PPC Feed Optimisation

PPC Feed Optimisation

Shop, Search, and Social

Product feed optimisation can be an effective marketing channels for brands. The key is overcoming the challenges, maximising results, and seizing opportunities for growth. Feed optimisation is all about giving your PPC ads the best shot at getting displayed when searchers are poised to purchase. With Reposition's product feed optimisation services, you can deliver more impressions, increase your click through rate, boost sales, and benefit the bottom line.

Right Place, Right Time

Whatever platform you are using, with product feed optimisation, we integrate critical features in order to ensure your PPC ads are served to the right people in the right place at the right time.

Element of Success

And with product feed optimisation, our goal is to make your PPC feed as effective as possible. From imagery to messaging, our feed optimisation solutions take your campaigns to the next level.

Compelling PPC Feeds

Real PPC Performance

Product Feed Optimisation Benefits

PPC is a multibillion dollar industry, and companies pour their resources into this potentially lucrative channel because the vast majority of purchases are started online. The average return on investment is $2 made for every $1 investment. But it could be higher. Seventy-two percent of companies have not looked at or reviewed their PPC ad campaigns in over a month. What opportunities are you missing? With product feed optimisation, you can:

  • Analyse your current standing and performance across platform
  • Achieve more impressions
  • Increase your click through rate
  • Drive sales

With Reposition’s product feed optimisation services, all of these goals are well within reach.

Basics – and Beyond

Product Feed optimisation delivers remarkable results, especially in terms of a cost-benefit analysis. When you rely on Google Shopping, Google Ads, Facebook, and/or Bing Shopping, you need to make sure your feed is operating on all cylinders. We start with the basics – and then go beyond. Reposition:

  • Starts at the beginning and implements the basics of a sound PPC feed
  • Analyses your current standing and performance
  • Uses data-driven insights to refine and improve your feed
  • Implement strategic methods to improve performance

If you are among the many businesses that do not review your PPC ads with regularity, this is your chance to gain a competitive edge. We’ll do it together with product feed optimisation.

Through Innovation

At Reposition we recognise how important it is to have the basics in place and lay a solid foundation on which to grow successful PPC campaigns. But we also understand that it is essential to go beyond that to ensure your brand stands out from the competition and that you reach your target audience more effectively and efficiently with our product feed optimisation services. When it comes to your product feed optimisation efforts, we strive to deliver improvements through innovation. From customised tools to powerful scripts, you will see the results you need.

At the core of product feed optimisation, make sure that your ads are displayed when searchers are ready to make their purchase decision. They’re ready. They’re just waiting for you – and we’ll help them find you.

Feed Setup

We build a solid feed from the ground up, laying the foundation on proven fundamentals and ensuring you meet the specific requirements of each of your platforms.

Feed Expansion

To amp up your results, we can integrate additional attributes that boost your visibility and standing in the search engine results pages.

Feed Refinement

Going beyond the basics, we meticulously test and refine your imagery, ad messaging, scripts, custom rules, and other elements to increase conversion rates and ROI.

Google and Bing Shopping

Google is a hotspot for brands with products to sell. As always, relevancy is the key; we let Google know you’re the right choice for searchers. Don’t forget about Bing: this is a viable platform for many businesses and appeals to different audiences.

Facebook DPA

More businesses are turning to Facebook Dynamic Product Advertising to leverage the social media giant’s reach. We’ll help you stand apart from the crowd.

Search Ads

It’s all about keywords. This is how Google determines the relevance of your ads. RePosition works to target keywords, implement negative keywords, and customise copy to drive CTRs and sales.

Triple Threat

What does product feed optimisation entail? At Reposition we know that PPC success is critical in achieving your overall business goals. Our approach starts with a thorough review and analysis of your feed. Do you meet the platform’s requirements? Are you utilising the right keywords (if applicable)? Are you properly targeting your audience? Are you paying too much and not seeing results? We will give you the answers – and the next steps.

RePosition also develops strategies customised to your business needs and goals. By incorporating powerful additional features and attributes, sharpening messaging, optimising imagery, and following feed rules, we will get you where you want to go.

Feed Optimisation
Starts Now

If you invest in PPC, you need to know that you are getting a great ROI. You need to know you’re reaching the right people at the right times. And you need to know that you have an experienced partner on your side. Reposition’s team of product feed optimisation experts is ready to help you reach your biggest brand-building goals.

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Funded Startups and Brand Building

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Feed Optimisation - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Feed Optimisation?

When you want to increase the clicks and conversions from potential buyers, we provide valuable details as possible in your feed through data feed optimization, which will get Google to display your ads more frequently, for less money.

Why is Feed Optimisation important?

The main reason is Improved Segmentation.and Increased Relevancy, it will improve your campaign structure and list your product in proper product types, or properly-nested product types

Will the results be immediate?

Yes and No. Results from things like title optimisations can be seen immediately, but improving things in your feed will have a big impact on your results, as well.