PPC Remarketing Services

PPC Remarketing Services

Bring Them Back

You know how it goes: people click on your ads, visit your website, comment on your social posts, or download your app… and then they disappear. While you can’t expect to convert 100% of leads, it is frustrating to see your efforts go to waste. But have they? Don’t give up so fast: PPC remarketing is an effective way to reconnect with those who have already interacted with your brand. Remind them that you are a valuable resource and a viable solution - and compel them to take action.

Boost Conversions

When you target people who have already shown a clear interest in your brand, you significantly increase your opportunities for conversion. And PPC remarketing helps you achieve this.

Contain Costs

It costs less to move someone along the buyer’s journey if they are already interested. Convert - at a lower cost and improve your marketing ROI through PPC remarketing

Remarketing with Reposition

We create highly targeted PPC remarketing campaigns that drive you towards your goals.

The Possibilities

When handled correctly – and strategically – remarketing empowers your brand to realise the following:

  • Better brand exposure and awareness
  • Increased conversion rates
  • Enhanced ROI
  • Precise audience targeting
  • Cost-effective solutions

Let’s get started.

The Reposition Difference

At Reposition, our team of marketing experts understands the search, social, shopping, and web landscape, having developed laser-sharp insight by working on high-value campaigns with brands across industries. We:

  • Work one-on-one with you to deliver optimal service
  • Develop customised PPC remarketing plans designed to meet your goals
  • Develop and optimise PPC ads in order to compel users to action
  • Track and monitor your campaigns and use analytics to make data-informed strategy decisions

You need a partner who understands the landscape – and your brand. You need Reposition for PPC remarketing.

The Ad Fatigue

Some brands may be hesitant to pursue PPC remarketing strategies because . . . Well, isn’t it a bit creepy? You conduct a Google search or look something up on Facebook, and all of a sudden, there are related ads popping up everywhere. They claim that this, and ‘ad fatigue’, will decrease the efficacy of their efforts – and end up alienating their audiences. The good news: it’s not true.

Ad fatigue means that the more times a consumer sees an add, the less likely they are to click through. At best, they are sick of it; at worst, they are irritated and angry. The reality is that remarketing ads fatigue at a much slower pace than non-remarketing ads (by half!). In other words, people remain interested in them for twice as long – and they convert at higher rates with each incremental view. Don’t let this misconception keep you from leveraging the incredible power of PPC remarketing.

Website Remarketing

Retarget people who have already visited your website with PPC remarketing. As they browse the web, your strategic ads will remind them to come back and complete a CTA. Using a highly segmented approach, we’ll get your conversion rate up where it belongs.

Social Media Remarketing

Social Media offers endless opportunities to interact with and connect to your target audience. By customising your audiences and optimising your campaigns, you can reach them more effectively and efficiently with PPC remarketing.

Brand Awareness

We can help you target audiences that are similar in nature to existing customers to expand your reach and catch people who have not yet interacted with your brand. Build awareness and stay top of mind.

Search Ad Remarketing

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads let us customise your Google Search campaigns and engage already-interested individuals. We can also create exclusive offer ads for your most valuable customers.

Relevance and Quality

Your Quality Score, or Relevance Score, is a critical metric that not only impacts click through rates but influences how much you will pay per click. Optimsing ads - and minimising costs - is part of our job.


Let’s get to the bottom line. PPC remarketing is an exceptional way to build your audience, engage them, and get them to take the next steps with your brand.

Build Results

With remarketing, you don’t leave interested people behind just because they have (temporarily) dropped off the radar. Bring them back to your brand.



Contact Reposition today to learn more about our remarketing solutions – and how we can help your brand reach new heights.

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PPC Remarketing - Frequently Asked Questions

What is PPC Remarketing?

It’s a method to re-engage the customers and visitors who have shown interest in your company or service, by strategically positioning your ads in front of these visitors.

Will it increase Conversion Rates?

Yes,  conversion rates increase the more users see an ad within remarketing campaigns. User learn to trust you, they are increasingly likely to do business with you

Will it help my brand name?

Yes, after seeing your ads multiple times users trust your brand and it will create more brand awareness and increase your brand’s credibility.