yes! PageSpeed optimisation can help to reduce bounce rates, increase conversion rates, add to the overall user experience, and increase the chances of ranking a particular page higher in search results.

    What Factors Affect PageSpeed?

    PageSpeed is affected by unoptimised codes, bulky plugins, too many redirects, excessive HTTP requests, unoptimised images and videos, bad hosting services, and render-blocking JavaScript.

    How Do You Calculate PageSpeed?

    There are many tools available to calculate the PageSpeed of a website. PageSpeed Insights by Google is one of the most preferred tools that is widely used to calculate a web PageSpeed score.

    What Is A Good PageSpeed Score?

    A score of 90 and above is considered a good PageSpeed score and a score below 50 is a poor score.

    What Slows Down PageSpeed?

    A web page’s speed is slowed by unnecessary elements that take time to load. These may be too many ads, animations, large-size images with incorrect formats, unnecessary codes, bulky plugins and many more that add up to the page load time.

    What Is The PageSpeed Index?

    A PageSpeed index is what measures how quickly a web page content is displayed visually while loading a page.

    Is PageSpeed An SEO Ranking Factor?

    Yes, it is! But without relevancy, PageSpeed will not matter. A web page with relevant content having a low page-load time has more chances of ranking higher.

    How Do You Check Page Load Time?

    To check the page load time, open the web page you need to check for. Right-click on some space on the page and click on ‘Inspect’. You will have a window pop-up on the right side of the screen. Open the ‘Network’ tab in the window and reload the page. You will be able to see the total number of requests it had to access to load the page and also the total finish time it took to load the page toward the bottom of the table. You can repeat this for individual pages.

    How Fast Should A Page Load?

    Google recommended page load time should be under two seconds.